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From the parrot's beak: 7/30 edition

Updated on July 29, 2017
Grey Indian ringneck visits The Odd Pet Vet/New England Wildlife Center in Weynouth, MA. - Photo by George Sommers
Grey Indian ringneck visits The Odd Pet Vet/New England Wildlife Center in Weynouth, MA. - Photo by George Sommers

-Celebrity Talker Silenced: Disco is dead. The loquacious parakeet was known for his extensive, pop culture laden vocabulary, starred in numerous online videos and an appearance at the Long Island Parrot Expo. Disco passed away seven months ago, but his handler only recently made the information public, citing, "Today I was contacted by someone letting me know of a post somewhere stating that Disco died this month in a horrific accident. Untrue." She goes on to explain Disco died very suddenly in January, sometime during the night. "I don't know what caused his death, other than it wasn't anything violent, there wasn't an accident, and there wasn't anything remotely obvious leading us to be concerned about his wellbeing." We at "Parrot's beak" send Judy our condolences and hope she soon puts her awesome training skills to use on a new avian protege.

- Cruisin' for a Bruisin': Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) is taking some for using parrots and other Belizean rainforest wildlife to entertain passengers on the private port of Harvest Caye. Scarlet macaws, toucans, iguanas, snakes and butterflies currently live in captivity on this “tourist playground. Big Red, a macaw less than 2 years old, was rehabilitated from the black market and set for release back into the wild bu the release day never came. According to a Care 2 petition, NCL is planning to acquire more macaws and other species against scientific advice and the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s global guidelines. - From

- Pollytics: A photo of Sean Spicer at a press conference includes a photoshopped picture of a prone parrot.. A reporter says, "Sean, the parrot is dead." To which the beleagured former press secretary replies,"He's just resting." Perhaps an audition for a revived "Monty Python show?

- Lost and Then Found: Bob the sun conure made a dash for a tree and then vanished from his Calgary home for three months. Breanna and Jason Markel blitzed the neighborhood with search teams and bombarded pet-finding social media. As the tips began to dry up, Breanna Markel began to fear the worst - until she got a call from a woman who lives about 15-kilometres away, as the parrot flies letting her know a bird looking similar to Bob flew into her garage during a windstorm. “I went in and he flew right to me — and then he came up right under my chin. He was his same old cuddly self,” a still-emotional Markel said. She’s not sure what happened during Bob’s sojourn, but said there are some tantalizing clues. “Since we got him home, he won’t stop making crow calls. He seems to have a bit of PTSD and has a bit of a fear of men right now,” she says. His leg band was cut off and a rope may have tied around its other foot for a time. Adds, Markel, "It’s one in a freaking million.” - From

- What, No Fruit Flies?: "I'm having a cage cleaning party," writes a Long Island Parrot Society member, "Everyone who comes gets a free moth to take home."

- A Leg to Stand On: Bandit's leg was stuck in his cage, which forced him to chew off his foot a few months ago. For a while, Bandit lived with a stump, until veterinarian Todd Driggers said he had an idea to make Bandit a leg, by using a CT scanner and a 3D printer. Driggers enlisted the help of radiologist Dennis Smith to make the plastic leg. The procedure is in its early stages, and professionals are making sure the leg is comfortable and function for Bandit. - From

- Parrotrivia: A classic "Rowan and Martin's Laugh In" featured a rendition of "The 12 Days of Christmas" with "four parakeets" replacing "four calling birds"; and with the four blue budgies, apparently stuffed, placed on guest star Bob Newhart's shoulder.

- My Baby Takes the Morning Train(ing): Barbara Heidenreich's take on behind the scenes at a bird show. "It's a rare opportunity to facilitate setting up a bird show from the beginning. This means starting with brand new young birds with no behavioral repertoire, building a new amphitheater, bird enclosures and training spaces, hiring and training people eager to learn the ropes and making it all come together in one season! As with anything new, there were bumps along the way (ongoing construction, modifications needed for a heatwave, projects yet to be completed, etc.). A few more behaviors/routines will be rolling out soon. And the show will evolve as all shows do. Quakers who will debut soon along with [several other birds] and last but not least the magnificent macaws who have never failed to give one heck of a show all on their own. ...the ones that have really blown us away are those red fronted macaws flying with one of the green wings, Cayenne. What started as a few minute flight has turned into a fantastic expression of sheer joy of flying, with birds typically flying about 10 minutes. Often landing in the theater for a rest and taking off again for another 3-4 minutes before returning again.... but always returning. It's breath taking to see them enjoying life this way. It has been pleasure to be a part of training birds to fly in manner that is about as close as you can get to that 'natural behavior' that we often try to spotlight in educational presentations. "

- Scotch Scrape: A Scotsman has been cleared of charges that he posted Internet pictures of his ex-wife wearing little or no clothing. A reported recently in this column, in a taped conversation played at Inverness Sheriff Court, the accused man was heard to complain about the bird being left alone and his estranged wife setting a 5pm deadline for him to collect it from her home.No word on whether he's celebrating with some haggis and a bottle of Scotch. From

- Opposing viewpoint: Don't be a parrot in life, be an eagle. A parrot talks too much and can't fly high but an eagle is silent and has the willpower to touch the sky, - Facebook meme.

- Golden Rule:The federal government listed the golden conure or Queen of Bavaria, as endangered in the 1970s. At one time, experts estimated its population at 1,000-2,500. Today, experts estimate 10,000-20,000 golden parakeets.One reason for the improved status is that breeders of captive populations have depressed incentives for smugglers. The American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) filed a petition to delist the golden parakeet in August '14 and also asked that if the federal government does not delist the bird, that it reclassify it from endangered to threatened and remove what they say are counterproductive restrictions to domestic breeding and keeping a genetically diverse population. On 4/10/15, after some prodding by AFA and the Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Department of the Interior acknowledged that delisting or downlisting might be warranted, triggering a 12-month deadline, which has passed. Now it is said a review of the golden parakeet is a "priority" with anticipated completion by the end of September '18. Supporters of the delisting say the federal government wants a total of 41 months to do something that the law requires it do in 12 months.- From

- Quote o' the Week: Yes, it is necessary for me to poop on the clean paper you just changed 25 seconds ago.

- Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut: "I saw a video where a woman taught her bird to say 'I love you with all my heart'. I thought that I would work on that with my Kito. Well his version was 'I love you with all of YOUR heart'! Another day I asked 'Who wants a nut?' Not a bird said anything so I said 'Me, me, me!' Kito said 'You, you , you!' - writes a social media poster.

- That Bites: Reasons for bird's biting: they want to be left alone, fear or distrust of an individual or an unfamiliar situation, displaced aggression, for example, when a bird attempts to warn his "mate" of a perceived danger by delivering a bite, territorial aggression is instinctual and is often exhibited when you place your hand in a bird's cage, over stimulation (play gone wild), raging hormones (sexual maturity), exploration biting (often called beaking) by young birds learning their way in our world. How to avoid getting bitten: learn to interpret your bird's body language. Most birds give clear warning that they are about to bite, never force a bird to do something it doesn't want to do, socialize your parrot at an early age to many people, train your bird to respond to the basic commands: "step up", "step down", "NO" and "okay". If you are bitten: try analyze the situation from the bird's perspective and determine why it happened. Realize that your bird was reacting to something in the environment, avoid similar scenarios in the future (i.e., remove source of fear, change your behavior), stay calm. Don't react with lots of drama as this "rewards" your bird, use a firm "NO" and a dirty look to let them know their behavior was unacceptable, give your bird a "time out" in his cage, NEVER punish a bird by yelling, hitting or causing any other harm. Birds don't understand the link between their action and your punishment. Your will only succeed in destroying the bond of trust. - From

- Hot Dates: 8/3-5: American Federation for Aviculture's 43rd conference. "It's the big one," to quote Fred Sanford. This year's theme is "Aviculture is Conservation, too". Freeflight demonstrations, workshops, raffles and vendors are featured; alonmg with a stellar cast of avian experts including Jamie Whittaker, Jason Crean, Concetta Ferragamo. Robin Shewokis, Adraianne Mock, Patricia Anderson and more. Tucson, AZ. -- Want your parrot oriented show/speaker/event featured here? Email

- Found: in Lindenhurst, NY. African grey parrot. Currently at Babylon Town Shelter. (631) 643-9270 -- Spotted: Budgie, male, blue & white at bird feeder on Lee Place in Bellmore, LI, NY

- Have an Issue Missing Issues?: Past editions of "From the parrot's beak", along with current "Pet Gazette" feature articles by this writer can be found on the Pet Bird Owners Facebook page. Please join the group!

- A-tha-tha-that's All, Folks!: "See also" links on this page are provided by Hubpages and may not be directly related to editorial content.


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