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Exotic Pets Fun for the Family Home, and Safe for Kids!

Updated on August 17, 2015

Looking for an exotic new pet?

Find Strange, Exotic Pets, Fun to Have for the Family Home, and Safe for the Kids! If you're looking for a new pet and are allergic to cats or dogs maybe afraid of either one or you just want something different and new to experience, here are a few options for you. A simple introduction to several popular household pets that are far from ordinary, however absolutely amazing creatures.

If interested in one of these pets please do some research on how to care for your pet. Each summary is only intended as an introduction to each pet. It is important that you find all the information you need on how to care for you pet properly, prior to making your decision on purchasing one.

Sugar glider

Sugar Glider posing for the camera.
Sugar Glider posing for the camera. | Source

Sugar Gliders

Sugar Gliders are very popular, they are also small and easy to care for. Children absolutely love them and make great companions since both are playful and energetic.

It is best to own them in pairs, they are very loving and really need attention, being deprived of social interaction scrambles them into a state of depression. However having a companion hedgehog will make sure they are both interactive with some company.

They have been known to live up to 15 years in captivity and they make a great addition to any family. For more information including diets, training, habits, and how to care for your pet sugar glider check out Sugar Gliders.

Hedge Hog

Hedge hog playing in the dirt.
Hedge hog playing in the dirt. | Source


Hedgehogs are very funny looking animals and usually only join us in life for 3-9 years. These pets rather then craving interaction and company actually prefer to be solo. Being very low maintenance, they don't require a lot of attention and are better as pets for those who are not home a lot of the time and aren't able to give as much attention to them.

In fact when kept in pairs have been known to become aggressive in their cage. It's important that you get your hedgehog when several weeks young to accustom them to you as the owner handling them. For more information about how to care for your pet hedgehogs take a look at Housing a pet Hedgehog.

Bearded dragon

Bearded dragon looking up, notice the "beard" in the jaw and throat area.
Bearded dragon looking up, notice the "beard" in the jaw and throat area. | Source

Bearded Dragons

Kids just love how they can brag about owning a dragon. Very cool reptiles, these are easily handled by the inexperienced dragon owner.

The most amazing feature these creatures have is the ability to change colors of the skin to match the surroundings and camouflage against predators. From light greens and blues, to dark reds, browns and oranges. The variety of colors will never stop surprising you.

Rarely aggressive they are very kind to strangers and sometimes even perform what appears to be a "hello" as they wave with a front arm. These do grow up to about 22-24 inches once they reach adult (2 years) and may live to be up to 12 years if properly cared for.

A nice size tank is required for them to be comfortable and happy, at least 40 gallon. Sand may be used for the bottom of tank as this will also make cleaning easier as you may just scoop up waste when needed. For more information including pictures to a proper setup and requirements on how to care for a Bearded Dragon, check out Bearded Dragon care.

Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs eating grass.
Guinea Pigs eating grass. | Source

Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are similar to hamsters, but more cuddly, friendlier and playful. They have a longer lifespan of 5-7 years so also will be with you for a longer time. Best kept in pairs as they are very social, however should be same sex because they tend to get along better.

Large cages are almost a must to provide plenty of run around room available to them. Only ten inches long they are cute little critters to have around but love to be active and playful. If interested in a guinea pig see Guinea pig Care.

Green Snake

Green Snake slithering upwards.
Green Snake slithering upwards. | Source


Snakes are creepy and slithery to some but beautiful and exotic to others. As long as you avoid the venomous snakes, the anacondas, and the reticulated pythons you'll have a fine companion.

Keep in mind for feeding you will be giving either live prey, or frozen prey which may be kept in a separate freezer if you'd like. Most eat only once or twice monthly and some cannot stand to watch snakes attack a meal.

Snakes love to escape, they are professionals in the art of disappearing from the tank or cage, so be sure it is very secure and there is no way out. For more information on re-creating a Snake habitat as well as owning tips and assistance on how to care for your pet snake read Basic snake care.

Hopefully you now have an idea of which you like from these interesting and strange, exotic pets for your family home, which are fun and safe for the kids!


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    • luisj305 profile image

      luisj305 5 years ago from Florida

      Nice to hear from you again, Chen. Glad you enjoyed the read, I will have to check those teacup pigs out!

    • shai77 profile image

      Chen 5 years ago

      How cool, I didn't know you could keep a hedgehog as a pet. Guinea pigs are really fun and cute. I hear a new big craze is teacup pigs. Nice hub, I really enjoyed it.

    • profile image

      Loki 5 years ago

      There was a hedgehog living in my old front lawn for a while. one of my cats wasn't too happy about it since it was the only animal she couldn't attack. haha

    • luisj305 profile image

      luisj305 5 years ago from Florida

      Both are fun enjoyable pets and you can't go wrong with either one!

    • aykianink profile image

      aykianink 5 years ago

      Sugar Glider, mind = blown. On another note, a hedgehog sounds like a fun pet to have:-)

    • luisj305 profile image

      luisj305 5 years ago from Florida

      Thanks for commenting and Yup the sugar glider is the most entertaining pet i've ever had,we now

      have 4 of them and the kids never leave them alone lol.

    • gail641 profile image

      Gail Louise Stevenson 5 years ago from Mason City

      The pets look like really great pets. The sugar glider sure is cute. Very interesting, too. Nice photos of the pets.

    • ramurray3 profile image

      ramurray3 5 years ago from New York City

      Wow strange. Yet amazing!