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Fish Keeping Quizzes

Updated on August 14, 2014

I wish aquarium keeping required some sort of license earned though a multiple choice test, because too often I see people purchasing fish and talking to supposed "fish" people at local pet stores, and I hear all the wrong things. "Why yes, these goldfish are fine in a 10 gallon." "Filtration is optional for bettas." "Angelfish are great tank mates."

While I find it unforgivable for employees to give wrong advice to customers, it's not entirely their fault if they don't know the answers to these questions. They're paid minimum wage; they work at these stores because they need money, not because they are passionate for aquatic life. Really, it's the pet stores that spread false information on their pets to make a quick buck. They don't train their employees to memorize important information about the animals they sell, they sell overpriced 1/2 gallons--advertising them to be permanent homes, and they promote HOB filters where you are supposed to swipe out an entire cartridge of filter media for the sake of zero maintenance.

While the pet industry is guilty of promoting terrible products and advice, in the end, people have the responsibility to look up information about aquarium keeping and the needs of their future pets. With internet being so accessible today, there's no excuse to NOT look up free information on any animal you are considering adopting.

I've created some quizzes that I think would be sufficient enough to determine if you are providing your aquatic animals with the best environment possible.

Note if you don't pass the first quiz with 100%, I'm not saying you are a terrible owner and you need to relinquish your fish this minute. It just means there's information that you ought to look up to ensure your fish are happy in their homes. Taking the quiz proves you are a concerned fish owner who wants to know everything there is to aquarium keeping.

Also note for the other quizzes, I am only regarding beginner freshwater fish, as most beginners do not start with saltwater tanks.

Aquarium Maintenance Quiz

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Beginner's Fish Quiz

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Invertebrate Quiz

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So how did you do on these quizzes?

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