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Fast and reliable Potty training for German Shepherd Puppies

Updated on February 15, 2016

How To Do This

It is extremely important to start the night you bring the puppy home. I got my puppy from a local farmer when he was 7 weeks old. Before he came to my house, my puppy had never been indoors. It is also extremely important to have your dog go outside by himself. If you have stairs watch your puppy and carefully help him down the stairs. You can pick him up and carry him down he just needs to know where the exit is. Second step is to adjust Kennel size, if your tiny puppy will one day be as big as mine and you don't want to buy several kennels you can get one kennel that can adjust. So make sure your kennel isn't to big otherwise, the dog won't mind doing his business in the kennel. The last thing you need to do before nighttime is pick the spot that you want your dog to use as his bathroom. Now it is nighttime. Here is a warning for all brand new puppy owners, THE FIRST NIGHT IS ROUGH, he will wine. It will take all of your will power not to cuddle him the entire night. I put his comfort blanket in the Kennel with him. The trick is waking up every hour and taking him to the spot dedicated as his bathroom. My sister and I tag-teamed this, so if you can, I suggest partnering up for this task. This way the puppy won't think that he can get out of the kennel whenever he wines, and if you do take him out of his kennel at night when he wines, he will wine a lot more than just the 2 week. We do this every hour so that the puppy doesn't have to hold it at night. During week three you just have to take him to the bathroom twice a night, depending on your dog.... some puppies have smaller bladders and have to use the restroom more during the night.

My Sleeping Puppy


Super Simplified version of How To Do This

Wake up every hour and take your puppy outside to the specific spot that you want him to do his business in.

Comfort blanket


Don't be afraid to bring or get a comfort blanket for your puppy

I took my puppy home at 7 weeks, that is a little young for a puppy, so I asked if we could have part of the blanket that his mother slept on so he could have a comforting scent in a completely new environment. My Uncle brought an old T-Shirt to the breeder he was getting his puppy from so that the puppy would be familiar with his scent.

I have a German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois Mix

Is your dog a Mix, Mutt or PureBred

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When raising a puppy you need to be...

  • Consistent
  • Clear
  • Forgiving


My Dog Kash

They grow up fast so enjoy every minute with them:)

This is my first blog post so let me know what you think and what I could do to improve

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