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Five Tricks to get Your Dog to Eat its Medicine

Updated on August 25, 2016

The Challenge

As dog owners, my family and I know how challenging it is to get them to take their medicines. Throughout many years, and many different trial and error methods, we have found that there is no one method that works for all dogs, but there are some fool-proof methods that may work with yours:

Non-Picky Dogs:

  1. Place the pill(s) in a ball of peanut butter. This hides the pill from the dog, and the pill sticks to the peanut butter, so it makes it more difficult for the dog to spit out the pills in order to just eat the peanut butter.
  2. Roll the pills up in a piece of ham, and fold over the ends.
  3. Cut a hot dog in half, and use a knife or fork to create a slit where you made the cut (the top of the half; the circle part), and slide the pill down into the slit.

Picky Dogs:

As one of our dogs will eat almost anything he is given, our other dog can be picky at times, especially when it is time to take medicine. She used to take it easily rolled up in ham, but lately, she has caught onto us, so we finally found a method that works almost every time:

  1. Buy some packages of Ceaser wet dog food. They come in small blocks. Place all of the pills into the block like you would candles in a birthday cake, but push them completely down into the food. Then, when you put it in the dog bowl, turn the block upside down so the dog does not see the food. My one dog's favorite flavor of this food is the "Chicken and Liver," and the second favorite is the "Filet Mignon," or any steak/bef flavor, but both dogs will eat almost any flavor of this food.
  2. Ask the veterinarian if the medicine can be pulled apart, and if so, empy the powder into your dogs food or water.

Hopefully, these ideas will be helpful. If you have neat tricks, please leave a comment below!


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