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From the parrot's beak: 4/10 edition

Updated on April 9, 2016
"Parrot's beak"? that name rings a bell. Or maybe it's just me ringing one of my bells. - Photo by George Sommers
"Parrot's beak"? that name rings a bell. Or maybe it's just me ringing one of my bells. - Photo by George Sommers

- Scarlet letter: American Federation for Aviculture is welcoming a groundbreaking proposal by US Fish & Wildlife, submitted in a letter on April 7, to allow breeders of the ESA listed scarlet macaw to sell these birds in interstate commerce and allowing pet owners to import and export their birds without a permit, provided the requirements of the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora and the Wild Bird Conservation Act are met. More often, in the past AFA and F & W have been at odds over the listing of parrot species on the Endangered Species Act with AFA contending that the Act places onerous restrictions on domestic breeding;.

- Adios Mexican; Hola USA: The bad news for red crowned parrots is that deforestation in Mexico is decimating the numbers of wild red crowned parrots - from an estimated 100,000 in the 1950s to between three and six thousand in 1994, and likely even lower now. The good news is that feral red crowned parrots may outnumber their Mexican counterparts in a swath of land from Brownsville, TX to Los Angeles, CA; totaling approximately 3500 birds. The red crowns are also adapting to urban environments, including Mexico. Now there is growing debate about whether these "illegal immigrants" should be listed in the Endangered Species Act; or even used as back up stock if the species' numbers continue to dwindle in Mexico.

- Grey notes: Given a typewriter and lots of time, a monkey could eventually produce the works of Shakespeare; goes one theory. Pity the poor monkey who misses it by a typo or two. How about if 21 African grey parrots were given specially modified musical instruments -could they duplicate the music of Mozart or the Rolling Stones? Alien Productions, a group of Austrian sound artists; is doing just that. Tiny gongs, violins and other instruments were originally meant as an enrichment activity, but the researchers became interested in exploring the parrots' reaction to music and if in fact they would produce music of their own.

- Godfather Parrot Part 2: A mob boss walks in on his two stooges just as a parakeet owned by the pair pipes up with, "Gotta kill boss." Next panel, Boss is rubbing out the stooges. No word on the whereabouts of the stool pigeon parakeet; but there have been no reports of a bloody bird's head on anyone's bed. Sharp eyed reader Mike Muehe noticed the similarities between the plot of an obscure comic strip called "The Perry Bible Fellowship" and the mob parrot item in last week's column. Is it a case of art imitating life or vice versa?

- Psittacine cinema: Seattle Parrot Expo 2016 Trailer - YouTube

- Parrotrivia: A folk song called "Love Henry" covered by Bob Dylan among others tells of Henry the parrot who witnesses a wife murdering her husband and hides in the rafters because, "I won't fly down, I can't fly down And light on your right knee. A girl who would murder her own true love would kill a little bird like me.

- Tax time: While paying her bills one evening, she hears a click-cllick-clicking coming down the hall. A red macaw appears. "Your financial adviser has arrived," says Peter, presumably the husband, not the bird.

- A cereal called Envirokidz Lightly Frosted Amazon flakes features a hyacinth macaw on the box.

- Quote o' the week: "There is no such thing as an unwanted bird, just a bird in need of a better human" - Eliza K. Vinez

- Hot Dates:

4/10: Fun with Food class. 2 pm. Parrot University, 321 South Polk St, Pineville NC

4/12:African wildlife photos 7 pm The Parrot Club Veteran's Memorial Clubhouse 100 Sunset Ridge Road East Hartford, CT

4/14: "Taking Back the Conversation" presentation by AFA member Jamie Whittake on aviculturists vs animal rights activists on biord-related legislation. Triangle Bird Club monthly meeting 7:00p.m. at Habanero's, 6685 Eastex Fwy (US-287/69/96 N,) Beaumont, TX

4/16: Sex and the Single Bird class. 11 a.m. Parrot Universlty, Pineville Towne Market at 321 So. Polk Street. Pineville NC -- Nourish to Flourish class. Phoenix Landing. 10-12. The landing, 31 Landing Place, Alexander, NC

4/17: Laurie Blomer Psychic, Medium and Animal Communicator event MSPCA at Nevins Farm. 30% of proceeds will be donated to the MSPCA,

- Found: Alexandrine parakeet. Haledon, NJ.


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