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French Bulldog Rescue

Updated on February 15, 2012

French Bulldog Rescue

It's hard to imagine that owners would harm a wonderful dog like a French Bulldog. Unfortunately it happens and there are many abused and neglected dogs. The French Bulldog Rescue is an organization that rescues these neglected dogs and tries to find good owners to adopt them. If you ever wanted a French bulldog a good option would be to adopt through this rescue group. You will be assisting the French Bulldog Rescue group and the neglected dogs by being a responsible and loving owner. When you apply for adoption with French Bulldog Rescue you will need to consider some factors before going through the process.

Are you a good dog owner?

Keep in mind that the French Bulldog Rescue will be looking for responsible dog owners. More often than not these dogs will have some emotional problems and physical scars from their previous owners. Just wanting a French Bulldog will not get you a dog from French Bulldog Rescue. Previous owners were not responsible and saw the French Bulldog as another toy and did not care for these wonderful dogs. You have to show the rescue organization that you have experience with dogs and more importantly that you can take care of an abused dog. They will look for someone who is responsible and willing to take time to rehabilitate the dog.

Also the French Bulldog Rescue might do a home visit. They will want the new owners to have a safe home for the dog. That means a fenced yard and a comfortable place for the dog to sleep indoors. They will also gage how busy you are and how much time you will spend with the dog.

Wait list

The selective process is long due to the French bulldog organization wanting to find the right home and new owner. It's usually a longer wait because these dogs are so expensive and desirable that most people can not afford them, making it more competitive to get a French Bulldog through the rescue group. Some people give up if the wait is too long or get discouraged if the dog they wanted was given to another owner. Ask yourself are you willing to go through this process? Some find it easier just to save the money to buy a French Bulldog from a breeder.

You can go through this long process and The French Bulldog Rescue group can still reject your application. Don't let that discourage you if you want a French Bulldog. As long as you want to save and take care of a French Bulldog, the French Bulldog Rescue group will see that you are taking the steps of a responsible dog owner. Find out what things you need to work on to eventually get accepted as a French Bulldog owner. Maybe your house was not safe for a dog or you have no experience with dogs? Take the time to make the house improvements or volunteer at your local animal shelter to gain experience with dogs.

Once your accepted as an owner the next phase will be to rehabilitate your new dog. It might take some time for your new dog to trust you if it was heavily abused. But with love and patience you can get that dog back into a happy and healthy state. The hard work and patience is worth making your new four legged family member feel loved and safe.


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    • NetBlots profile image

      NetBlots 5 years ago from Melbourne


      Such a cute picture, I just love the ears =)

      I hate hearing about dogs that need to be rescued, its hard enough letting a friend pass let along getting rid of them =(