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Unique Cat Tree Selection For The Discerning Cat Lover For Sale, Cat Trees and Cat Scratching Posts

Updated on June 19, 2013

Unique, Different, and Amazing Cat Tree / Trees For Sale.

All cat lovers know that cats love to climb, scratch and to be pampered. These cat climbing trees are exceptional in quality and are visually stimulating.

Willfully designed by ingenious cat lovers, these cats climbing frames are more than just a napping place.


All felines love and need exercise. With the modern age where gardens are becoming rare in many inner city areas, the incredible cat tree provides a gym within the home for playful pussy cats.

Many felines could simply become overweight and even unhealthy in many different ways if they do not exercise regularly.

The Skyscraper Cat Tree


The Molly & Friends Premium handmade Skyscraper cat tree definitely has the WOW! factor.

Visually impressive, this 86" high monster of a cat tree has a price tag worthy of Rodeo Drive.

Ideal if there are two or more cats within the home as there are 3 napping or sitting places with one Penthouse cat box.

There is one tunnel at the base, but very little else. Possibly suit a home with more cats than floor space. The whole cat tree is one large cat scratching post.

There is no tantalizing toys for pussy to play with. The cat tree may be tall and visually stunning, but there is little to entertain any cat.

Very well made and comes in tan or red color. Not suitable for cats whom love to play and be kept active, but great for climbing, scratching and simply relaxing whilst watching the world go by from a height.

Click on the smaller image for full details and discounts available.


Cat Tree City


Less like a scratching post and more like a small city for a cat. These awesome cat scratching posts have everything for an energetic and boisterous feline.

72" high x 50" width provides ample space for cats to sleep, play, nap, scratch, and have some more shut-eye.

Two cat boxes for privacy and for having friends over. A perfectly angled climbing ladder and 10 scratching post areas for them to get there claws in.

For the playful cat, there are two dangly toys for them to while away the hours and keep them entertained. Available in tan or blue and assembly will be required upon delivery.

This unique cat scratching post is akin to having Buckingham Palace at home for the cat or kitten in your life.

Click on the smaller images for all details, full selection, and available discounts.


Bring Home The Jungle


This adorable imitation leopard skin cat tree is simply divine and very unique. Cat trees like these are few and far between.

The cat tree combines a luxury physchiatrists couch or love seat, with a hardly ever seen rolling scratch post. The penthouse tunnel gives ample room for pussy to nap the day away.

There are two dangly toys for cat to play with and two very sturdy cat scratching posts for the cat to while away the hours rather than using your furniture.

This is a very unique item, designed to be visually stimulating for both cats and humans.

Pink Selection


Girl Cats City Pad
Girl Cats City Pad
Simple and Sweet
Simple and Sweet

Cats pink cat trees are always cool and in style. Girls cat trees are amazingly stunning. The bright color brightens up any room.

Simply designed, the vast array of cat scratching posts and trees ensures that there is one for fit every space and perfect for individual cats or kittens.

Click on any small image to view full selection available and for discounts.

When choosing your perfect cat tree, take note of the dimensions. Some of these impressive cat trees are huge and will take up a lot of floor space.


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