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Fish Aquarium Questions - From Beginner to Advanced

Updated on April 30, 2016

Aquarium Fish Questions

When it comes to the aquarium world their are alot of sources out their for information. But choosing the right one can be a big indicator of if you stay in the hobby or pull all your hair out and then sell all of your fish tanks. Their are alot of common questions when it comes to setting up a fish tank and keeping one running. Their are also subscription box services for fish keepers that will ship you the best of the aquarium products the two are Aquabox and My Aquarium Box. So here are some of the most common questions in the aquarium world and the true answers that you need.

Aquarium Care Sheets

How Do You Take Care Of That Fish You Just Bought

Many people make the mistake of just buying that cute fish or the one on sale then asking when they get home, What is this and how do I take care of it? Well this one is a easy one to answer their is one youtube channel for fish keepers. MaFishGuy has been in the hobby for 17 years and his videos will help you understand the needs of your fish and the aquarium that they live in. If its a guppy to a shark he will be able to tell you what needs they have and if they are compatible with other fish or animals.

Guppy Care Sheet

DIY Fish Keepers

Also if you wanna save money in the hobby like we all do. Or you are a very creative person that wants to try and build your own super filter or k1 moving bed filter


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