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Top Ten Famous Race Horses in History

Updated on August 27, 2012

Famous Race Horses Names

Horses come in all different sizes and colors, from fast Quarter Horses to muscular Clydesdales. This is a look at some of the greatest Thoroughbred racing horses - ever.

These 10 most famous race horses are some of the best champions that have ever set hoof on a race track. Some of these horses have won the Triple Crown, but that isn't the only measure of greatness.

  • Secretariat
  • Man o' War
  • Phar Lap
  • Seabiscuit
  • Seattle Slew
  • Aristides
  • Affirmed
  • Dubai Millennium
  • Barbaro

These horses are the creme of the crop. Some won the Kentucky Derby, others never raced and some won all three.

List of the greatest horses of all time:

Thoroughbred Champions

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Secretariat from Amazon


The Greatest of all Triple Crown Winners. None of the other Triple Crown Winners could do what he did and in such style. Not only did he end the 25-year-long drought of no Triple Crown winners, Secretariat blew everyone away with his record shattering run at the Belmont Stakes.

Man O' War

Another Great Champion of the Best Races Horses. He never won the Triple Crown but he made his mark upon the racing world. He was an icon in his own time along with Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey, Bill Tilden, Red Grange and Bobby Jones.

Phar Lap

He was the Wonder Horse of Australia. When there was no hope for the people, Phar Lap came like a bolt of lightning to inspire them and make them reach for the impossible. His name means Lightning.

Seabiscuit on Amazon


An underdog that was considered a worthless horse until the right owner, trainer and jockey came along. Then with this combination this horse rose to stardom. The best and most famous was his race with War Admiral, the son of Man O' War. Seabiscuit was the grandson of Man O' War.

War Admiral - Amazon

War Admiral

Nicknamed “The Mighty Atom”. He was the son of the great Man O' War. He was the fourth winner of the Triple Crown.

Seattle Slew

He was bought for a giveaway price and became the 10th Triple Crown Winner. He was a magnificent dark bay that took your breath away when he raced.


Affirmed was the 11th and last Triple Crown Winner in 1978. What made this colt famous is his rivalry with Alydar. These colts were rivals on the turf and breeding.


This chestnut was the 1st winner of the Kentucky Derby. There were no roses for him - that wouldn't be introduced until Ben Brush won in 1896. His owner didn't think he was a champion at first.

Dubai Millennium

This was one of the greatest horses to ever leave a hoof print upon the earth. It was almost like he could talk to you. His name was Yaazer and was picked out for greatness by Sheikh Mohammed. He saw the fire within his heart by the expression in his eyes.


The desire to run with the wind is strong within all horses. Yet the wind it self was Barbaro. This colt won the Kentucky Derby and the hearts of all those who saw him.

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