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Flea Control Made Simple

Updated on April 20, 2010


Fleas your pet’s archenemy and a pest that you want to control quickly before your pets get infested. Once your pet is infested you will probably be worried about them spreading all over your home. Yet you read about all the harsh chemicals that are in some of the flea control items and want to avoid using them, thankfully though you can find some great organic flea control tips.

The first thing that you can do to help repel the fleas and get rid of them is to make sure that your pet gets a bath on a regular basis. The baths will help disrupt the flea’s life and depending on how good a bath it is can even displace them all together. After the bath you will want to make sure to brush your pet. If you know that your pet has fleas use a brush that has been dipped in soapy water.  To help kill the fleas right away you will want to take and run some boiling water over a sliced citrus fruit. After it has been poured over the citrus fruit you will want to take and score the skin to get even more citrus into the water. Then once the water is at an acceptable temperature you will sponge it directly onto your pet and watch the fleas drop off.

If you want to protect your pet from fleas and are worried about the bed that they sleep on you will want to purchase or make some cedar bags. You will then place the cedar in a location that your pet cannot get to. A great location is if your pets bed is the kind that has a zipper section to allow for washing would be inside of that zipper section. 

If the worst thing possible happens and you have fleas inside of your carpet you will want to take action quickly. The first step that you will want to do is vacuum the carpet and make sure to concentrate on the areas that do not get much foot traffic. Then you will want to immediately empty out your vacuum cleaner into a bag and seal the bag and remove it from your property as quickly as possible.  If you still have the flea problem after you have vacuumed then you will want to take a pan that is fairly shallow not a high wall pan and place hot soapy water into the pan. Then you will put a lamp over the pan shining down the fleas will see the light and jump into the water which will kill them.

After you have rid your home of the flea problem you will want to take the battle to the fleas home turf. That home turf would be the great outdoors! To do this you will need to purchase some nematodes which are basically worms. You will then spread them around in your lawn and garden areas. These wonderful little creatures love feeding on flea larvae and pupae which will devastate the flea colony by not allowing any of them to reach adulthood.

Controlling fleas doesn't have to involve the use of chemicals. Your pets certainly do not need to have the toxic chemicals on their skin and neither do you so these simple organic methods can help you control fleas without these chemicals.       

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