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Five great ideas for dog treats

Updated on June 22, 2011

Why should you give your dog treats?

 Dog treats can form an essential part of the relationship between you and your dog. A well behaved and trained dog can bring a lot of pleasure to any family. A misbehaving dog can cause a lot of distress and damage and is usually completely avoidable. It can be all too tempting to punish a dog for bad behaviour but this is not effective. Unless a dog is caught in the act it is unable to associate any punishment with the act. Instead a dog should be rewarded for good behaviour or for responding well to training. Rewarding with dog treats teaches your dog that good behaviour will be rewarded and often bad habits are soon forgotten.

This article suggests five ways in which to treat your dog for good behaviour. Remember however that the incorrect choice of treat such as leftovers from your dinner are often harmful to your dog, particularly in the long term. Also don't forget that dog treats are a reward for good behaviour, they should be given as just that. The over use of dog treats will remove all meaning from good behaviour and your dog will come to expect them rather than feel they are to be earned. Ideally your dog will soon learn to look forward to a chance to prove they deserve a treat.

Make some dog treats yourself!

People are often surprised that there are hundreds of recipes for dog treats to suit all breeds of dog. most are very easy and cheap to make. Often a search through the kitchen cupboards can find all the ingredients needed for one of these simple dog treats recipes. Bare in mind that by cooking your own dog treats there is a risk of accidentally including an ingredient that could be harmful to your dog, so perhaps a good idea would be take a few recipes with you on your next visit to the vet and have them checked? There are several good books that can guide you through healthy nutritious recipes;

Ideal dog treats can be new toys!

What better way to reward your dog and show your love for him than with a new toy to play with. You will have a very good idea as to just what sort of toy your dog loves the most. However there are very few dog treats that are as well received by a dog than a Kong toy filled with some tasty treats. Kong toys are well known for their durability and filling them with your dogs favourite treat can reward AND challenge them at the same time. Kong toys can also be great for reducing anxiety separation, keeping them entertained whilst you aren't around.



Treat your dog with a favourite activity!

Rewarding your dog doesn't have to involve buying gifts or putting on your apron! Dog treats can just as easily involve treating your dog to an activity you know it enjoys but rarely gets to do. Classic examples of this may be taking your dog to the beach or a lake for a swim. Many dogs love socialising so taking your dog to an obedience class or fly-ball session can be a great treat for rewarding sustained good behaviour.

Take your dog on a new adventure!

Taking your dog for a new adventure can be a great way to reward a period of sustained good behaviour. New experiences are great for a dog, keeping it entertained offering it new challenges. Examples of a new adventure could be to plan your next holiday around your dog rather than putting it in kennels whilst you jet off. Maybe plan a road trip or local holiday that will offer many new experiences. Dogs can provide great fun and memories when introduced to new environments for the first time. Beaches, camping, mountain walks and snow can all provide excellent new experiences and form great dog treats.

Buy your dog some tasty treats to enhance training!

From straightforward house training to more complicated commands and tricks, tasty dog treats are essential to reinforcinggood behaviour and training successes. There is such a wide range of treats available on the market that finding something appropriate for your dog is simple. Be sure to check the ingredients for suitability and don't be afraid to ask your vet for advice when choosing a suitable treat.



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    • dosburros profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Hi Monique, thanks for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed reading about doggie treats!

    • profile image

      Monique Morgan 

      7 years ago


      Love this hub!!


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