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Feed your pigs right for better income.

Updated on December 18, 2014

Use leftover foods or commercial feeds?

For small scale farming, pigs are let to scavenge for food, or fed on agricultural and household waste. A mixture of use of commercial feeds and locally available feeds is the best way to reduce feeding cost, now that prices of commercial feeds are rising constantly. Treating and processing leftover foods before feeding to the pigs reduces risks of diseases transmittable to human beings by consumption of pig products. Food wastes containing meat and meat products first need to be cooked. Pigs have to consume large quantities of agricultural wastes as they contain fewer nutrients and have lower dry matter as compared to commercial feeds. To avoid trashy food wastes, rely on supermarkets and schools rather than hotels and hospitals. These should be supplemented with concentrates which can be bought or mixed by the farmer to reduce costs.

With large space available free rang pigs are best


Feeding pigs on waste foods.

It would be disastrous to feed the following exclusively on food wastes.

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