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Famous Cats of the World

Updated on November 7, 2013

Special Cats

Some cats are special and seem different. There is something about them that stands out and you notice them. They seem to speak to you. Their eyes seem to talk. They can make your heart feel warm. You just feel good with them around. You can even feel as if you are being taken to another land.

It can be a different cat for everyone. Some cats touch many people and make a sensation.

Ernest Hemingway's Cats

Descendants of Ernest Hemingway's Cats in his house.
Descendants of Ernest Hemingway's Cats in his house. | Source

Ernest Hemingway

The writer had cats in his home that he liked. Snowball was his most famous cat and had six toes. He was supposed to have had it given to him by a ship's captain. The cats that are descended from that cat are supposed to have six toes also. The house is still there so that people can visit it to see where the writer lived in Key West, Florida.

They had been taking care, of the cats outside also. Lately, the US government won a lawsuit for controlling the cats. Some think it might be a good idea if they are taken care of and others did not want them to interfere. They were already taking care of them. There are about forty cats now.

Ernest Hemingway's Cats in Key West

Grumpy Cat


The Grumpy Cat


Grumpy Cat

Grumpy cat became famous after one of the family members put her picture on the website Reddit. Her look attracts a lot of attention. The little cat looks so unhappy that one wonders what is going on. At the time, she was going to a lot of different events where she would have her picture taken.

She is really supposed to be happy according to her owner. It is said to be a result of dwarfism and she has an upper bite defect.

Now she has a deal from Friskies cat food. She is going to be a spokescat. She won an award from the company for best video.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn | Source

The Cat from Breakfast at Tiffany's

Orangey cat stage name, called just Cat in the movie.
Orangey cat stage name, called just Cat in the movie. | Source

Breakfast at Tiffany's Cat

The cat in this movie was just named Cat. She had picked it up as an alley cat. In the end of the movie the heroine, Holly Golightly, played by Audrey Hepburn planned on leaving. She was going to leave the cat outside since it was an alley cat she said.

Things changed and she did not really want to leave New York City, the guy next door, or her cat. She stayed and it looked like a happy ending.

"Breakfast at Tiffany's" was inspired by a true story, and written by Truman Capote.

Morris 9 Lives Commercial

More Famous Cats

Morris the cat was a famous cat in the US. He was chosen by his owner at a shelter. He was especially taken to be in a commercial for 9 Lives cat food. Morris became famous. His manner of walking around as if he owned the place was amusing to everyone that watched the commercials. After Morris left it was just not the same.

Cleveland Amory, the animal rights activist, found a cat right outside in New York City. The cat was having things thrown at it. The janitor had wanted to get rid of it. Cleveland Amory took the cat home and decided to keep it. He named it Polar Bear and wrote a book about him. The cat even met Cary Grant.

Nini was a white cat that became famous in a Venice, Italy cafe during the 1890's. She was supposed to have been visited by Italian royalty. She also saw a Russian czar and an emperor from Ethiopia. There was a book written about her that was based on the true story. Many others came to see the cat while she was there.

Queen Victoria had an angora cat named White Heather. When she died the cat was handed down to her son who became King Edward VII.

Marie Antoinette of France planned on leaving for America to escape the French Revolution. Unfortunately, she was not able to leave. But she was planning on taking her angora cats with her on the ship. They are supposed to have left for America without her.

Towser was a working cat in Scotland. She was brought in to catch mice for the whiskey distillery. She caught over 28,000 mice. It was appreciated there so they made a statue for her to remember it.

Edgar Allan Poe had a cat named Catarina that inspired his story "The Black Cat."

President George W. Bush had a white cat named Ernie that he could not take to the White House so he gave it to a friend that liked him in California. They were afraid the cat would claw the furniture. It came on the news in California that the little white cat was found outside wandering down the street in Los Angeles. It had gotten out of the house in Brentwood. They found it walking down the Avenue of the Stars in Century City. President Bush had once mentioned Ernie in a speech about perseverance.

Towser from Scotland Whiskey Distillery

Towser was there to catch mice and caught over 28,000
Towser was there to catch mice and caught over 28,000 | Source

Group Cats

The monasteries in Asian countries have cats there as a protection from the mice. The cats catch the mice for them and live at the monasteries. Siamese cats were supposed to provide that service in Siam.

Birman cats are the sacred cats of Burma. They also lived in the monasteries. The legend is that they are the reincarnation of some monks.

Khao Manee - These cats are beautiful white cats. They have silver and gold eyes. The eyes are usually different colors. They were called the "white jewel." In the United Kingdom they have been sold for eight to ten thousand dollars. In old Siam there was a death penalty if someone were to steal one.

There is also the St. Nicholas monastery that is famous in Cyprus, Greece for having cats. They were supposed to have been brought in by St. Helena to get rid of the snakes there. The snakes are supposed to still be a problem. People have seen some of the cats that are hurt by the snakes. It is a great tourist attraction.

Chartreux cats - These are cats that were said to be bred in the monastery in France. They were especially chosen to be quiet cats and not to make a lot of noise. They just make little noises and some are supposed to be mute. They are supposed to be worth quite a bit of money.

They had trouble after WWI and WWII and there was a concerted effort to keep the breed going.

Sultan Baybar who ruled Egypt during the Middle Ages liked cats. He fought with the French for the crusades. He left a plan when he died for a cat garden for the homeless cats there. They were fed for a long time after that. The cats are supposed to still be well treated in Egypt.

Sacred Birman Cat


Khao Manee or "White Diamond" Cat

A cat from Siam
A cat from Siam | Source

Edgar Allan Poe's "The Black Cat"

The Black Cat
The Black Cat | Source


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

      Wonderful hub, as I adore cats. I had the pleasure of touring Hemingway's house and loved seeing the cats all about. I can't imagine people accurately describing them as not being taken care of, as they had the run of the house, received regular vet care, most were spayed and neutered to keep the number steady, and they are even sheltered when a hurricane comes. I love the six toes and am lucky enough to have a recent walk-up who is polydactyl. It's an inherited condition. Unusual as it is, I had my polydactyl neutered to prevent overabundance. It keeps the polydactyls rare, too. Voted up +++ and sharing.

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