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Five Methods To Get Moles Out Of Your Yard

Updated on April 7, 2015

So You Got A Pest Problem?

You just finished the garden of your dreams, only to find it being torn apart by a pack a mischievous moles. When this happens your are left with two options, get rid of the moles or give up your yard. Any homeowner knows that giving of your yard isn't an option so the mole has got to go. Moles are subterranean creatures that rarely come above ground. Because of this moles have extremely poor eyesight and uses it's other senses to detect what danger is nearby. Moles are able to feel vibrations in the ground because of their heightened sense of touch so they are able to feel every step you make before you even get close to them, making them extremely difficult to catch. Below you will find detailed instructions on several of the best methods used for mole remove to make the entire process a lot easier for you.


Method One: Vibrate The Mole

Because moles are blind, they use vibrations and noise to detect if there is a threat in the area. Pinwheels cause the ground to vibrate when they are spinning. By placing several pinwheels around the mole's hole you will cause the mole to believe that there is an animal or person moving around in the area. After some time, the mole will decide that this area is to "Busy" for his simple mole life and head out for quieter pastures. Make sure you leave the pinwheels in the ground for a while to ensure they do not return.

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Method Two: Suffocate The Mole

By filling the mole's hole with some form of non-breathable gas you are forcing it to either flee or die. To suffocate your pest, you want to start off by going around your yard and filling in as many holes as you can with a heavy layer of dirt blocking all routes the gas has to escape. After you have filled in all the holes, with the exception of one, you need to start smoking the mole out. Drop either a few chunks of dry ice or a store purchased "rodent bomb' into the hole and wait for it to begin smoking before covering this hole with dirt. The smoke will slowly fill the entire tunnel with smoke causing the mole to die or escape. If the little guy decided to make a run for it an pops out of the ground you can quickly scoop it up for smash it.

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Method Three: Trap The Mole

Moles are roughly the same size as mice so you can easily use a mousetrap to deal with them. The trick is using the correct bait and a box to cover the trap. First thing you have to do is load up your mousetraps with pepperoni and place them at all the entrances of the moles hole. Next you will cover each of the traps and holes with a small box blocking out all sunlight and convincing the mole that this area is just an extension if it's own tunnel. Because of this the mile will enter the box and find your trap loaded with bait. The mole will eventually eat the pepperoni and die via the trap. Check your traps daily and remove any dead moles and replace the trap until all of them are gone.


Method Four: Shovel Block The Mole

Of all the different methods to get a mole out of your yard, this one requires the most time and patience. For this method to work you must be able to be very quiet and very still. Place a lawn chair in the same area as the mole's hole and stand on top of it. Watch for the ground to begin shaking, that's the tunnel the mole is working on. Slowly creep closer to the area where the ground is shaking and slowly stick a shovel down about 10 - 12 inches from the end of the hole, blocking his escape path. Take a second shovel and shove it into the ground in front of the hole so that the mole cannot move forward. Now you have a trapped mole in which you can attempt to capture it alive for relocation or violently kill it so you can hang it on your fence as a message to the other moles, the choice is yours.

Catch And Release Method

After you have trapped the gopher in it's tunnel you should be able to scoop up the area in between the shovels with a bucket and have the mole trapped in the bucket for you to relocate it to an area far away from your home.

Wack The Mole Method

This method is by far messier then the Catch And Release Method do to the dead mole your going to have to dispose of. Once you have the mole trapped between your two shovels you can begin to beat the area with another shovel or a hammer to kill it.

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Method 5: Burn The Mole


Method Five: Burn The Mole

By covering your lawn with a homemade chemical that causes a mole's skin to burn you can discourage the little pest from sticking around. To make such a chemical you will need castor oil, oil, dish soap, and cayenne pepper. Mix them all together and add in warm water to dilute the mixture down. You have the choice of either pouring this chemical into a spray bottle and spraying it along the tunnel's routes and around the entrances or just make a lot of it and dump it down the holes to flush the entire tunnel with it. The oil causes the soap and pepper to stick to the moles body causing it to begin itchy and burning. After enough time the mole will realize that something is wrong with this area and move on to a place where the ground doesn't burn.

Didn't Catch The Mole?

If none of these methods work you might consider calling in professional help. Moles can be extremely tricky to catch because of the way they stay underground at all times. If you don't have a light foot and good set of eyes you might not ever be able to even locate the rodents, much less catch them. To find the best rodent removal services in your area you can contact your like animal control office or use a search engine to find a private company(they usually cost less) in your area. Just let them know you wish to get a mole out of your yard and they will point you in the right direction.

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