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Frogfish are big eaters

Updated on February 9, 2013



The frogfish is a type of anglerfish. And as such, the frogfish has a rodlike-spine coming out of its head with a "lure" (known as the esca) at the end of it. This lure is used to attract prey. 

Some species of the frogfish has pectoral fine that enable them to walk on the seafloor as shown in this YouTube video.

Frogfish has big mouths

Frogfish has big mouths that can open many times it normal size. Watch video of a frogfish opening its big mouth. This enables them to engulf their prey in a flash (six-thousandth of a second is all it takes). Frogfish eat crustaceans and other fish. It sometimes even eat another frogfish.

They sometimes try to swallow creatures larger than itself. And may need to go into a half-sleep state in order to digest it. Here is a video of a frogfish trying to eat a flounder about the same size as itself.

Here is another video on YouTube of a person feeding a fish to a frogfish. So fast. Did you even see that? You might have to watch it twice. At first glance, it may be hard to even see the frogfish. That is because the frogfish is can disguise itself with the background.

Frogfish trying to look like part of the coral
Frogfish trying to look like part of the coral | Source

Master of Camouflage

The frogfish is a fish with an amazing ability to camouflage.  They can change colors to blend in with their surroundings.   How long it take for them to change color?  Anywhere from a few minutes to a few days.

Some have spots and stripes that make it look like a bed of algae. The ability to hide among its surrounding gives it an advantage in ambushing it prey and help prevent itself from becoming food for others. 


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