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Favorite Toys/Treats for my Dog

Updated on April 14, 2013

Favorites at the Moment

Favorite puppy treats and toys will always change cause dogs and puppies like something new and exciting all the time.

My current favorites are:


Greenies- really good for cleaning teeth. I give them as a treat at night before they sleep to "brush their teeth". also, a treat for being good for the day :)


Kongs- For Kongs, there are the toys and there are the treats. I completely recommend all of the Kongs rubber toys. Especially the "genius" toys for dogs. Those can be mixed and matched to increase or decrease the level of intensity for the dogs to solve the Kong before they get a treat. I, also, enjoy the Kong's treats and they are good for stuffing the Kong toys.


Nylabones- There are two versions of Nylabones. One is edible and the other is non-edible. I use the small size edible Nylabones as treats to stuff my smart Kongs. The non-edible ones, I buy the extra hard ones for my puppy to chew because he is a power chewer. I have tried the softer non-edible nylabones, but my puppy does find enough excitement in those and never chews them.


Charlee Bear Treats- amazing dog treats for just $5 for a bag that will last a whole month. My favorite flavor for my puppy is cranberry and liver. It is super crunchy and it is only 3 calories so it's super healthy if you are looking for a healthy treat for your dog. I also love to stuff these in Kong treats.


Kyjen Invincible toys- These squeaky toys are perfect for your dog if they chew the their toys down. It's squeaky because it has a plastic squeaker inside and it does not have stuffing, which makes it perfect for playing fetch with your dog. My puppy's favorite one is the small purple lizard.



Booda Floss Toy - my puppy loves chewing on this. I have a small orange one and a big green one for him to choose between. he usually chews this last when he has chewed/played with all his other toys. it keeps him company in my car or in the crate when he's bored.

-by Esther A.


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    • aznpanda206 profile image

      aznpanda206 5 years ago from San Francisco

      Thank you! I just edited it! :)

    • Ashleymckinnon profile image

      Ashleymckinnon 5 years ago from Coleman, WI

      Love this! My dog is OBSESSED with his Kong. Only pointer, I would recommend moving the Kong topic up one considering you reference it in your Nylabone pointer and that might be confusing for non-Kong users. Definitely, Upping this.

    • aznpanda206 profile image

      aznpanda206 5 years ago from San Francisco

      my baby's favorite squeaky is the purple lizard and he bites it til he's completely destroyed!! i heard alot of dogs like "destroying" the squeaky ones.

      im iffy about the greenies really cleaning my dogs teeth. because i still see plaque buildup and i only just cleaned my dogs teeth 2 months ago.

    • MyDogShampooStore profile image

      MyDogShampooStore 5 years ago from Maine

      My dogs favorite toys are the ones that are squeaky. She loves to just lay there a squeak them. We also like to give her Greenies Dog Treats to help with the plaque and trater build up. She loves them.