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From the diaries of Trouble

Updated on September 3, 2015
This is trouble
This is trouble | Source

I have a cat , her name is Trouble and her name suits her well. Since She was trouble from the get go. She loves us but she hates the other cats. There's always something being hissed at least thats what trouble thinks. Because she beats the cats up, she thinks she rules her kingdom, with an iron fist, however melts when it comes to people and the being petted,hands down she wins. She usually just hisses and climbs next to me.

We got Trouble under the worst of circumstances, someone had stranded them in a pet carrier no pet food no water. Our beaches aren't like California or Florida's. Our beaches rarely get above sweater weather.Anyways, I digress, They were trapped in this carrier the vet said they were almost dead and nursing on their poor mom , who wouldn't have had a chance if not for being found. when she was.

I should mention the lady that found her was a vet.don't remember her name , but she was a wonderful lady. I took a grey striped tabby (Bridgette). Tho I wanted the orange one (Trouble) had a really bad eye infection, I wondered why if she was a vet why she didn't want to help her. I found out she was headed for our local humane society. I called the society, and to my horror, was told by an employee because she had this infection and she was sick, they would just put her down.IF they spent the money on her, and she wasn't adopted , alot of really bad things could happen with an eye infection, and I didn't know how long she had it.

She was due to go to the humane society in a couple hours! (I didn't know this, until it was almost too late!) Anyways I called when I found out when Trouble would be put down, literally within hours.I went and adopted her too. My neighbors moved and took Bridgette Trouble's sister. They took my 13 year old Gracie Mae. We have a cat that lives across the street. These people own a cat named beast.Beast is being nice.

This cat scares the children in the cul de sac. he chases them down the street. This is by far the meanest cat I ever saw. Gorgeous cat Beast is. Then it started circling me. I told Marc it must have been hilarious to the neighbors, That cat and I circle around and around then he scared the heck out of me . So like the chicken I am, I ran! That cat chased me I swear down the street to my house! I'm afraid of that cat.Then I was looking for Trouble, calling her home. When out from underneath MY own truck and attacked my legs clawed them up pretty bad. noone was laughing at the time. We crack up now, but beast has scared off alot of cats ours stay indoors more. Ha ha. My husband recently told me Trouble has met her match .Even she, ran from beast.

So, it seems found out trouble found out, there's always somebody badder than you. Pride cometh before the fall to have dinner with us.She's so smart she comes in at dinnertime now and gets us to the table. You know it's funny, she waits patiently. Sometimes you find love, real love, Even when you aren't looking.

All in All Trouble's a pretty cat, a happy one. Considering the way her little life started. I promised her nothing but love and affection, a warm loving home, a family that will ,love,play ,and mostly never having to worry about anyone hurting her ever again. She's mama's baby, This cat helps my depression too. I guess we needed eachother. God gave me Trouble, to ease my dark depression.I am loved.Just not by the people that are suppossed to, People I gave up alot to help, moving away from my hubby and son for months.

I did everything my mom asked of me, except let her take my caregiver. She couldn't understand for one minute why anyone else loves me, she hates me that much.When I get down , here comes my Trouble , always in a hurry to go nowhere.For the record I have a severe heart problem and 3 back surgeries.I can't clean my house without falling. Yet my own mom thought her back surgery was more important than the bomb in my chest.My sister in law in my family I built 29 years ago,she's my caregiver. Then I'll start to feel unloved often as abused people do, here comes Trouble trying to bring a mouse thru the bedroom window. NO doubt about it for as bad as she had it before I got her , she is fat and healthy and I saved her from being "put to sleep) over an eye infection that cleared up in a week with ointment!

I now work to raise awarness of what goes on at the Humane society. I raise money for a no kill cat shelter and also a shelter for dogs, ferrets etc.Troubles hard times as much as I can help it are behind her now. Now she lives in the lap of luxury.

**** Please spay and nueter your pet, these things DON'T have to happen, because little Mary wanted a bunny.Then found out the care involved, and want nothing to do with it. it ends up in a cage unwanted on death row. Let's eliminate these problems. There's so many animals that need your help, please try to find a no kill shelter to support, even sick, they can live their lives there if need be.Still our aminal population is full of unwanted animals. You can make a difference, you can stop this. Please donate your time, money etc at your local no profit animal rescu , they are the ones that really need the help. Thankyou.


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  • gail641 profile image

    Gail Louise Stevenson 

    6 years ago from Mason City

    Nice hub! I'm glad that Trouble was so fortunate to be saved in time. Trouble sounds like a great cat. I have a cat who doesn't like other cats, only me. I have my neice's cat and my cat is furious that the other cat is here. I hope they get used to each other. My cat's name is Bessie and she was spayed. The other cat's name is Sasha. Sasha is a real nice cat. I voted Up. Trouble looks great in her photo.


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