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Visiting Where Owls Live

Updated on March 7, 2017

Where you can begin

Watching birds is easy if you have a wooded area near by. There are a lot of public parks near where I live. I like getting away from the bike paths that have too many people. I follow the marked dirt paths through the woods.

Finding a way

I looked up everything I could learn about owls.

They have different calls. There are many different types of owls. They hunt each other.

In my search for information I came across an article about going to a park to see owls. The article listed an address, date, and time to arrive. I decided to check it out.

It was an amazing experience. I met with a guide that showed pictures and talked about the owls we may see.

I called my adventure an, "owl walk night".

This handsome fellow was who arrived on my first walk.

I see you too.
I see you too. | Source

Just a walk

There are a lot of wooded areas around where I live.

After learning that owls aren't the only animals out at night I decided to mainly walk in the day. I hoped to be lucky enough to find an owl resting in a tree.

I grabbed my camera, my binoculars, and a bottle of water. I also carried my bird book to help me identify what birds I may find.

I found a well marked trail that didn't seem to be in use by people. I'm not sure how long I walked. I was searching for signs the owls were in the area. I stopped in an area with very tall trees. The canopy of the trees made that area seem like dusk. My eyes were adjusting to this darkness when I saw a shadow over my head.

I turned with my camera and held my breath. I couldn't believe how lucky I was. In a tree, about 10 feet away and at least 30 feet up, was a beautiful barred owl. He was so patient and just stared at me. I'm sure he was wondering if I was going to try to hurt him.

These are the pictures I was able to capture before he flew off.

I'm not gonna look yet.
I'm not gonna look yet. | Source
Okay, one good pic and I'm outta here.
Okay, one good pic and I'm outta here. | Source

What you need

To try this on your own, you need a bottle of water, a camera, and comfortable shoes. Don't wear open toe shoes walking in the woods.

Remember to find a quiet trail and watch all around you.

Good luck.

Would you like to find owls or other wild animals?

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