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From Grumpy to Beauty and Happiness

Updated on October 5, 2015

The North Carolina Zoo

There is currently a Dinosaur exhibit too. They always have events going on!
There is currently a Dinosaur exhibit too. They always have events going on! | Source

They were grumpy!

No! Grumpy is an understatement!

Waking up my gangsters at eight in the morning was like teasing an alligator with a tooth-ache or waking a sleeping dragon!

BUT, if Mom wants to go to the zoo, Mom wants to go to the zoo!

I grew up with the zoos around my homes, but this is by far the best one! The memories of animals in small cages that you can better see them is still fresh. Or the elephant in Frankfurt, that was all by herself because their exhibit was only large enough for one!

The first time we went here I was a bit hesitant. But I thought that they should have that experience at least once. But I was in for a PLEASANT surprise when I saw the exhibits that were made as natural as possible and cared for with so much effort. The flowers and trees alone were arranged with effort and motivation.

A usual trip to the zoo takes me a day (9-5 or 0900 to 1700 for us military people) per 'side'! I tend to walk around with the camera glued to my face and my kids are used to looking out for me; ...rather than the other way around.

My first visit brought me a good thousand and some pictures! And I have visited the zoo a few times a year to add more. Today was almost strange when we made it through the entire zoo in one day and had two hours left.
We found a ton of new stuff and some of the animals were easier to enjoy since they weren't hiding from the heat. But yes, we had seen a lot of it already... Considering we've been there A LOT!

Still! We found lots of new stuff and my favorite part is the GIGANTIC 'Baustelle' (construction site) that will be the new polar bear... PARADISE!?


It looks as big as a football field; but then again: I don't know sh... about football!

And I keep thinking: What if they ever get into an 'Asian' side... Or a 'European' side... Or a 'Australian' side... Or a 'Oceanic' side...

How many zoos can claim that their elephants enjoy acres? And that they have plenty of 'dark' spots that we visitors can't see; if they are not in the 'mood' to put up with our noise and curiosity!

Most of their exhibits are like that!

If you see them, great! But it is not a given! This is about comfort... for the animals! For the first time since we visited, we got to see the Rhinos! They were 'in the mood'! And the lions were laying down by the large tree in the shade! And the weird looking animals in the dark exhibits came out when most of the noise makers left; ...including the Mom with that screaming child and her hysteric and high-pitched voice that announced everything from twenty feet away and for all to hear within a mile!

You have to see this beauty! Especially early in the morning when most people are still asleep! The peace is just a additional gift to all the beauty you can see!

I am not one to advertise, but with our disappearing spots of real NATURE, who knows how long our children will be able to enjoy the things we took for granted!? When will the last wild elephant end up killed for ivy or a trophy?! Or the last tiger sold for... 'medical' purposes on some Asian market?!

Until humanity learns to live peacefully in a co-existence with Nature around it, a Zoo like this may be the last safe place for Mother Nature's gifts!

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    • Jason Marovich profile image

      Jason Marovich 5 years ago from United States

      I enjoyed your zoo photos. Nature is inspiring and mood-changing, without question. For me, I get to be a kid again for a little while, and that's a pretty great gift from my local zoo.

    • writer20 profile image

      Joyce Haragsim 5 years ago from Southern Nevada

      great hub all about the zoo . I love you flower photo's, you have really taken beautiful photos.

      Voted up and awesome, Joyce