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Four Benefits of Dog Crate Covers

Updated on September 10, 2016

Dog crate covers come in all types of designs and materials. Mostly they are made of fabric with zippered, roll up or tie back door covers so the cover can stay on the crate while just uncovering the door or doors as there are some two door crates. Some are plain fabrics while others are made of designer fabrics for instance Ralph Lauren.

Dog crate covers serve other functions than just looking good. First the dog is a den dwelling animal by instinct. A crate that is covered provides the dog with the den type atmosphere that they need. A dog needs a place that is away from the family just like we need our privacy also. A cover over a crate provides a psychological comforting place for them to rest and be by themselves at night and other times of the day.

A dog crate in an open area, garage or basement can become a warm den for a dog if a cover is placed over it. The cover protects the dog from drafts and cold in winter and because they are made of cloth is breathable and shady in the warmer months. There are specialized insulated dog crate covers that are water proof providing protection for the sporting dog as they are transported to and from the hunt field in a pickup truck.

A dog crate is a cage and uncovered it looks like a cage in the middle of some room of your house. A dog crate cover allows your dog to have their crate in a prominent place in the house, not put in some place out of the way. The crate can be where the people are instead of some corner somewhere.

Finally because the crate is covered your dog is secure in the crate. At night when it is time for everyone to go to bed the dog is not distracted by lights and noise usually settling down for a good night’s sleep instead of crying all night. A good night’s sleep for your pup means a good night’s sleep for the rest of the family.

Stylish and functional dog crate covers are a good investment for your home, your dog and you. You and your pup will sleep much better with a dog crate cover over their crate.


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