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For the Love of Pitbulls-Someone has to take a stand on their side

Updated on March 28, 2015
Thought this was appropriate with Easter on the way!
Thought this was appropriate with Easter on the way!

Diamond and Lucy

I own 2 Pitbulls, their names are Diamond and Lucy. They are the biggest loving babies I have ever met. I will say before I got Diamond I was nervous because of all the negative media hype about "killer Pitbulls". After doing some research, and spending some time with a friend's Pitbulls I realized they weren't killers. I went out with my 2 sons, and we searched and searched until we found this beautiful red nose Pitty, her name is Diamond and we have had her for 3 years now. Diamond is very well mannered, she is out going (as in she demands love, she will sit pretty with her paws on your lap until she gets attention), she knows voice and hand commands (sit, stay, lay down, shake, high five, dance, and sit pretty), she lets the boys rough house her and lay on her (they think she is a GREAT pillow), she sleeps in bed with me and has to be under the covers with her head on a pillow next to mine, and the only aggressive thing about her is that tail. Her tail is like a whip, always wagging, and slapping you on the leg. Our other dog Lucy is a blue pit that was about to be taken to the shelter when we heard about her. We didn't really want another dog, but we couldn't let her go to the pound without meeting her, and seeing what she was all about. Well of course, we went to meet Miss Lucy Lu, and fell in love once again. She came home with us, and has been my oldest son's best friend for the past 2 years. Lucy is the shy one and she seems to be a little, how do you say, slow? She is never in a hurry, and she is usually content just being lazy in bed...until Austin is home. Then she follows him everywhere, and she sleeps in bed curled up as close as possible to him. Austin has some social problems, and struggles in school. Lucy cheers him up, and is always there for him when he is angry or sad. When people come to visit they are amazed by how well behaved both of our girls are, they don't jump (anymore), and they just sit at their feet waiting to be petted. With me stating this, I don't see how my dogs are any different from a Lab or Golden Retriever. They are loyal to the family, they are well trained, and they are wonderful with my children.

This is the Truth!

Why are People So Afraid?

I believe people are so afraid of Bully breeds because of the media. They are always talking about the Pitbull attacks, but for some odd reason they don't report on the other types of dog attacks. I realize some ignorant people take advantage of the people pleasing pitbulls, and force them to fight. It doesn't mean all of them are fighters, and aggressive. My son was bit by his father's collie before, and my mom's Cocker Spaniel snapped at my kids (never enough to do much damage, luckily) does that mean we should rule out those dogs as family pets just because of that incident? My answer is no. I had a female Collie named Princess for 10 years, and she never once bit the kids. She would get tired of them and go hide, but never hurt them. All dogs are different, they have different personalities, and they have different life stories. Has anyone took the time to think about how "racist" they are when they judge a certain breed of dog? There are all colors, shapes, and sizes of humans that either do good in the world, or they do bad. All races of people can be killers, and we don't rule out a certain race judging them saying they're all natural born killers. It's the same concept, but I don't think most people stop and think about that. It's called ignorance, just the same as before all races were treated equally. I feel like Pitbulls are the slaves of our country, and they are trying to over come and gain the same rights as all the other dogs. Give them a chance, they just want to be loved and treated like the rest of the dogs. Just keep in mind any dog can be aggressive, and it's up to you to become educated on the triggers that can make ANY dog act aggressive. It's up to you to teach your children how to act around dogs, and how to treat them. It's up to you to train your dog, and teach them the manners and skills to become a good canine citizen.

Austin and Lucy

Best friends
Best friends

Just a Chance

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Mom, Do you have a Cookie?!

Aww, such a good girl! (This is Diamond)
Aww, such a good girl! (This is Diamond)


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