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Famous Horses in History

Updated on August 25, 2012

Horses and their Influence on Civilization

Not only have horses carried man king on their backs but have influenced art, religion, poetry and myths. See what the horse has done for man kind instead of begin a war machine, draft horse and a mount.

Horses have been used for:

  • Food - Horses have been used for food. The Mongols drink horses milk.
  • Cultivation of food - Horses have been used for plowing up the land, helping us grow crops.
  • War - Nothing is as fleet and agile as a horse in war.

Famous Fillies

There are many racing fillies that have caught the love and attention of the fans because they were a mark above.

  • Ruffian - Never lost a race until she broke down in her last race.
  • Winning Colors - Winning Colors was one of three fillies to ever win the Kentucky Derby.
  • Zenyatta - Nicknamed “The Queen,” Zenyatta was undefeated in 19 consecutive races out of a 20 race career.


Kentucky's Famous Horses

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Get this great book from Amazon today!

Horse Articles

If you have a horse-crazy girl, read my article on Horse Bedding for Girls.

For a look at Horse Games Online, check this out.

If you own a horse, you may need some equine supplements.

The Horse and Hound Magazine is an excellent publication that provides information about racing, showing and horse-related news.

Famous Horses in Pop Culture

Horses have left their mark in our hearts and minds. The famous Budewiser Clydesdales are known world wide. They came from Scotland and are used to pull heavy carts. They have the best Super Bowl commercials. There is the mustang car as well as the pinto. Look on the hood of a Ferrari and you will see an emblem of a rearing horse. We use horses on stamps to commemorate a special event such as an historical event like the Buffalo Soldiers. Horses are in the expressions that we use and a unit energy is named horse power.

Pop Culture Horses

Famous Race Horses

In every sport there are horses that go beyond the norm. They become ledgends that echo down through the ages. Here are some...

Man O' War came along when racing was hitting an all time low due to World War I. It was he that rejuvenated horse racing. He raced for 16 months and out of his 21 races he lost once and that was a fluke. He also produced some great sons and daughters.

Secretariat was the Micheal Jordan of the racing horse world. There is none like him and there will be none that will be like him. He not only won the Triple Crown but did the impossible on two tracks. In the Kentucky Derby his time was 1:59 2/5. It's a record time that stands to this day. He won the Belmont Stakes, the last and toughest race of the Triple Crown like it was nothing. He won by 31 lengths and wasn't even trying!

Dubai Millennium was more horse than most horse could ever hope to be. He was blistering fast but he was also expressive and was interested in everything that went on around him. He was a dark bay that could run like a tornado. .

Race Horses

Mustang: The Saga of the Wild Horse in the American West

American Mustangs from Amazon!
American Mustangs from Amazon!

Famous TV Horses

Horses that were stars of shows like Fury. These horse stars were just as charming as the stars they filmed with.

  • Fury - Fury was a story of a horse and an orphaned boy who loved him. 
  • Diablo - He was a paint that was rode by the star on the Cisco Kid. His name means devil. 
  • Argos - She was the mare who was Zena's mount. There were three stand ins. Each had a role.

Famous War Horses

Long before man used tanks in war, the horse carried him into battle. Some horses lived and diedd in the battle field without their names begin known. While others made a name for themselves by serving great men.

Bucephalus was the war horse of Alexander the Great. His name means "Ox Head". What made him famous was he was a horse no man could ride. He was wild and didn't want a man to be his master. Yet a boy did win his loyalty and his heart. The boy was a young prince named Alexander.

Babica which means "Stupid". A boy was asked by his godfather to select a horse form the monastery. They were from the best herd of Frisians in Spain. The boy looked them over and he pointed to a small, sickly pure white foal. The first words out of the godfathers were "Stupid"!

Nelson was a grayish white horse that George Washington always rode into war. He was a horse that endured the harsh reality of war without flinching. He was also couragous and larger than life as was his rider.

War Horses

Famous Horse Breeds

Each horse is bred to serve a purpose and this tells about the many breeds. From harsh deserts to the frigid north, horses have carried the civilization of man upon their backs.

Breeds like:

  • Wild Mustang - The mustang is the symbol of the West and the American Government is attempting to destroy them.
  • Arabian - This is the oldest of horse breeds. The Arabs rode mares into battle instead of stallions.
  • Thoroughbred - The Thoroughbred isn't only used in the "Sport of Kings" but also in jumping competitions, fox hunting, dressage and polo.

Horse Breeds

Famous Fictional Horses

  • Black Beauty - This was wrote by Anna Swell to change how people viewed horses and treat them with more compassion. 
  • The Black Stallion - A story of Alec and how he won the trust and love of BLack, a wild stallion.
  • Flicka - A boy who daydreams and wants a horse. The horse he wants is Flicka, a wild filly. 

Famous Mythical Horses

  • Unicorns - Are pure of heart, wild, free and powerful. Only a virgin could tame them.
  • Nightmares - Are nothing more than Night Hags, which were thought to ride the dreamer through Hades, whipping them all the way. H.P Lovecraft had these horrid dreams and gave us some of the best writing ever.
  • Centaurs - Were known to be great teachers as well as boorish pigs when drunk.

Famous Movie Horses

  • Silver - Silver choose to serve the masked Lone Ranger when he saved his life. 
  • Trigger - was know as the "Smartest Horse in Movies".
  • Black Beauty - There have been many movies made of Black Beauty. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to: ("" (, or,,, or


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