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From the parrot's beak: 2/19 edition

Updated on February 18, 2017
Rescuer and rescued parakeets in the news this week- Photo by George Sommers
Rescuer and rescued parakeets in the news this week- Photo by George Sommers

- World to End, Predicts Parrot: “The Psychic Parrot” is a very odd film that showed up in 1977. A middle class suburban couple sees a celebrity parrot on TV who supposedly foretells the future. One night's prediction is that the world will end at midnight. The shocked couple decide to make the most of the time that is left. They dress up and celebrate as if it's New Year's Eve. With the end in sight, the Psychic Parrot broadcasts images of the most important people of the world making their escape to the moon in a space ship. As midnight approaches, the couple prepares to toast their demise, but midnight comes and the world doesn't end. A news flash comes on TV and the parrot explains he made a mistake. However, as the VIPs disembark at their new home; the moon, it explodes. Oops. Derek Lamb's combined live action and animated film is a satirical look at the effects of television on unsuspecting, non-discriminating viewers. - Compiled from and and my friend Gerry.

- Parakeets Make Elders' Paradise: One hundred parakeets; along with some dogs, cats, hens, rabbits, a vegetable and flower garden, and a day-care site for staffers’ kids were introduced into a nursing home in upstate New York by medical director Dr. Bill Thomas. One problem - the animals were not legally allowed to be there. However, caring for them restored residents’ spirits and autonomy. Many started dressing themselves, leaving their rooms and eating again. The number of prescriptions fell to half of that of a control nursing home, particularly for drugs that treat agitation. Medication costs plummeted, and so did the death rate. Thomas' "Eden Approach" was replicated in hundreds of institutions in Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia as well as in all 50 U.S. states; and In New York, the animal restriction was voted down. - Compiled from, Facebook reports

- Parakeets Saved from Fire: Four budgies, along with 15 puppies were rescued by firefighters from a blaze in what is described as a "cramped and dirty one bedroom apartment" in Lawrence, MA. The owner was allegedly running an illegal breeding/selling operation .The animals were brought to the MSPCA-Nevins Farm in Methuen, MA. - Compiled from WBZ-TV News and

- Ancient Macaws: Scarlet macaw remains dating back to 975 AD have been discovered in Arizona, New Mexico and the Colorado Plateau - although the birds' native habitat is over a thousand miles south of the Plateau. It's thought that the human residents of the really Old West traded items like local turquoise, hides, and pottery for exotic shells, copper bells, cacao - and macaws. Puebloan traders may have trekked down to get them, possibly carrying them in baskets on their backs, or it may have been southern neighbors who carried the birds north. either way, not exactly a trip to the local mall. - From Knau news

- Water, Water, Everywhere: One of the good Samaritans of the recent Oroville Dam crisis in California was the owner of Cedar Hills Birds of Lodi, CA;; who offered free boarding to pet birds of people evacuated from the area. - From American Federation for Aviculture

- Birds Say the Darnedest Things. Hellen came to me as an adult bird. I heard her repeating what sounds like a phone conversation. "Hello ... What happened?" which was often followed by, "Ah ha" mumbling and eventually I heard her say, "That's a bummer." Last night she was doing her phone conversation again. I hid behind the door because she seemed to be on a roll and I did not want to interrupt her behavior. She said, " Hello... What happened?...Get a lawyer." I never expected that out of a bird I thought I would die laughing. From a Facebook posting

- Quote o' the week: Never mind the dog - beware of the parrot Then get a lawyer(?)

- Of Turtles and Parrots: The Cayman Turtle Centre is holding its annual Cayman parrot release on 3/3 at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, supported by the Department of Environment. Cayman students can enter a contest in which .two to four lucky winners will represent their schools at the event. Students in years 2 to 6 are asked to design a poster entitled “The Cayman Parrot – Our National Treasure.” Students in years 7 to 11 can submit a 200-300 word essay with the same title. “In 2009, Cayman Turtle Centre began its captive breeding program for our endemic Grand Cayman Amazon (Amazona leucocephala caymanensis), commonly known as the Cayman parrot, our national bird,” said Cayman Turtle Centre terrestrial exhibits curator Geddes Hislop, who also oversees the facility’s educational programs. - From Cayman Compass

- Parrotrivia: Best friend Blanche is demonstrating a bunch of products of questionable value to husband Harry including a “parakeet plucker”. Harry argues that the couple doesn't even own a parakeet. First we'd have to wonder why a parakeet needs plucking, but then it would seem this dialogue would have worked better with George and Gracie from the show it was featured on, “The Burns and Allen Show”.

- Be Still, My Art: The Parrot Museum- Art of Parrots opened this past Feb 5, It's apparently in Italy somewhere as its none-too-informative Facebook page seems to be written in Italian.

- Hot Dates:2/17-19: 5th annual World of Pets Expo. Featuring avian behaviorist Jesse "the Bird Whisperer" James. Hampton Roads Convention Center, 1610 Coliseum Dr., Hampton VA. Fri. 2-8, Sat. 10-7, Sun. 10-5. $9/adults, $8/active military, $5/children 5-12, FREE/; children under 5 --.2/17-20: Great Backyard Bird Count. Are there wild (feral) parrots in your neighborhood? If you missed Audubon's Christmas Bird Count, you can still get in on the bird counting action with another count sponsored by the Cornell University Lab. Go to their site for more info and to register.--2/18-20: Presidents' Day long weekend! Did you know that several American presidents had pet parrots? See "When White House Meets Bird House"; Page 10 story in the February "Pet Gazette". duxburypetgazette --2/26: Georgia Companion Bird Society Meet Up. Featuring speaker avian nutritionist Jason Crean, 1:00. [contact GCBS for more info] -- Want your parrot show/event/speaker featured here? Email info to

- "See Also" links appearing on this page are the provided by Hubpages and may not have any direct connections with the editorial content. .-- Want your parrot show/event/speaker featured here? Email info to


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