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Frog Unit Study: Hopping to Learn

Updated on May 12, 2015


A Frog and a Pond
A Frog and a Pond | Source

A Frog Theme Makes Learning Fun!

The frogs are hopping from the excitement of learning with this frog themed unit study. You will find dozens of ideas, resources, and activities for both classroom teachers and homeschool families.

Jump and leap like frogs as we hike down to the frog pond to look for tadpoles and frog eggs. Observe carefully as we watch the bullfrog's throat expand as he croaks on the lily pad.

Then turn your learning space into a frog pond of learning with fly swatter words gobbled up by wide mouthed frogs, frogs jumping off logs and songs, poems and enough hands-on activities to fill the frog pond.

Frogs are hopping onto the lily pads and Spring Peepers are croaking around the frog pond. Time for a frog themed unit study to capture your children's interest in the natural world around them.

Learn math with a frog theme. Sing frog songs and write a frog poem. Discover how frogs survive the winter or a hot dry summer. Do frogs hibernate?

Take a trip down to the frog pond and start a whole new unit study filled with froggy ideas from Amphibian to Zap.

Let's learn about the frogs in the pond...

Reading about Frogs

Frog Pond Rug

Pond Carpet
Pond Carpet | Source

Frog Pond Rug

The Frog Pond Rug is the place to gather for Circle Time Frog Themed Stories, Morning Meeting and other Frog Group Activities. We greet each other with the Frog Greeting.

How about singing 5 Green and Speckled Frogs or playing one of the frog games below?

Children take turns being the Five Green and Speckled Frogs sitting on the log and jumping into the pond as everyone sings the song. Others keep track of the math problems being sung by holding up sentence strips with the number problems for 5-1=4, 4-1=3 etc.

Frogs on Logs

Five Green and Speckled Frogs
Five Green and Speckled Frogs | Source

The Frog Pond Rug - A Gathering Place for Frogs and Toads

Once your children know the Five Green and Speckled Frogs song well enough, the Frog Pond Rug becomes another Learning Center where the children sing and reenact the story of the frogs jumping into the pond. They use 5 plush frogs for the activity. This is a great way for the children to practice oral language, memory recall and sequence of events besides working on math skills.

Click on the link below to purchase your own Frog Pond Rug...

Frog Lessons

Big Eyed Frog
Big Eyed Frog | Source

What is a Frog Unit Study?

Frog Themed Unit Study Lesson Plans

A Unit Study is created by choosing a topic and revolving all areas of learning around that subject. In this case we will focus on frogs while learning reading, writing , math, science, social studies, art, music, physical education and health. We will culminate the unit with the completion of a Frog Lapbook which will contain highlights of activities we have done throughout the frog unit study.

Frog Theme Classroom Set-up

Circle Time

Frogs at Circle Time
Frogs at Circle Time | Source

Turn Your Classroom into a Frog Pond

Frog Unit Study Transformation

Today we will make a frog themed bulletin board with a pond and plants. Put a blue rug in the reading area with green mats or pillows for lily pads for your little frogs to sit on. Circle Time is a great way to start your day and help the children focus on Frogs as we begin this Frog Unit Study theme.

Call your little frogs over and to start your day with a gentle "ribbit" sound which can be passed on from one to another until all the children reach their lily pads at which point they squat down as little frogs with big eyes watching the Big Bullfrog, you, the teacher.

Circle Time or Morning Meeting is a great way to start the day and help children focus on the Frog Unit Study theme. We do a frog greeting, sing songs about frogs, read frog stories and play leapfrog along the number line. We end by reading the Morning Message about a trip down to the Frog Pond.

Turn your classroom or homeschooling space, into a Frog Pond of learning! Use this frog theme to help your children focus on learning. Create a space filled with frogs and a frog habitat that invites your children to read, write, explore and research frogs while teaching all areas of the curriculum.

Frog Themed Bulletin Board

Frog Unit Study Bulletin Board
Frog Unit Study Bulletin Board | Source

Frog Hibernation Bulletin Board

Photo Credit: Frogs with Cattails From Clip Art Mountain

  • Use the children's artwork to create a bulletin board depicting a place where frogs might hibernate down in the mud.
  • Add cattails, lily pads and water
  • Children love to use this center to dramatize the lives of frogs.

Frog Life Cycle Bulletin Board

Frog Pond Bulletin Board
Frog Pond Bulletin Board | Source

Frog Themed Morning Message

Frogs in the Responsive Classroom

Each morning we begin with a Morning Meeting Message that draws the children into the focus of our learning about frogs for the day. As you can see from today's message we will be going down to the frog pond.

Yesterday we made binoculars from toilet paper tubes. We will use the binoculars to look for insects that the frogs might be eating. When we spy an insect we will look up the insect in our Insect Guidebooks that we made last week. The Insect Guidebooks have drawings of the insects that we have seen so far when we visit the frog pond. We have also included observations about each of the insects as well as the name of the insect whenever we have been able to find it from online research.

At the bottom of our Morning Message you will notice that there is an interactive activity. Children come in each morning and read the message to themselves and then do the activity at the bottom. We have been learning about syllables this week so today we will be associating the number of syllables in our names with the number of syllables in the calls of frogs found in our Frog pond. If your name has one syllable, write it on a post-it and place it under the Spring Peeper. Spring Peepers say "Peep", a one syllable word. If your name has two syllables, place your name under the Leopard Frog which says "ribbit", a two syllable word. If your name has three syllables, place your name under the bull frog which says "chugarum", a three syllable word.

We will later use these three groups for doing a fun, Frog Choir Song Activity as part of our Morning Meeting.

Mud Burrow for Extreme Weather

Milk Jug Igloo
Milk Jug Igloo | Source

Frog Reading Nook

Mud Burrow for Extreme Weather

Throughout the year we visit the habitat of many different animals. In the winter we study lemmings but in the spring we convert the classroom from the lemming habitat to the frog pond habitat.

Lemmings burrow down in tunnels and create dens underground. Frogs burrow down in the mud to survive the winter. Sometimes frogs will also burrow down into the mud in the summer if it is too hot or dry.

This shows the Froggy in the Mud Reading Nook as it might look like at the beginning of the frog unit study when it is still a Lemming's Winter Reading Nest.

Soon it will be covered in brown blankets to turn it into spring and then green for the grass of summer. We use rope lights to see inside to read. We use the brown blankets again to turn it into a winter Froggy in the Mud Reading Nook.

After you have finished studying Lemmings you can turn your Igloo/Lemming Tunnel into a Hole in the Mud for all your little frogs to crawl into for a quiet reading time.

For directions on how to make the Milk Jug Igloo go to The Lemming's Reading Nest See other ideas for a Riverbank Theme by clicking on River Otters, Meadow Theme bluebirds, or Woodland Theme Mice.

The Princess and the Frog

The Frog Prince
The Frog Prince | Source

Books about Frogs for your Reading Pond - Increase your knowledge of Frogs

When choosing books to read aloud for our Frog Unit Study or for any unit study, I look for large, clear, eye-appealing illustrations, predictable sentence structure and authentic story lines that will also teach about frogs. The stories I read in the morning are ones that can be read in just a few minutes with the idea that later children will be able to pick these books up during Silent Reading and read them by themselves.

We read a couple of picture books about frogs each day after Calendar Time and a chapter book after lunch recess. We keep track of new information we learn about frogs on a chart near the rug where we read.

Here are a few of my favorite books on frogs, tadpoles, and other creatures that live in and around the pond. If you are just beginning to explore the frog pond, these are the books I would recommend. Which are your favorites? Do you know of another frog book that should be included here? Be sure to leave me a message below.

Frogs by Gail Gibbons is a wonderful book to introduce your children to the study of frogs. The illustrations invite children to look carefully, ask question and make predictions. The text gives children background information to help them discover the world of frogs before heading down to the frog pond.

Once we return from our first trip down to the frog pond the children are eager to read this book on Frogs again to see how much we learned while looking for more questions to be answered tomorrow. Some children may even be ready to read it on their own.

I highly recommend purchasing this book as part of your Frog Unit Study.

The Library Frog

Frog in the Library
Frog in the Library | Source

Non-Fiction Frogs - Frogs from Eggs to Tadpoles to Adults

Mon-fiction books are ideal for classroom libraries, in the reading nook or in literacy bags. Children love to learn real facts about frogs, toads and amphibians in general. I look for books with plenty of illustrations and easy to read print. Guidebooks often have difficult vocabulary but their predictable format makes it much easier for children to obtain information from them than you might think.

Some children are fascinated about learning the scientific names for various frogs. As a Learning Center they can make their own guidebooks by drawing pictures of frogs found in guidebooks, copying the colors and markings and then writing their common and scientific names under each frog. Some children like to use a photocopied outline of a frog or a frog stamp instead of drawing the outlines themselves.

Guidebooks about frogs usually have the common name of each frog written in bold type and the scientific name in italics. Pointing this out to children makes it easier for them to find the names. Children love sharing their guidebooks with the class and at home with their families. Consider having the children write the common names in print and the scientific names in cursive.

Reading about Frogs

Reading Frog
Reading Frog | Source

Froggy says it's time to Read - Frog Story Hour

"The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success is reading aloud to children." *. The Commission found conclusive evidence to support its use not only in the home but also in the classroom: "It is a practice that should continue throughout the grades." ... -Jim Trelease

Thematic Unit: Frogs And Toads - Frog Books for Teachers

The Frogs And Toads Thematic Unit includes activities for all areas of the curriculum. There are biology lessons and activities which help children learn about frogs through life science. There are literature-based frog-themed ideas and lesson plans. Cross-curricular worksheets and activities look at frogs from the perspective of various academic disciplines.

This reproducible unit on Frogs and Toads can be used in both classroom and homeschool learning situations. Consider adding some of these pages to your Frog Themed Literacy Bag.

Frog Themed Language Arts

Frog Games

Frog | Source

Frog Syllable Games

Peep or Ribbit?

Peeps or Ribbits File Folder Game

Now let's all be frogs and learn about some frog words. The words we speak have different rhythms just as the different frogs have different calls. Demonstrate to the children the difference between one and two syllable words. As a whole group practice calling out peep for one syllable and ribbit for two syllables.

Paste 2 lily pads, one on each side of an opened file folder.

Paste a Spring Peeper on the left with the words "Peep, I hear 1.syllable."

Paste a Leopard Frog on the right with the words "Ribbit, I hear 2.syllables."

Make a few Frog Cards using a frog shaped die with pictures of one and two syllable words on one side, the name of the picture with the number of syllables on the other.

The children say the name of the picture and clap it's syllables, place it on the correct lily pad and then turn it over to self-check.

Spring Peepers and Leopard Frogs Count Syllables - Peeps or Ribbits File Folder Game Center

How could the peeps and ribbits of frogs help children distinguish the number of syllables in words?

Count the Frog Syllables

Frog Sounds
Frog Sounds | Source

Peeps and Ribbits: Counting Syllables

Different frogs make different sounds. Go to the links below and listen to the sounds of the Spring Peeper and the Leopard Frog. Can you hear the differences? Now have someone else play each one in a random order. Can you remember which frog made each call? During the spring, go out to the frog pond and listen to the sounds that the frogs make.

Frogs and the Ox

Frogs and the Ox
Frogs and the Ox | Source

Make your own Frog Games

Deal out the Frog Cards

As you learn more about frogs you can start to make up games that reinforce learning. Adapting traditional games to the theme is a great way to get started.

For example:

Frog Unit Study Concentration

1. Make decks of cards with two each of various kinds of frogs.

2. Print the names on the bottom of each card.

3. Make the cards from Cardstock. About 20 pictures per deck works well.

4.By using White Card Stock you will be able to print the frog cards without having to paste them onto stiffer material.

5. Laminating will extend the life of your decks of Frog Cards.

If you chose to print the pictures on regular printer paper you can use various colors of cardstock or oaktag, a different color for each deck, to keep the decks separated. You then will need to glue them to the cardstock.

If teaching a foreign language you could make the cards with parts of the frog's body or frogs of different colors etc,

Pet Rock Frog

 Painted Frog: Rock Art
Painted Frog: Rock Art | Source

Name Your Frogs

A Frog by any other name would smell as sweet...

We learn from the Responsive Classroom that Name Games are important to help children get to know each other and develop community within a classroom. We have adopted these ideas when creating a community of Pet Rock Frogs.

One day we decided to name our Pet Rock Bullfrogs. The children in my class had made Pet Rock Frogs in the art center and we were very proud of them. Here are some of the fun ways we used to learn how to read the names of our new Pet Rock Frogs. :

Frog Name Puzzles: Letter tiles for each child's pet rock frog were put in a Ziploc with a name card. The child selected a bag, put the tiles in order and copied the name on a record sheet.

Frog Name Bingo: Partners take turns choosing a Pet Rock Bullfrog. They then read the name on the bottom of the frog and cover that name on the Frog Names Bingo Card with a frog counter.

Pet Rock Bullfrogs: Take a walk down to the river where the rocks have been smoothed by years of tumbling in the water. Choose a rock about the size of your fist. Paint the rock to look like a frog. Choose and write the name of your frog on the bottom. Children match the bullfrogs to fabric lily pads that have the frog's names on them. The children then write the full name of each frog on a recording sheet.

Frog Word Games

Insect Words - Hungry Frogs eat their Words

Frog Catching a Fly
Frog Catching a Fly | Source

Unscramble the Insect Words

At this center the children unscramble the insect words or add the missing letters and then feed the Insect Words to the Frog.

For children who have a difficult time unscrambling the words, I provide letter tiles so that they can move them around until they discover the word. This is very helpful for visual and tactile learners.

Feed the Frog - Feed the Frog Word Games

Frog Scrubby Holder
Frog Scrubby Holder | Source

Feed the Frog Game

Children love feeding fly words to this frog with it's big, wide mouth. We call him the Hungry Frog.

  • Cut out paper in the shape of flies or use a Rubber Stamp Fly to stamp on each card.
  • Write a word on each card for insects and other food that frogs eat.
  • Include some related words that frogs don't eat.

Children read the words and feed the frog only it's food.

  • These cards could be marked on the back for self checking.
  • Be sure to laminate the frog food cards for durability.

Frog and Insect Words Slide Through

Frogs eat Insect Words

1. Color and then cut out the frog.

2. Color the frog and the insects.

3. Cut out the strip of insects.

4. Cut the insects apart and glue onto a longer strip leaving room to write the words for each of the frog's prey.

5. Laminate

6. Thread the strip through the frog's stomach.

Children can practice reading the words as they feed the frog.(Frog Eating Activity)

This activity was inspired by Kiddyhouse Frog Activity.

Where you will find a printable version of this activity.

Four frog friends found five fat flies!

- Frog Alliteration

Spelling Frogs - Trains, Frogs and Spelling Words

Form the train tracks into the shape of each of the letters in the word frog. Encourage your child to run the frogs along the letters while making the sound of each letter the frog train car drives over. Say "f,f,f,f,f..." while driving over the letter f. Change to "rrrrrrrr" while driving over the letter r. Then switch to the short vowel sound o when driving around the letter o. Finally make the hard sound that g makes while driving over the letter g, "g,g,g,g,g..." At the end of the word frog, come to a stop with a resounding "frog!"

This activity will not only help your child learn to spell the word "frog" but also teaches phonics and penmanship using a kinesthetic approach.

Frog Poetry

Never Give Up

Don't Ever Give Up
Don't Ever Give Up | Source

Persistent Frog - Keep Swimming

Two frogs fell into a deep cream bowl.

One was an optimistic soul.,

but the other took the gloomy view.

"We'll drown," he lamented without ado.

And with a last despairing cry,

He flung up his legs and said "Goodbye."

Quote the other frog with a steadfast grin,

"I can't get out but I won't give in,

I'll just swim around until my strength is spent,

then I'll die the more content."

Bravely he swam to work his scheme,

and his struggles began to churn the cream.

The more he swam, his legs a flutter,

The more the cream turned into butter.

On top of the butter at last he stopped.

What is the moral? It's easily Found. If you can't hop out, keep swimming around!

-Author Unknown

Reading Frog Poetry

Storytime Drawing
Storytime Drawing | Source

Frog Poems

My children loved listening to poems. Often poems have verses that are repeated so that children can join in as you reread the poems.

  • Run your finger or a pointer under the words and encourage your children to join in when they can.

You might be surprised at how soon they are picking out often repeated words, picking out the important words such as frog, and beginning to read on their own.

The first poems I will mention is Frog Poem by Becca Rapelje which starts, "I had a little jumping frog. I trained to come and go..." In simple words it talks about a frog living in the garden protecting the family's vegetables from insects which can be used as a science lesson. It speaks of friendship which leads to a social studies lesson. Most of the words in the poem are high frequency words, great for language arts lessons.

One of the most enjoyable ways to learn a second language is through poetry and music. Bilingual Poems about Frogs, Toads and Crocodiles has several of our favorite frog songs in Spanish including Estaba la rana cantando or There Once was a Singing Frog which is a song that builds with each new verse similar to The House that Jack Built.

I love teaching children this song because the same words are repeated over and over leading to better vocabulary retention as well as joyous singing.

And finally I would like to introduce you to a funny, lyrical poem, The Frog by Hilaire Belloc.. Be kind and tender to the Frog, And do not call him names, As... It is a fun poem using a few high level vocabulary words that children love. It also is a warning not to call names, a great social studies lesson.

The Adventures of Grandfather Frog - Tale of a Wise Old Frog

Gather 'round the Lilly Pad (rug) and listen to stories of Grandfather Frog. The following is from the book Old Mother West Wind by Thornton Burgess who wrote many such tales of the little creatures of the woodlands:

Why Grandfather Frog has No Tail

... Grandfather Frog was old, very old indeed, and very, very wise. He wore a green coat and his voice was very deep. When Grandfather Frog spoke everybody listened very respectfully. Even Billy Mink treated Grandfather Frog with respect, for...

Mathematical Frogs

Frog Math

Adding Frogs
Adding Frogs | Source

Frog Math Manipulatives - Hands-On Math for a Frog Unit Study

My kids' favorite frog manipulatives are called Funtastic Frogs. They are cute plastic frogs that fit right in your child's hand. Create frog patterns, count the frogs, mark numbers on the frog number line. These unique and versatile frogs will have your children jumping and hopping their way to a concrete understanding of mathematical concepts.

Though Funtastic Frogs no longer seem to be available on Amazon, they can sometimes be found on Ebay. Look for them at yard sales, rummage sales and thrift stores.

Frog and Lily Pad Game

Fish for the Magnetic Frogs on a Silk Lily Pad

When Melissa created the above game she used a magnetic fishing pole that she had bought at a store. She pushed tacks into the backs of the plastic frogs to make a space for the magnets to attach to and then she cut lily pads out of craft foam. The frog pond is made from a piece of silk.

The object of the game is to match, one to one correspondence, the frogs with the lily pads.

The lily pads were made in three different sizes so they could talk about the relative sizes of lily pads that the frogs land on. The first frog might land on a large lily pad and the second might land on a smaller lily pad. The third frog would then land on the smallest sized lily pad. This example brings into the discussion not only measurement but also ordinal numbers.

Finally the frogs come in a variety of colors adding another topic of discussion.

Frog and Lily Pad Game

Frog and Lily Pad Math Game
Frog and Lily Pad Math Game | Source

Frog and Lily Pad Games - Fish for the Magnetic Frogs on a Silk Lily Pad

Children love the Frog and Lily Pad game. There are magnets attached to the frogs and a fishing pole with a magnet on the end. The children use the fishing pole and magnets to move the frogs to the lily pads.

You could turn this activity into a literacy center by adding words to the lily pads and pictures that represents those words to the frogs. The children would then match the picture with the word.

Counting Frog Eggs

Mating Season
Mating Season | Source

Frog and Toad Egg Place Value Lessons

You can use frog eggs and toad eggs for learning about place value and the decimal system or base ten counting. Do you notice how the toad eggs are laid in long ribbons? Frog eggs are laid in masses.

Pretend that each toad lays just ten eggs at a time and that frogs lay less than ten. The toad eggs will go in the tens column and the frog eggs will go in the ones column.

Frog Eggs and Place Value

Frog Eggs
Frog Eggs | Source

Frog Themed Place Value Lessons

Frogs lay their eggs in clusters and toads lay their eggs in strings. How could we use these scientific observations in the math class?

To practice place value:

1. Lay out a sheet of blue paper (Pond Mathmat) Cut it down the middle. On one paper write frog eggs and on the other write toad eggs.

2. Roll dice of two different colors. The black die could be the ones and the green could be the tens.

3. Use White Reinforcement circles to show the number in clusters (Frog Spawn) or in strings of tens and ones (Toad Spawn)

4. Write the number in digits on the back of each one.

Frog Egg Place Value Game

Later on these papers could be laminated and become a matching game with the answers on the back for self-checking.

This is adapted from an idea in Instructor , March, 2001 by Jacqueline Clarke .

Frog Unit Study Math

Frog Themed Math

Frog related math lenses use the frog and tadpole theme to teach math concepts in a hands-on creative way. These games and activities lend themselves well to working with children of multi-ages, small or large groups, as well as homeschooling families with children of various abilities. Hop on over for frog themed math...

The Science of Frogs

Frog Life Cycle

Life Cycle of the Frog
Life Cycle of the Frog | Source

Frog Life Cycle Worksheets and Printable Book

Play with all those new words you are learning... Just click Frog Life Cycle Worksheets to find worksheets written in editable Microsoft Word. They are designed for ESL but are easily adapted to any class. They adapt well for homeschoolers and are a great addition to a Frog Lapbook.

Click Life Cycle of a Frog Book to print out The Life Cycle of a Frog: A Printable Book for Early Readers.


Learn alternatives to Frog Dissection. - Dissect a Frog

Many schools still dissect frogs in order to learn about animal anatomy, but is there an alternative?

Anatomy of a Frog

Frog Anatomy
Frog Anatomy | Source

Alternative to Frog Dissection

2008 was declared the 'Year of the Frog' and zoos across the world spread awareness about the amphibious specie's importance and declining numbers.

Some teachers are now using Smartboards as an alternative to actual dissection of live frogs.. The SMART Board is an interactive, electronic whiteboard which can enhance instruction and learning. The SMART Notebook software makes it possible for teachers to create content rich, dynamic lessons which address specific student skills.

Create your own anatomy of a frog book by making separate frog shaped pages, one for each system. For example the The Skin of the Frog, The Muscles of the Frog, The respiratory System of the Frog, the Skeletal System of the Frog etc.

Wood Frog Thaws and Breathes

Counting Breathing Rates in Frogs

Lauren Jensen teaches at a high school in Tennessee where she has used hands-on methods to help high school students learn the Scientific Method by observing and recording the respiration rate of frogs. This experiment could easily be adapted to working with children of any age and would be ideal for homeschoolers who work with children of many different ages and abilities.

Be sure to compare this experiment with those of Jelle Atema's experiments with lobsters.

Vernal Pool Mortality Game - Frog Eggs to Adult Frog Survival Rates

Frog Life Cycle
Frog Life Cycle | Source

Frog Pond Sensory Table

Frog Pond Water Table
Frog Pond Water Table | Source

Frogs Hibernate

Do Frogs Hibernate in the Summer or Winter?

Have you ever wondered what happens when the weather extremes make ponds and lakes freeze over or dry up? What happens to the frogs? Here is an article about hibernation with fun, hands-on activities to help children understand why hibernation helps frogs to survive.

Do frogs hibernate? Where do frogs go when the weather gets extreme? What do frogs do in the winter when ponds and lakes freeze over? What happens when frog ...

Frogs Leap

Why do Frogs Hop?

Learn more about how frogs hop. They don't have springs but they sure are able to jump long distances. Read the story of the Jumping Contest by Mark Twain and then research how real frogs are able to jump such distances. How about turning yourselves into frogs and have a frog jumping contest of your own?

This is also a great time to read Jump, Frog, Jump and then learn to read it in Spanish with Salta, Ranita, Salta. Jump into Spanish with Jump, Frog, Jump describes how Spanish class can be filled with fun jumping and hopping frogs as well.

Pretend to be frogs while jumping rope or bouncing on a ball. As you hop and jump be sure to practice your new Spanish phrase: Salta, Ranita, Salta.

How do frogs leap?

Frog Locomotion - The Ability of Frogs to Jump, Hop or Learp

How do frogs hop, leap and jump? Not only do children ask these questions but so do scientists. In order to understand just how these amphibians move about it is important to observe them carefully.

This is one of the reasons I like to take kids down to the frog pond on a regular basis. There is nothing like repeated observation for learning about an animal's traits and characteristics and oh what fun when a frog surprises you by suddenly leaping from in front of your stepping foot by splashing into the pond.

In the video above you can see these movements in slow motion. Watch the video several times and then go down to the pond to see frogs jump.

In the video it said that some frogs can jump 7 feet. How far is 7 feet?

  • Measure it on the playground. Can you jump that far?
  • 7 feet is ten times the length of the frog. How tall are you and can you jump ten times your height?

When you return, ask the children to demonstrate what they observed.

Poppin' Hoppie Commercial - Catch a Hopping Frog

Here is a collection of old commercials for several late 1960s games from Ideal Toys, including Poppin Hoppies, Bang Box and Swack!, plus Milton Bradley's Pop Yer Top and finally, the Motorific Racerific Track set featuring the Terror Turn!

Of these commercials my favorite by far was the Poppin' Hoppies commercial. I remember thinking that this had to be the most fun game ever. Well it turned out to be more fun than you might imagine. There is a spring inside the suction cup of each frog. The idea is to push down each of the frogs in order to make the suction cup hold and then catch the frogs as the spring overpowers the suction cup and hops into the air. The child who catches the most frogs is the winner.

Frogs Eat the Dragonflies Board Game - Frog Board Game

Emilie | Source

Eating the Dragonflies Game

1. Use Counting Frogs or Lima beans painted to look like frogs as playing pieces. Or maybe some Plastic Party Frogs.

2. Roll dice to see how many frogs have eaten dragonflies. One dragonfly per frog.

3. Start at the upper left corner. Put a frog on each insect for the number of dots on the die. (One to One Correspondence)

4. The first person to cover all the dragonflies is the winner.

This is a great frog game for 2-3 players.

Frog Pond

Frog Pond Coloring Page
Frog Pond Coloring Page | Source

Trips to the Frog Pond

Take your little Tadpoles down to the frog pond as often as possible. Once or twice a day would be ideal.

Collect some tadpoles and watch them grow. Observe, observe, observe and keep track of your observations.

What other wildlife do you see at the pond?

Can you identify the insects skimming across the surface? Why don't they sink?

Are there Cattails growing on the edge of the pond?

If you bring a sharp knife you can bring some cattails back to the classroom.

Cattails last for months and can be used as pointers when reading frog poems or during Calendar Time.

Write about your tadpoles and frogs every day.

Read what others have discovered and then share that knowledge.

Collecting Frog Eggs

Frog Eggs
Frog Eggs | Source

Note: Frogs are becoming endangered all over the world.

It has become illegal to collect tadpoles in many areas. Please check with your state wildlife agency before collecting frogs or tadpoles.

Frog or Tadpole Poll - Your Opinion on Frogs counts

Would you rather be a frog or a tadpole?

See results

Frog Music

Springtime Wood Frogs

Green Frogs in the Summer

Call of the Northern Leopard Frog

Frog Calls

Go out in the evening and record the sounds of the frogs.

  • After you have listened to the various sounds divide the children into Wood Frogs, Green Frogs and Northern Leopard Frogs.
  • Play the various frog calls randomly.
  • When the children hear the call of their frogs, they jump up and down.

Soon you will recognize the calls of all the species in your area.

Frog Art

Frog Bubbles

Thank you Kate for allowing me to show your beautiful artwork and inspire children to learn about frogs through drawing and observation. Did you notice the frog's sunglasses? Doesn't that frog look like he is having fun blowing bubbles?

In addition to teaching children about the true facts and habitats of frogs, it is also important to learn about fictional frogs as well.

Children love learning to draw, paint and sculpt frogs. The ability to draw frogs accurately will help them to illustrate not only their creative writing pieces but also their scientific journals.

Frog Blowing Bubbles

Frog Bubbles
Frog Bubbles | Source

Drawing a Frog

How to Draw a Frog
How to Draw a Frog | Source

Frog Literacy Bags

Frog Themed Literacy Bags - Frog Themed Take Home Literacy Bags

Frog Bag
Frog Bag | Source

Building a Frog Pond

Toad Abode

Toad House
Toad House | Source

Frog Themed Literacy Bag

Literacy bags are alternatives to traditional homework. Rather than assigning worksheets and workbook pages, children are encouraged to take home a bag filled with themed activities, stories and a plush mascot.

With a couple of frog books, a plush frog and a few frog activities your child will delight in taking home this story bag. Don't forget a froggy journal to record your plush frog's adventures while visiting each child's home.

Shelter for Frogs and Toads

Provide shelter for the Frogs:

* Create a shelter for toads, sometimes called a Toad Abode, in a cool, shady part of your garden.

* During the spring and summer, amphibians seek shelter under dense leafy foliage found close to the ground.

* Leaving a pile of leaves underbrush at the edge of your property will provide shelter for frogs, toads and salamanders during the cold late autumn and winter months.

By providing the ideal habitat you encourage frogs and toads to come live in your backyard naturally. Keep watch. Careful observation will indicate when your efforts have paid off as amphibians more into their new habitat.

Build Your Own Frog Pond

Building a Pond

What better way to learn about frogs than to have your own pond. In the book, The Living Pond by Nigel Hester (below) you will find lots of scientific information, lots of pictures, activities and even directions on how to build a pond. How about having a Pond Party with some of those strong Volunteer Parents? Gather some shovels, a liner, hose, sand (for putting under the liner, stones (to hold the liner) and a couple of water plants and create your own pond. Mr. Hester suggests to wait a few weeks to add any animals. It might be interesting to instead watch to see when they come naturally.

Frogs and toads are endangered all over the world. We can help save these endangered species by providing much needed habitat.

Frogs and toads need water to live and breed, so let's invite these beautiful creatures into our backyards, school yards, parks and playgrounds by building a frog pond. What are some things to keep in mind when designing a water feature for frogs?

* Frogs and toads need to easily be able to get in and out of the frog pond. Providing logs or rocks for frogs and toads to climb onto as well as avoiding steep edges will make your frog pond most inviting to amphibians.

* Some frogs survive the winter underwater. If the water in your frog pond is several feet deep, deep enough that it doesn't freeze in the depths of winter, you will have provided for the frogs that burrow down in the mud to survive the cold months.

* Other frogs and most toads only need shallow temporary ponds for breeding, or use the shallow areas of larger ponds. A shallow pond might be safer for the children in a school playground than a deeper one. These species of frogs and toads overwinter on land where they burying themselves in softer soils or under leaves.

* Frogs and toads need plants on the side of the pond and in the shallow edges to hide in as well as for shade and to attract insects. Plant native species of aquatic plants.

Stocking your Frog Pond

Note: Do not buy frogs and toads to stock your habitat. Do not collect wild frogs, toads or tadpoles to move to your frog habitat. Allow the amphibians to find you. You will be rewarded with frogs and toads especially adapted to this new frog friendly environment and you will know that you have done something to help save the frogs.

Do not purchase frogs or toads to stock your new habitat, or move adults or even tadpoles from other wetlands to your backyard. When you have provided all that a frog or toad could want, just be patient and they will come to you.

Do you have questions about the frogs or toad in your local area or how you can help protect their habitat? E-mail Frogwatch USA

To learn more about the plight of frogs around the world and what you can do, be sure to visit Save the Frogs.

Frogs are Oviparous

Frogs, like all Oviparous Animals, lay eggs. Look for them in the spring in ponds and vernal pools. Go back each day and watch their development.

Compare them to chicken eggs. Make a Venn Graph showing the unique characteristics of frog eggs and chicken eggs as well as their similarities.

Large Pearl Tapioca can be used in a sensory table to imitate frog eggs.

Frog Unit Study Lapbooks

Frog Sightings!

When was the last time you saw a frog?

See results

Frog Eggs - Frogs are Oviparous

Frog Eggs
Frog Eggs | Source

Frog Lapbook

Water Words for a Frog Lapbook
Water Words for a Frog Lapbook | Source

Frog Lapbook

Publish your Frog Unit Study

Compile the activities you have done in a lapbook where your child can review what they have learned while providing an artistic record for sharing for years to come. My friend, Jimmie, created this Water Lapbook. Ideas from this lapbook would easily be adapted to a Frog Lapbook.

  • In a watery world, where you would you find frogs?
  • What kinds of frogs would you find in each habitat?

Donate to Save the Frogs

SAVE THE FROGS! is an international team of scientists, educators, policymakers and naturalists dedicated to protecting the world's amphibian species: the frogs, toads, newts, salamanders as well as the lesser-known caecilians.

We conduct and fund scientific research that directly benefits amphibian populations. We also engage in educational activities aimed at increasing the public's awareness of environmental issues to ensure that amphibian conservation becomes - and remains - a top priority for current and future generations.

Have you guessed that I enjoy teaching with a frog theme? I find that children easily hop into all kinds of learning with froggy ideas, activities and good clean green fun.

Please let me know how you have incorporated ideas from this frog unit study into your lessons by leaving a comment here. Do you visit a frog pond on a regular basis? How many frogs do you have in your home? Do you listen to frogs on a warm spring evening? Which frog games and ideas did your children respond to best?

How do you incorporate frogs into you life? - Frog Unit Study Comment Section

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      Had to come back to see what you've added. It is truly an amazing lens! Bear hugs, Frankster aka Bearmeister aka Cat-Woman

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      Tips on choosing a great educational toy for you toddler

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      I need to come back and study this one some more! Great information! My grandchildren, ages 5 and 6 would love every one of these activities! I hope you are teaching teachers - such fantastic creativity!

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      @charisse003: It is amazing how important frogs are in determining the health of habitats around the world.

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      sheilamarie78 7 years ago

      I love this lens and have come back to look at it several times. I like to sing about frogs, especially as many people think their own voices sound like frogs. One of my favorite spring sounds are the peepers. When I sing to them, I like the way peepers sing back. Don't you?

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      Evelyn Saenz 7 years ago from Royalton

      @sheilamarie78: Oh yes I do love to listen to the spring peepers. Here in Miami we shut the windows and turn on the air conditioners making it impossible to listen to the sounds of the frogs but when I to up to Vermont each summer all the little frogs are singing to me just outside the open window.

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      I always liked frogs and thought they got a bad press. I've got several living in my shed athe moment as it's leaking slightly and they love the damp!

      My wife has several frog themed balloons in her shop.

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      Wow! that is a lot of Frog. I will look at it more carefully soon and let you know what we use. We already do a lot of frog and toad. My older daughter, just 9, likes to wind toad egg strings around her arm as a bracelet or as a necklace I think looks very nice. even when you know what they are - to me at least.

      I probably missed it in your extensive list. But there are some frog stories that are not in your list. Storynory's Bertie-the-frog stories. Very entertaining. Storynory, as you probably know, is a fabulous source of great free audio stories for kids. A new one every week. Thanks again. I am glad I discovered your lense.

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      This lens is included in the Best Review - Top 10 Frog Pages - Games and Activities for a Frog Unit Study

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      Your pictures, your layout, your attention to detail - INCREDIBLE! This one lens alone gave me a ton of ideas I could use with my kids. You don't see frogs where we live now but when I was growing up, they were everywhere. In fact, that's what you did when I was a kid. You played with frogs. My kids saw one on a cross-country trip this past summer and they were fascinated. Great job on this lens!

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      Blessing from a Squid Angel.

      You are a resourceful teacher!

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      @kt_glasses: The frogs are so glad you hopped over for a visit.

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      Evelyn Saenz 6 years ago from Royalton

      @Sojourn: So sad to hear that there are no frogs where you live. Unfortunately, frogs are disappearing all over the planet. We need to stop polluting our environment and make sure that frogs have a safe place to live.

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      Evelyn Saenz 6 years ago from Royalton

      @magicgeniewishl: This was one of the very first lenses that I wrote so I have been working on it for about 3 years in Squidoo time but I also have taught about frogs to children for many years so in a way I have been working on it for over 20 years.

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      Evelyn Saenz 6 years ago from Royalton

      @magicgeniewishl: This was one of the very first lenses that I wrote so I have been working on it for about 3 years in Squidoo time but I also have taught about frogs to children for many years so in a way I have been working on it for over 20 years.

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      Awesome information about frogs. Brings back memories of when I collected them from a pond as pets.

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      Goodness me what fun! I do not think it is only the kids that will learn from this, I have already learned quite a bit and I think it is worth investigating as a homeschooling option. I have many friends homeschooling and I'll pass this lens on to them.

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      I came back to say thanks again for this lens. Tomorrow, I'm teaching a two-hour frog study lesson, mostly with ideas from this page. Did you know that "Kaeru no uta" (Song of the Frog) is one of the most popular kids' songs in Japan, and also one of the first songs that kids learn to play on the piano in Japan.

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      This is an incredible Lens. I was drawn to read it as I adore frogs. I have one in my pond. Almost wishing I was back in school making and learning all you have talked about.

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      Toad story - Would you believe that in the village where I live in England, "Toad Road Warning Signs" are erected each spring (breeding season), while villagers carry toads from the road to the safety of the village river. - Great lens.

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      What a great lens! It was cute, informative, thorough, and witty. Almost all of my lenses have to do with business ( but it is great to read about other great topics... such as frogs!

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      There is such an amazing array of frog knowledge presented so beautifully in your lens. Next time I have a question about frogs (which is at least once a week ;) ), I know exactly where to go.

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      You have covered frogs so well, I could croak! Great frog lens!!

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      One good piece of information, amphibians like frogs actually evolved from dinosaurs. yes, they are aquatic dinosaurs.

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      Thanks for making such a great teaching resource!

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      I've got Bull Frogs where I'm from. They are about the scariest sight to see because they are huge, but very docile.

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      Great, great job.

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      This is a great lens. I fondly remember my daughters "frogging", catching and putting back the frogs ot the local pond and provincial park. The eldest is 21 now, and we were driving the other night and I stopped when I saw a frog in the headlights. She jumped out to "save" the frog and put him safely to the side.

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      wow! what an in depth lens about forgs ... but, to answer the question... I have three stuffed frogs that sit on the shelf in my bedroom and a small pond that every spring is teaming with tadpoles.

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      Amazing lens! who would have known that there are so much involved with these creatures very informative and great.

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      i hate the disection of frogs .. oh c'mon we take animals and than kill them for no real reason just so we can ,,learn'' something about them .. that we could learn from those tables or books ... and than we throw them like garbage ... humans are really evil creatures

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      Actually we have a little pond around the corner - probably has frogs in it - have to look with the kids in the spring

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      Interesting lens and great teaching resource. I might just "borrow" a few ideas from here to fill out the winter camp I'm teaching this break.

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      Gary @ Naples SEO

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      Gotta' bless it once again, this is fantastic!

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    • profile image

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      Wow, there's really quite a lot of information here, I love frogs, so will be bookmarking and coming back for a re-read :D

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      I eat them, they're a renewable resource.




      Actually I tried frog legs once, Spencer, Iowa is not the best place to try frog legs.


      There is a breed of crocodile that was thought to be becoming extinct so a group started a reserve for them. Turns out if you feed them right, they breed like mice, they just needed a little help. I am sure most frog breeds are similar, give them the right environment and they too will thrive.


      We moved to a neighborhood that had Colorado River Toads, you would only see them when it rained, they are huge. A co-worker raised Akita dog breeds, they would chew on these toads and the toads excreted a hallucinogenic toxin that would make the dogs sick. They would get better and the next time you would think they would avoid the toads but either they forgot or worse... they liked it.

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