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Five Ways to Clean Your Horse's Nylon Halter

Updated on February 21, 2015

Get the Mud and Crud Out of That Nylon Halter!

You've just spent twenty hard earned dollars on a bright, new nylon halter in your stable's colors, but after chasing your horse in the field for an hour, you're determined to leave it on him (if you ever catch him!). In exasperation and anger, you throw the halter down and it lands in a puddle of mud. Just then, your horse decides maybe--since you don't have the halter in your hand anymore--just maybe you have a treat for him. So he trots up to you, stepping on the new halter and grinding it down into the muck and manure. You sigh and slip the rope hidden behind your back around his neck and lead him to the barn. You'll go back for the halter later.

Finally, when later comes around, you remember that you left your brand-new, nylon halter in the mud in the pasture, and out you trot on your own two weary legs to find it. Lifting it out of the mire, you grimace at the smell and wonder if you'll ever get it clean.

Well, I've got good news for you! Here are several ways that you can use to get that sparkling, vibrant color back into the nylon and remove the smell from the misadventure as well.

1. Soak the new halter in a bucket of soapy water to loosen the mud and dirt, and then go at it with a stiff brush. After you've removed the filth, hang it on a fence and turn the hose with a power nozzle on it to wash away the soap, being sure to get it all out (some horses are sensitive to soap residue). Let it dry thoroughly.

2. Follow the above routine, but add some Oxyclean to the wash water. Let it soak a bit longer to allow the Oxy to do its job. Hang in sunshine for the Oxy to use its strength. The colors will be brighter and more vibrant.

3. Take your nylon halters (and lead ropes, for that matter) to the car wash. Fill a bucket with soapy water and follow the routine in number one, only fasten the halters and lead ropes to the floor mat hooks and power spray them to rinse the soap out. Again, make sure ALL the soap is washed out, as the detergent used for washing cars is harsher than what you would probably use at the barn.

4. Use a stiff brush to remove loose mud and debris from your nylon halter. Put it in the top rack of your dishwasher and set on pots and pans. Let it run through and then hang to dry. Beautiful, looking just like new! (This works equally well for bits, boots, and all kinds of fittings that are not made of leather.)

5. After removing the loose debris from the nylon halter, put it and your lead ropes in a pillowcase, securing the open end with a rubber band. Drop it in your washing machine and launder on hot. The pillowcase will keep the metal fittings from scratching up the washer, and the halters and leads will come out looking like new. But hang them to dry...don't put them in the dryer!

Now you have a clean nylon halter looking just like new!


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    • Dressage Husband profile image

      Stephen J Parkin 

      3 years ago from Pine Grove, Nova Scotia, Canada

      Then again you could avoid letting them get that dirty by always removing them when you turn out your horses.

      Nonetheless I did find these tips interesting and possibly useful? Time will tell. we have a stable and 4 horses of our own.


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