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Famous, Great & Popular Horse Breeds in World History

Updated on July 13, 2011

Famous Horse Breeds

Horses come in many sizes, shapes and colors. There are many different breeds of equines, from Arabians to Thoroughbreds and even Clydesdales.

All thoroughbred horses are descendants of three Arab stallions. The founding sires were Byerley Turk, Darley Arabian and Godolphin Arabian.

These great horses sired the best horses for racing.

Thoroughbreds are used for show jumping, combined training, dressage, polo, and fox hunting. They are known as hot bloods and have courage, spirit, agility and speed.

  • Arabians
  • Thoroughbreds
  • Morgans

Some of these horses you'll instantly recognize, others you won't.


The oldest domestic breed of horse on the earth. It was shaped by the sands of the desert and the harsh living conditions. The Arabs prized this horse for it's intelligence, quick wit, sound temperament and endurance. It's blood has improved other breeds of horses


The most well known Clydesdales in the world are the Anheuser-Buch's Budwiser. They are large and graceful horses bred to be draft horses. They are used for pulling competions over the US. They can be rode however they are twice as large as a normal ridding horse.

Friesian Horse

This horse bred comes from the Netherlands. Originally it was used for a draft horse until it was developed into a nobleman's horse because of it's grace and agility. In the Middle Ages they were highly prized as destriers for the knights all throughout Europe.


These horses are very comfortable to ride over rough terrain. Through selective breeding, the Narraganset Pacer was bred in Rhode Island. They made through the rest of the colonies.

Wild and Free Mustang

Mustang horse grazing at sunset.
Mustang horse grazing at sunset. | Source


Mustangs are descendants of the horses the Spanish Conquistadors in the 16th Century. The Native Americas must of thought that the Conquistadors were a centaur. When these people were over came and made into slaves they learned the horses weren't connected their oppressors. They learned about the horses by begin stable hands. They stole the horses. Some of these escaped to become feral or wild. Soon the populated all of North America.


The Morgan horse is an American breed. He was given to Justin Morgan because the former owner died. His first owner named him Figure and he was foaled in Randolph, Vermont.

Justin Morgan was a teacher and a composer of music. When he found out that his horse could out pull the bigger ones and outrace the the fastest horses, he put him into pulling and racing contests.

This amazing horse passed down his qualities to his daughters and sons.

Quarter Horse

The Quarter Horse breed goes back to the late 1700's. The Quarter Horse was a fast sturdy horse that was prized in horse racing. They'd race them for a quarter of a mile. These horses can reach up to 55 miles per hour. This is how they got their name.

These horses are great for people learning to ride a horse. They are gentle, willing to please, fast and agile.

Paint Horse

These horses are prized by the Native Americans for it's willingness to please, intelligence and agility. A brave needed these qualities in the horse he rode in a buffalo hunt. The paint horse delivered. The brave and his horse brought home the food his tribe and family needed after a long hunt.

They also believed that theses horses were magical.

Cowboys valued these horses for the same reasons. These horses worked hard from sun up well beyond the sun set.

Horse Articles

If you have a horse-crazy daughter or girl in the family, check out my article on Horse Bedding for Girls.


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