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Five Reasons To Get A Puppy

Updated on February 28, 2013

5 Reasons To Get A Puppy

5 Reasons To Get A Puppy
5 Reasons To Get A Puppy | Source


Five Reasons To Get A Puppy

A puppy is a great way to break open your heart and let some sunshine in.It matters not what type of pup comes into your life. They are all precious and loving , unconditionally. We all need a puppy sometimes to let us forget our worries.I was reading a psychology book about dogs and how they are so amrt. It is amazing what these animals can do for us humans. We have the famous seeing eye dogs, hunting gogs, show dogs, you name it these canine creatures can out do most of us humans. The companionship a fellow puppy can give a man is hard to describe. I have only been able to use others puppies to feel the bond that one would be to have. I live in a place that barely has a yard and before that apartments. I don't believe dogs, and cats should live in confined spaces like those I have lived in.

The first out of five reasons have already been explained aas to why you should have a puppy. Companionship is the word I am looking for here. We all need someone to love and a cute puppy is all it takes sometimes to replace a loved one that has left us or many other reasons.The type of dog really matters none either, they are al so fiesty and loving to be around. To have one lay in your lap while you watch TV is like having your best girl with you. You cannot really compare what it is like to have a dog for companionship.

The second reason you need a puppy is that they will love you unconditionally and they will never fight you or back talk to you. The tail is a wagging all the while , even when your mad at the pup for using the restroom where it should not. I feel sorry for people that abuse these little guys and there should be a law if the animal is ever treated cruel in any manner. They are like children growing up . Treat your puppy like you would treat yourself.

Number three, a puppy will grow to know you for whom you are and your habits, and protect you. I don't carer what type of dog you get. The animal is always on your side, whether you are mean to it or not, they will stick to your side. Granted there are a few dogs that are lazy and could care less, but I wonder if that is a sign of ownership . The human may be just as lazy as the dog, a reflection of sort that is carried on by the dog. Always protect your dog also, in rain and weather, and especially in pick up trucks. I hate it to see a dog just walking around the back of a truck with no leash and at 75 MPH. The owner must be responsible, Most people are not as responsible as their dog is, I figure.

The fourth reason to have a puppy is to love the animal for God made such a creature to love us is incredible. Take advantage of the love this dog is giving you and your kids and family. There is no substitution that a dog can do for us humans. We could learn a lot from a canine if we took the time to really focus on the puppy. Just like the picture , it goes hand in hand with hunting. The happy dog with his master all dressed in his gear and his faithful dog just beside him. How many pictures have you seen like this, many I would say. The dog wants to be a part of our existence. Treat them this way.

The last reason I can think of is a puppy is so nice to have around in stressful conditions. They make us forget just for one minute even the wrong in this world. The government, our salary we make, and all the negative information we are fed from television and the Internet. The dog can sit in your lap and make you forget all the wild problems of the world, if you sit with it in a quite place all alone. Maybe a little whimper out of the pups mouth is about all you will hear. Give one a try and keep him or her until they have lived out their lives. We grow close to our animal friends, and they don't live as long as us. It is sad, but truthful. Enjoy the times , as your puppy grows older and wiser and take plenty of pictures. They really come in useful when they are up in heaven and we all know God's creatures go there.


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    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 5 years ago from Midland, Texas

      How funny! My Landlord is the same, Plus I don't think its smart to have a puppy in a place that really has not much of a yard like my duplex. Thank you for your comments, and have a blessed day!

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

      Very interesting and I would love to have a puppy but our landlord has different ideas.

      Never mind one day maybe.

      However that doesn't stop me from reading about them I vote up and share.