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From the parrot's beak: 6/12 edition

Updated on June 11, 2016
Sweet Pea the parakeet is one of the stars of "The Secret Life of Pets", scheduled for release this July.  - Photo by George Sommers
Sweet Pea the parakeet is one of the stars of "The Secret Life of Pets", scheduled for release this July. - Photo by George Sommers

- Parrot legal: Bud the African grey may be the only witness to the murder of his owner, Martin Duram. Duram's wife, Glenna; was found next to her husband's body with a shot to the head..Bud's latest phrase, shouted at the top of his lungs in a voice mimicking Duram's is "Don't [bad word] shoot!" As far as naming names, Bud isn't talking - but his current caretakers also noticed Bud imitating a man and a woman loudly arguing, as Duram and his wife were prone to doing. Even if Bud does turn stool pigeon, lawyers may argue that evidence from a bird is inadmissable, Dr. irene Pepperberg, trainer of the famous Alex the African grey, expresses her view on a recent "Good Morning America" segment.

- Downeast downer: Those pesky bureaucrats are at it again. This time, in Maine; the Dep't of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has proposed changes to the restricted animal list which may impact ownership of parrots including many cockatoo and Amazon species. The proposals involve yearly registration and fees, inspections, tests, also supposedly restricting who can be in the same room with the birds, and showing them in public.Concerned parties have until 6/17 to contact the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife with comments.

- Move over Blu: Sweet Pea, the rotund green and yellow parakeet joins the galaxy of cartoon bird stars in the new CGI movie "The Secret Lives of Pets" coming out this July. Hmmm, "Sweet Pea". Where have I heard that name in a cartoon before. Ark, ark, ark...

- Speaking of Blu: 2016 sets the new record season for Spix's at Al Wabra. Last year they produced a record season more than doubling the previous record Last week they equalled the record and got to another milestone of 100 live Spix's and moved passed the previous record when the 17th Spix's macaw chick of the season hatched. The season is not over yet although it is waning. Two Spix's macaw chicks been parent reared, They are been monitored and the parents are doing a fantastic job. Al Wabra has been training pairs and is hoping over the coming years to have the majority of chicks parent reared. The animated films "Rio" and "Rio 2" are based on Spix's macaws.

- Quote o' the week: "You're a racist clown unfit to represent parakeets," says acerbic former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann in response to criticism of the late Muhammad Ali by Tennessee House Rep. Martin Daniel.

- Sports report: Speaking of Mohammad Ali, his lifetime friend Kareem Addul Jabbar relates how the boxer at one time owed 6 or 7 mynah birds who could say only one word - "Ali" - and say it they did, over and over again whenever the champ came home.

- Psittacine cinema: Groucho the parrot sings Disney songs, more

- Parrotrivia: A robotic parrot is invented in "Dexter's Laboratory", ostensibly to flatter the young scientist on all his great work but the scheme backfires when the annoying Dee Dee gets her hooks into the hookbill.

- Where there's a will: Conure available for adoption at the Norfolk County Humane Society (MA). Green; species unidentified. 90 year old owner can no longer take care of. (781) 844-6172

- Hot dates:

6/11: Force free Parrot Training seminar with Barbara Heidenreich. 9 am. The Marten House 1801 W. 86th St. Indianapolis, IN. -- Richardson Exotic Bird Mart/ABE Lovebird Show $4 admission 411 W. Arapaho, Richardson, TX

6/12: Massachusetts Cage Bird Association Mart- Elks Lodge, 40 Old Ferry Road, Lowell, MA - 10-3 -- Avian Health and Medicine class. 2 pm. Parrot University. 321 South Polk St, Pineville NC -- Caring for the Whole Parrot class. 1-3. Satisfies Phoenix Landing adoption requirement. C. Leight Estuary Center, 700 Otter Point Rd., Abingdon/Otter Creek, MD. -- Las Vegas Avicultural Society Steve Duncan speaks on "Parrot Wars The Phantom Menace Propaganda and Politics of Keeping Parrots" 1:00 the Henderson Convention Center, 200 S Water St in Henderson, NV.

6/14: Gerri Griswold, Director of Administration and Development at the White Memorial Conservation Center guest speaker at the Parrot Club - may be accompanied by a porcupine! 7:30. Suggested Donation: $3, 12 and under free Veterans Memorial Clubhouse 100 Sunset Ridge Drive East Hartford, CT-- Providing for your parrot after you're gone. Free webinar.1:30-2:30 EST. (This webinar will be recorded for future use if you are not available.) Click here to register:

6/15: Leather Elves founder Robin Shewokis speaks to at the Long Island Parrot Society meeting on enrichment. American Legion, 22 Grove Pl. Babylon, NY.

6/17: Deadline for comments to Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife on proposed new regulations on parrots. See Downeast Downer article above.

6/18, 19: New York Pet Expo-Brooklyn Expo Center, 72 Noble St., Brooklyn, NY -Sat 10-6, Sun 11-4

6/18: The ABC's of Behavior class. 10-12. 31 Landing Place, Alexander, NC. -- Toy Making class. 11 a.m. Parrot University

6/19: Fathers' Day. Make sure daddy birds have a happy day!

- Lost: Eclectus parrot 'Pirate' Glenwood Estates, Illinois. Needs veterinary care every three weeks. Reward offered. (708) 872-7226. -- Lost: Congo African grey 'Stuart', Queens, NY.
Banded. (347) 435-4999 or Lost: Congo African grey 'Stuart', Queens, New York. Banded. (347) 435-4999/ -- Lost: Congo African grey 'Baby' Miami, FL. Urgent- still requires formula. Reward offered.(786) 394-3870/


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