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From the parrot's beak: 8/16 edition

Updated on August 15, 2015

- Congratulations, it's a species: The endangered cape parrot is its own distinct species, according to a study by a team of South African scientists. Their findings indicate the popular pet is genetically distinct from all of its closest relatives.

- Doctor, doctor, give me the news: Researchers at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM) have developed a vaccine against Proventricular Dilatation Disease (PDD), a lethal virus disease of captive parrots. The disease results in blindness, heart failure, or intestinal blockage. “Proventricular Dilatation disease is an especially nasty infection that kills large numbers of captive birds each year,” said Dr. Ian Tizard, the project leader. “Parrot owners are naturally very distressed when their beloved pet dies in such a manner. The new vaccine is expected to stop the development of this disease and prevent much suffering.”

- Top 10 critically endangered parrots : are the kakapo, Spix's macaw, orange bellied parrot, blue throated macaw, Puerto Rican Amazon, red vented cockatoo, yellow eared parrot, lesser, sulfuir ncrested cockatoo, Lear's macaw and Mauritius parakeet; according to The Random Science.

- Caged pets must have sprinklers above them in case of fire in any commercial establishment, including pet stores and veterinarian offices; according to a new New York City law.

- Another bird flu casualty: The Ohio Department of Agriculture has banned any live bird exhibits in Ohio for 2015. While this is aimed at preventing the spread of the Avian Flu to Ohio poultry, it does include exotic birds, forcing cancellation of Sugarcreek Bird Farm store's Fall Bird Fair and Auction previously scheduled for Sun. 10/4. Instead a Customer Appreciation Day will be held at Sugarcreek Bird Farm's store on Sat., 10/3 10-5.

- Pirate parrot (or a reasonable facsimile): Just in time for Talk Like a Pirate Day next month, the September digital issue of "Family Fun" features a paper parrot that you can stand up on your shoulder. Spoiler alert: despite the long time pop culture association, there's no historical record of pirates keeping parrots. Although it's not entirely unlikely, first mention of the pirate/parrot pairing came in "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson.

- Psittacine cinema: VIDEOS: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Featuring Parrots -- Blue throated macaw sanctuary: Introducing the Barba Azul Nature Reserve and Asociación Armonía ... -- Amazon Parrot singing Yo Ho - A Pirate's Life - YouTube -- Um, Disco??! - YouTube

- Joke time: A middle aged man at a mall noticed a teenaged girl with a spiked mohawk in all colors of the rainbow. He couldn't help but stare and the teen asked sarcastically, "What's the problem old man? Haven't you ever done anything wild in your life?" The man replied- "Once I got stoned and had sex with a parrot. I was wondering if you were my daughter."

- "Secrets at Sunrise", a documentary movie currently in production, tells the story of the fight to bring Western Australia's rarest bird - the western ground parrot - back from the brink of extinction.About 140 of these rare birds remain. To help or view a trailer, visit .

- Bummer quote: "Currently, under CITES provisions African greys are Appendix Two species, which limits legal Democratic Republic of Congo exports to 5000 individuals per year. Based on recent Lukuru research we know that this quota is massively exceeded; expansion of trapping operations in Maniema and Orientale provinces is driving parrot declines," says Terese Hart, director of the TL2 Project.

- Parrotrivia: When a detective threatens to out Samantha as a witch, she morphs him into a blue and gold macaw in a classic "Bewitched" episode.

- Hot dates: 8/15-16: Tri-State Budgerigar Society Show - Middlesex County 4-H Youth Center Log Cabin, 645 Cranbury Road, East Brunswick, NJ 10-5 -- 8/15: Bird Fair, Guest speaker Jason Crean, Brenda Schirf chop/nutrition Q&A and Parrot Hope Rescue will be doing a rescue presentation. Video is a behavior modification workshop! Medina County Fairgrounds, 735 Lafayette Rd., Medina, OH 10-4 -- Parrot University Class Toy Making - 11 a.m., Pineville Town Market 321 South Polk St., Suite 2C, Pineville, NC -- Becoming a Better Parrot Trainer: Practical Application Skills That Make a Difference webinar Learn what makes a good parrot trainer become great trainer when it comes to practical application. Limited to 24 participants. 1 hour plus 30 minutes Q & A with Barbara Heidenreich. 7-830 p.m. CST -- Chop 2.0 class Baltimore MD POSTPONED apparently due to Pat.Sund's foot injury -- Did you know? A gathering of parrot care Class covers health, enrichment, intelligence, nutrition, housing and safety. [satisfies Phoenix Landing adoption process requirement]. 10-12, 31 Landing Pl. Alexander, NC. -- 8/16:Parrot University Class - So You Want a Talking Bird? Pineville Towne Market, 321 South Polk St., Suite 2C, Pineville, NC 3 p.m. -- A parrot's point of view: Parrots are built to fly, forage, and flock together, and be continually on alert for predators. These physical and social attributes still govern how a parrot adapts to their lives in our homes.[satisfies Phoenix Landing adoption process requirement].1-3, Pender Exotics Veterinary Centre, 4001 Legato Road, Fairfax, VA -- 8/22-23: Two day Parrot Training Workshop with Barbara Heidenreich. Dallas, TX, USA. First day will focus on learning theory with lectures, video clips and parrot training demonstrations. Day two will be smaller groups focused on hands on training.--8/22: Car wash benefits Lazicki's Bird House & Rescue 11-4 2141 West Shore Rd. Warwick, RI -- Bird show and sale 9-5 John Flannigan Reception Hall 29327 South Plum creek Crive, the Woodlands, TX -- Positive Reinforcement Training - Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis. Learn the basic concepts and how to train your bird. Demonstration included. 2 p.m. CPR Education Center at Parrot University, Pineville Towne Market at 321 So. Polk Street. Pineville NC -- 8/23: Foothill Bird Fanciers 24th Annual Exotic Bird Mart. Exotic Birds, Cages, Toys, Raffle, Well Bird Clinic with Dr. Scott McDonald. Placer County Fairgrounds, 800 All American City Blvd, Rsvl.95678,, Jones Hall, Roseville, CA


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