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From the parrot's beak: 6/26 edition

Updated on June 24, 2017
Nothing like a cup of tea and the morning's "From the parrot's beak". - Photo by George Sommers
Nothing like a cup of tea and the morning's "From the parrot's beak". - Photo by George Sommers

- Summer Bummer: “A complaint about something dead" was phoned in to Fresno, CA Animal Service Officers. Cockatiels, parakeets and other "exotic birds" were among 955 animals found in a truck trailer in which the interior temperature was 107 degrees. Fresno Humane Animal Services is largely caring for a menagerie also including rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs, ducks and three little pigs in air conditioned facilities. - From:

- Macaws Not Singing the Blues: because In 2017 nine critically endangered blue-throated macaw chicks have successfully hatched from Armonia’s nest box program. The news is especially encouraging as this is the first recorded a chick's both parents had also fledged from nest boxes. . This clearly shows blue-throated macaws are learning to identify nest boxes as a safe place to breed. Barbara Heidenreich led an effort to help by selling her bird, Blu Lu's artistic renderings and having people dye their hair blue, including her own long blonde locks; as a means to promote awareness. - From Barbara Heidenreich's FB post and

- Parrotrivia: In "Scary Movie 3", 2 slices of toast pop up from the toaster and a blue & gold macaw is yelling at Pamela Anderson causing her to scream and (for some strange reason) take off her top (her bra was not taken off, unfortunately) which covers the parrot and then she runs away..

- Live Long and Prosper: One thing for prospective parrot owners to consider is that in general, you're in for a long haul. Some typical life expectencies: macaws: 50-100 yrs.; Amazons: 50-80; cockatoos: 40-80; eclectus: 40-50; conures: 25-40; Senegals, quakers: 25-30; pionus, cockatiels 15-30; lorikeets, parrotlets, lovebirds 15-20; parakeets:15-18.canaries: 10-15.

- Helper of Parrots Could Use Some Help: Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee is moving and expanding because of an overwhelming need, explains owner Kim Hannah. "Right now we are waiting on the surveyors, then we will be ready to pour the concrete," she adds. Of course, all this requires money and she is trying to come up with some creative ideas for fundraising. - From

- Summer Better Than Others: Facebook greeted its users with a "Welcome Summer" cartoon featuring two parrots in a tree on June 21, day of the summer solstice.

- New Murphy's Law: Hundreds of dollars worth of toys, multiple playstands and my macaw chooses to play with the empty toilet paper roll laments one parrot owner.

- Quote o' the Week: We ran out of pistachios? You mean you're running out for more pistachios? These verb tenses are making me tense!

- Hot Dates: 6/24-7/1: Parrot Toy Auction: Get some cool stuff fro your parrot or yourself and help out needy parrots by bidding! Go to the Parrot toy Angels site for more info.-- 6/24: New bird product rollout with Melanie Allen of hagen Avicultural Research Institue. Check out new toys, foo, etc. Presented by Kiko's Toy Chedst. 11 a.m. 11105 Steele St., Tacoma. WA. -- 7/1,2: Northwest Bird Expo. Speakers include Lara Joseph, Jason Crean, Alicia Maclaughlin , Karen Becker, Patricia Sund and Bonnie Zimmerman from the Indonesian Parrot Project. Sat. 10-6; Sun. 10-3:30 $10/over 12; $5 under 12, FREE 55+ & 5-. Community Center at Merrill Gardens, Burien, WA. Please leave your pet bird at home and there will be no sales of birds. 7/4: 4th of July! Make sure your birds are i a secure area where they won't be frightened by fireworks.


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