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Five Asian Dogs Banned in Other Countries

Updated on December 24, 2017

"To, Ban a dog breed in other countries", is always a controversial and debatable discussion. Some mastiff dogs are banned in some countries just because they were commonly used for dogfights. That’s a question, if the dog fight sport should be banned or the dogs which were commonly used in dog fight sports? Because the dogs do, what they are taught to do. Some hybrid dogs can be exceptional which inherits some wolf characters and are less reliable with other pets and small children.

It's true that, the behavior of dogs varies from breed to breed and some dogs are relatively more aggressive, dominant and willful. But most of the experts believe if they are well trained and socialized then they will make a good and reliable pet. But some dogs are banned in other countries who believe that believe it an affirmative step to dampen the dog fights and accidental dog attacks. These are few Asian dogs, which are banned in other countries.

And in some countries they are identified as a potential dangerous dog and you need a special permit to own them. In USA, Canada and some other countries you must be 21 years old and the amount of liability insurance must be 100 000 $.

1. Japanese Tosa Inu

They are Banned or need SPECIAL permit in Countries

America, Denmark, Spain, Great Britain, France, Italia, Romania, Norway , Portugal, Singapore, Malta, Australia.

Tosa Inu
Tosa Inu | Source

The Japanese Tosa Inu is the massive, powerful, people friendly and protective and courageous dogs, they are also known as Japanese Tosa, Tosa-Inu, Tosa-Ken, and Japanese Mastiff. They are well recognized for their exceptional power, stamina and weight pulling capacity that has the capacity to pull more than 3000 pounds.

Tosa Inu dogs are powerful and courageous dogs, which were developed for protection and to participate in dog fights. They are aggressive or suspicious toward strangers and reflect Animal-aggression (towards dogs, cats, and livestock). They are excellent dogs, but require early socialization, training and an experienced owner.

Physical Traits
22 to 30inches (57 to 77 cm)
24.5 to 32 inches (62 to 82 cm)
130 to 200 lb (60 to 90 kg)
80 and 135 pounds (36 and 61 kg)
Life Span
10-12 years

2. Tibetan Mastiff


Bermuda Islands, Ukraine, Belarus, Malaysia

Tibetan Mastiff
Tibetan Mastiff | Source

Tibetan mastiffs are the ancient primitive type mastiff dogs of the Himalayan mountain region, originated from Tibet. They were used as companion and to guard the livestock and property. They are large, protective, aggressive and dominant dog that also has a gentle but vital expression.

Tibetan mastiffs are persistent and kind with their owner and family, but usually they are aggressive and suspicious towards strangers. Also, they are dominant and willful dog and aggressive towards other dogs, they must be trained and socialized at an early stage. Tibetan mastiffs are not recommended for inexperienced owner, apartment living and to live in tropical climate.

Physical Traits
25 - 28 inches (61 - 71 cm)
23.5 - 27 inches (56- 68 cm)
100 -160 lbs (45 -73 kg)
75 -120 lbs (34 -54 kg)
Life Span
12 - 15 years

3. Bully Kutta


America, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Belaruse

Bully Kuta
Bully Kuta | Source

Bully Kutta are the mastiff type dogs originated from India and Pakistan (Sindh Region), mainly available in Sindh and Punjab regions of Pakistan and India. Their breed history is not clearly available, but It’s commonly believed that they are then mixed with a couple of Asian and English Mastiff dogs. Bully Kutta are the tall, giant, sturdy, powerful and courageous dogs, which were developed to guard for livestock and property. But later they went to wrong hands, who started using them for dog fights and now days they are more popular as a fighting dog and known as ‘Beast from the East’.

They are also known as Pakistani mastiff (In Pakistan), Alangu Mastiff (in India), Bholi Kutta (In their origin the Sindh region of India and Pakistan). The temperament of the Bully Kutta varies depending upon initial training and their blood line. Usually Pakistani Bully Kutta is big, powerful and aggressive whether Indian Bully Kutta is the tall, alert, athletic and friendly.

Pakistani Bully Kutta (Left) and Indian Bully Kutta (Right)
Pakistani Bully Kutta (Left) and Indian Bully Kutta (Right) | Source

Despite of their reputation of aggressive and fighting breed of dog, they are intelligent and friendly dogs. They are dominant and territorial dogs that don’t accept any other dog of the same sex in their territory. But they are reliable for other pets and strangers, if trained and socialized at an early stage.

Phycical Traits
31 - 35 Inches (81 – 89 cm)
28 - 32 Inches (71 – 81 cm)
70 - 90 kg
55 - 80 kg
Life Span
8 - 10 years

4. Afghan Kuchi or Afghan Koochi


Denmark Switzerland, America
(under low of- Mixed, hybrid and un-recognized breeds).

Afghan Kuchi
Afghan Kuchi | Source

Afghan Kuchi dogs are the primitive type dogs native from Afghanistan, they are also known as Sage Kuchi, Sage Jangi, De Kochyano Spai, Jangi Spai, Afghan Shepherd, Kuchi Dog.

They are not recognized by many major kennel clubs and less known out of to their native country. But they are well reputed in Asian countries and in Afghanistan for dog fight sports and used for dog fights in Afghanistan and in some other Asian countries. They are available and limited in remote and rugged counties around Afghanistan and mainly limited with nomads, where no precise breeding practices happen and also their breed standard is not defined.

Afghan Kuchi dogs are naturally healthy, sturdy, energetic and athletic dogs, which are courageous, animal-aggressive and dominant.

The Play Fight

Physical Traits
28 to 35 inches (71 to 89 cm)
27 to 32 inches (69 to 81 cm)
38-80 kgs ( 84-176 lbs)
38-80 kgs ( 84-176 lbs)
Life Span
8 - 10 years

5. Japanese Akita Inu


Spain, Ireland, Ukraine, Singapore, Hongkong

Japanese Akita inu
Japanese Akita inu | Source

The Akita Inu dogs are the most popular dogs originating from the mountainous northern regions of Japan. They are also known as Akita ken, Japanese Akita, Akita, Great Japanese Dog. They are well recognized for their loyalty, aggression and courage. The true story of Hachiko (A Japanese Akita Dog) that lived in Japan before World War II, make them very popular.

Though the Akita dogs are intelligent, loyal and devoted dogs, but they are aggressive, aloof and dog-aggressive, which are also used for dogfights. They are dominant and courageous dogs that need early training and a firm owner otherwise they may be willful and aggressive.

Akita dogs are available I two different variants, the original Japanese Akita and the American standard Akita. But in many countries like America and Canada, both are considered a single breed with variances in type rather than two separate breeds.

Akita Inu The American Standard Allows, Akita to have black masked face but Japanese Akita breed standards doesn't allow.
Akita Inu The American Standard Allows, Akita to have black masked face but Japanese Akita breed standards doesn't allow. | Source
Physical Traits
26 to 28 inches (66 -71 cm)
24 - 26 inches (61 - 66 cm)
45 - 59 kg
32 - 45 kg
Life Span
11 - 15 years

Do you support to ban the dogs in other countries?

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