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Comfort Zone Feliway Diffuser & Spray For Cats

Updated on August 25, 2016
Alison Graham profile image

Alison is a freelance writer on health, nutrition, skincare, and pets, especially cats and dogs.


Information At a Glance ...

In this article, I want to demonstrate how beneficial Comfort Zone Feliway products are in helping to soothe and calm your cat and to lessen or even eliminate unwanted cat behavior in the house, such as scratching the furniture, spraying and more.

If you have a cat who is exhibiting this type of behavior and perhaps, have already tried other remedies without success, please read on to find out how Feliway for Cats products work and how they could help you and your cat.

"What's all this about Comfort Zone with Feliway for Cats? I've tried all sorts of solutions to stop my cat spraying urine in the house or scratching the furniture but none of them work! So why would a Feliway Diffuser or Spray make any difference?"

Comfort Zone Feliway Diffuser

What You Need to Know:

  1. The Feliway for cats diffuser plugs into any electrical socket and works in the same way as a plug-in air freshener.
  2. Once activated, the vapor will rise in a column of warm air from the diffuser and prevent your cat or kitten urinating to mark its territory.
  3. It is best used plugged into a socket in a room that your cat uses the most. It should not be covered, placed under furniture or behind a door.

How long does it last?

  1. One Feliway diffuser is effective for a period of four weeks in an area of between fifty and seventy square meters.
  2. Refills are readily available and each new diffuser comes with a refill pack.
  3. Refills should be replaced every four weeks and the plug about every six months.


Where Can I Buy A Diffuser and Refills?

Comfort Zone Diffusers and Refills are available from Vets and from good pet shops.

Big discounts are available from where these products are often offered with free shipping too - please use the link provided below if you would like to check out the product page:

Check out the product page here

Which Cat Behavior Problems will a Feliway Diffuser Help With?

  • Indoor urine spraying
  • Vertical scratching of furniture and soft furnishings
  • Conflicts between two or more cats in the same household
  • Stress related behavioural problems such as loss of appetite or generally nervous behaviour

Should I use the Diffuser Continuously?

Once the initial problem has been solved, use whenever there is a new stressful situation for your cat, such as:-

  • Building work in the house
  • Redecorating
  • A new cat, kitten or other pet arriving
  • A new Baby
  • Visitors to the home, parties, celebrations and so on
  • Fireworks

(in these stressful situations, it would be very helpful to plug in the Feliway diffuser in the room where your cat spends the most time, at least forty-eight hours before the event is due to occur).

Use the Feliway Diffuser in conjunction with the Feliway Spray and a Cat Scratching Post to stop your cat scratching furniture and furnishings
Use the Feliway Diffuser in conjunction with the Feliway Spray and a Cat Scratching Post to stop your cat scratching furniture and furnishings

Video About The Calming Effects of The Feliway Diffuser

Comfort Zone Feliway Spray

Why would I need a Feliway spray as well?

A Feliway for cats spray is available to reinforce the benefit of the Feliway Diffuser. These sprays are also available from Vets and Pet Shops but you can get big discounts on Feliway Sprays from Amazon (please use the link to view the product page and get yours delivered right to your door!).

  1. If your cat has sprayed urine: Clean the affected area using water or an odorless cleaning solution (do not use bleach or products containing ammonia as cats are very sensitive to these smells) and allow it to dry. Then, use the spray on the area where your cat has sprayed and on any prominent objects nearby. Use the diffuser for at least a month and use of the spray can be discontinued when the cat is seen marking the place with its own facial pheromones (rubbing his face on the area).
  2. If your cat has been scratching the furniture: Use the diffuser in the area, use the Feliway spray as above and provide your cat with a scratching post toy nearby – this needs to be suitable for your pet to stretch up and scratch. Again, use of the spray can be discontinued when your cat is seen rubbing his face on the area as he will be marking with his own pheromones.

The Feliway Spray is also very useful if your pet needs to make a trip to the vets or a stay in a cattery. You can use it in his traveling box and in the car, just spray directly fifteen minutes before putting him in his traveling box.


Some Positive Customer Reviews of Feliway for Cats

"We initially bought 4 diffusers even though each one supposedly covers a large area. We placed 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs to be sure. The change was not instant, but it was definitely noticeable within about 2-3 weeks. It was a gradual reduction in fights to start. Within a about 3 months, the fighting had stopped almost entirely, and the occasional spats were much, much less violent. At that point, we went to 1 diffuser upstairs, but we still have 2 downstairs because with how our house is arranged, there didn't seem to be enough air flow between the rooms at the front of the house and the 2 at the back. The cats continued to get along, and their behavior continued to improve.

We have used this product for 2 years now, and After the first year we were able to reduce to only 1 diffuser on each level of the house. Meep and Q went from tearing each other apart, to tolerating each other, to (finally) getting along and even being affectionate with each other! Honestly, without Comfort Zone, I believe we would have had to find a new home for Q or risk one of the cats getting severely injured."

"I had read about Feliway and how it can help the introduction of a new cat in your house, so I gave it try when we brought our 8 week old kitten home. I plugged the diffuser into his isolation room. The kitten caught a glimpse of our older cat and gave a hiss, but within a day of being in his room with the Feliway, his mood was much improved, tail high, and pretty much ready to take on the world."

"Within two weeks, I found my two cats snoozing together! I know all cats may not respond to Feliway, but it's certainly worth a try, especially to get a newcomer feeling better about their new home."

"After adopting a puppy into our two cat household, our vet recommended that we get this diffuser to aid in calming the cats (one was severely stressed). Within two days, the cats were calmer and had stopped scratching the furniture. They also began approaching the puppy without lunging and/or scratching at her. It's been about two weeks since I began using the diffuser and we are ALL calmer and happier now!"

"Select the most trafficked area where the cats have been spraying and set this in the wall outlet. Within a few short hours they were no longer spraying or snarling at each other in the room.
THey continued to posture and play but no longer have they been stinking up the room with spray.
I cannot smell the diffuser scent either and that is nice."

My son, James' cat, relaxing at home
My son, James' cat, relaxing at home | Source

Did You Find This Article Helpful?

I do hope that you have found my article helpful and I would love to read your comment if you would like to leave one below.

Cats are definitely part of the family. They are loving and affectionate companions and it is distressing when they start exhibiting unwanted behavior in the home. Scolding them will not work when the problem is caused by something that they just can't help. The natural pheromone in Comfort Zone Feliway products will help to calm and soothe, restoring harmony to your home. Whether you choose the diffuser or the spray (depending on your cat's problem), you can be assured that you are treating your cat with a gentle, natural solution to help him or her feel confident and at peace in your home and while traveling.


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  • profile image

    Lydia Smith 

    5 years ago

    I've never heard of this but it sounds like something I need! Thank you very much.

  • Alison Graham profile imageAUTHOR

    Alison Graham 

    9 years ago from UK

    Hi Angela, I wish I had known about Feliway many years ago when I got my first kitten - the first thing he did was wee on the bed, then on my feet (my husband had bought him for me as I was ill in bed and he wanted to cheer me up) - still, I guess my kitten who spent two pennies straight away wouldn't have been called Tuppence for the rest of his very long life otherwise! Glad you enjoyed the hub!

  • Angela Rosas profile image

    Angela Rosas 

    9 years ago from Sacramento, CA

    Science! Take that inferior products. I might have to try this if I end up getting a kitten. Right now I don't have any problems. Thanks for the cool post!


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