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Beautiful Aquatic Plants and Pebbles for Your Fish Tank/Pond (Aquarium Accessories)

Updated on September 19, 2015

My previous article discussed about how to take care of your fish pond in the correct way for it to look beautiful and add value to the garden. This is a continuation of that hub and goes on to give you some ideas about what are the accessories that are quite essential for a fish tank or a pond for it to look beautiful and also to sustain the fish.

What are Aquarium Accessories?

Aquarium Accessories can be things that you include both in the water and outside either to add beauty or a sense of naturalness or to help the fish grow healthy in your aquarium.

They can vary from;

  • Aquatic plants
  • Pebbles and rocks and corals
  • Water filters or purifiers
  • Heaters and coolers
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Lighting
  • Themed accessories

Some items such as aquatic plants and water filters are quite essential for all fish ponds and tanks. Let's find out more.

Aquatic plants in a tank
Aquatic plants in a tank | Source

Aquatic Plants...

Aquatic plants can make the difference between your pond or tank looking like a giant concrete hole or a beautiful natural habitat for the fish.

Aquatic plants are quite important for both the beauty and the sustenance of the fish. Aquatic plants provide oxygen to the water which helps the fish breathe. If you see your fish constantly swim on the surface of the water and opening and closing their mouths to the air, it may be a sign as to the lack of oxygen in the water. This may be due to a problem in the water or simply there is too much fish in one enclosed space.

Some floating aquatic plants benefit the tank with providing cover for the fish when attacked by preying birds. Also these plants absorb the dirt mixed in the water, thus making the water more clean and clear.

Some other submerged aquatic plants help the fish providing breeding grounds. Fish usually lay eggs or breed fish in enclosed spaces and a bush of submerged plants can provide the best location for them.

Some other aquatic plants are just edible for the fish. They will be happy nibbling at those plants once in a while when they are hungry. Specially if you are away for a few days and no one is home to feed the fish, these plants can be a real life saver.

Rocks in a tank
Rocks in a tank

Aquarium Rocks, Pebbles and Corals...

These are not essential for the fish, but is quite important for the beauty of the tank or pond. Wait, they also provide breeding grounds and hiding spots for the fish and sometimes does a better job than aquatic plants at the matter.

Pebbles are usually arranged at the floor of the aquarium to created a beautiful flooring to the tank or the pond. When they get dirty you will have to extract them, clean and rearrange them.

Rocks can be arranged according to your own creativity. To ease the job certain things like rock caves are already available for sale. Even normal rocks can be arranged so as to create a cavern, a building like structure or cover your water filter with rocks to make it look like a natural fountain etc etc. The possibilities are unlimited.

Corals, however, are special rocks. Live corals are aquatic plants and dead corals are mere rocks. Corals add vibrant colors to your fish tank. It is a gorgeous view when colorful fish swim through the corals. Now, real corals are almost impossible to shop for, because they are protected by law. But you can always have some man made corals in your tank.

Beautiful water filter in a tank
Beautiful water filter in a tank

Water Filters...

Water Filter's duty is to absorb the dirty water from the pond/tank, purify it and release it back to the tank itself. There is no need for external supply of water, but a little energy to carry on the purification process. The dirt gets sucked in and stays inside the filter and you will need to clean it once a month or so depending on the amount of dirt your tank gathers.

Larger ponds or tanks may need larger purifiers or a number of purifiers. But for an average size tank or pond one water filter is sufficient.

If the water gets dirty fish will find it harder to breathe, their vibrant colors will fade away and they will be sick more often than not. So water filters are a must have.

There are water filter designs which you can try out in your fish tank or pond. They will not only cleanse the water but also add some beauty and naturalness to the surrounding.

Air Pumps

Air pumps are quite important to provide the fish with oxygen.

You can get creative with the air pumps. Place a rock or an aquatic plant over the water pump and you will see pebbles rising though the rock or the plant beautifully.

Water Heaters and Coolers...

If you live in an environment where the temperature changes constantly or even temperatures vary towards both extremes, your fish might be uncomfortable with it. Some fish love cold water and some warm waters, but rarely any will like both. If the water is not at the appropriate levels your fish may get sick or even worse. The best solution for this is the small apparatus of a temperature controller.

Aquarium Cleaning Equipment...

Adding all these accessories can be fun, but it needs maintenance, specially regular cleaning.

You will need an algae cleaner to clean the walls of your fish tank or pond. Algae can cause the water to get dirty easily and reduce transparency of the glass of the tank. An algae cleaner tools is ideal for the task.

You will also need something to scrub the walls and the floor of the tank and pond. An easy to use surface that will not scratch the glass tank or damage the walls of the pond should be used.

You can use a gravel cleaner to clean the dirt among the gravel you have placed at the floor of your aquarium. The tool I have given can suck out the dirt, but not the gravel, so it would not be necessary to remove the gravel from the tank to clean them.

To change the water in the aquarium without emptying the tank is now possible with the Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer I have given in the list. It can suck out the water without disturbing the fish of the aquarium d├ęcor.

To remove the fish when cleaning the tank or to remove any dead fish or to remove any alien objects from your aquarium you will need a fish net or an aquarium net.

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