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From the parrot's beak: 8/23 edition

Updated on August 21, 2015

-Firefighter's "fat fingers" free feathered friend: A parrot was rescued from its cage by a firefighter after getting its head wedged between the bars. Kiwi's owners called the fire service in a "very distressed condition" when the bird became trapped as it climbed. Commander Desmond Lloyd from Oldbury, England fire station said his "fat fingers" enabled him to bend the bars of the cage to free the parrot. He said it was the first time in his 29-year career he had heard of crews rescuing a parrot from its cage. Mr Lloyd said: "We've got them down from trees. But not usually from cages." From BBC News

- Cops can't get alleged parrot perp to talk: Hariyal, the foul-mouthed parrot, was ordered to turn himself in to police in the Indian state of Maharashtra, Tues. 8/18. 85 year old Janabai Sakharkar accused one Suresh of teaching his pet parrot to hurl abuses whenever she passed by his house. The police, though amused, did not take the issue lightly and called all parties involved to the station; including Hariyal. But Hariyal refused to sing like a canary, let alone do his Don Rickles routine. According to police, Janabai and Suresh were locked in a dispute over property. If Suresh had abused Janabai, it is possible the parrot heard and copied him, police said. The parrot's sudden silence could be attributed to the new surrounding and strangers. Despite the lack of evidence, the parrot was handed over to the Forest Department for rehabilitation, kind of a psittacine reform school..

- Parrot poetry: Local celebrity parrots have been taught to recite the 434 lines of T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Land." and are being featured at a new art exhibit at Perez Miami Art Museum in Florida.

- Presidential pollytics: Former president (and potential First Guy) Bill Clinton celebrated his 69th birthday last week at a restaurant called The Blue Parrot.

- Going.... going.... Some animal rights activists would like to see zoos eliminated, and most would agree that ideally, animals would be better off living in the wild. However, zoos play a vital role in conservation and the Ecuadorian Amazon parrot, with fewer than 600 individuals left; is rated one of the top 10 bird species whose lifeline is being kept extended by zoos.

- Psittacine cinema:United Airlines Piano Parrot Commercial 1992 - YouTube -- This rad parrot has moved way beyond just imitating human speech-- The Birds in Our Lives- --

- State of the art avian health complex formally opened Thurs. 8/13, at Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences(CVM), which hosts one of the top avian medicine programs in the nation. The new, approx. 11K square ft. climate-controlled aviary will provide an environment for a variety of well as a hospital, receiving area with quarantine capabilities, isolation rooms, laboratory for infectious disease research and separate areas for infected and healthy birds, along with teaching, classroom and office space. Research at the center is already being applied to improve the health of birds kept by zoos, aviculturists and individual pet owners, as well as conserving threatened avian species in the wild.

- Wildfire relief for parrots and their pals is available from the American Federation of Aviculture, says northeast AFA chair Concetta Ferragamo. "So many wildfires are emerging across too many states. If you or any bird owners that you know have been effected and in need of help for their bird/s please let the AFA office know. Reach out to the Red Cross or police departments too. The evacuations are surprisingly high this year."

- Parrotrivia: Super smart dolphin "Flipper" encounters Cap'n Flint, a parrot on a raft drifting dangerously close to an explosion about to happen, on an episode of the classic TV show.

- Parrrotrivia Ii: Batgirl, aka Barbara Gordon; had a pet parrot named Charlie. Yvonne Craig, who played the role in the old "Batman" series passed away from breast cancer last week.

- Birds and bills: Polly & Piper collected over $2,000 for enrichment supplies and blue-throated macaw conservation efforts over the summer. The two conures were trained to fly to and take money from the (willing) hands of visitors to Southwick Zoo's bird show.

- Freebie jeebies: Oh My Bird is giving away round porcelain ornaments, each depicting a parrot profile, while supplies last. .Oh My Bird: Quality Gifts and Accessories for the Parrot Lover.

- Hot dates: 8/22-23: Two day Parrot Training Workshop with Barbara Heidenreich. Dallas, TX, USA. First day will focus on learning theory with lectures, video clips and parrot training demonstrations. Day two will be smaller groups focused on hands on training.--8/22: Car wash benefits Lazicki's Bird House & Rescue11-4 2141 West Shore Rd. Warwick, RI -- Bird show and sale 9-5 John Flannigan Reception Hall 29327 South Plum creek Crive, the Woodlands, TX -- Garden salsa sales proceeds at Mahtomedi Farmer's Market Triangle Park, Mahtomedi, MN to benefit Avalon Parrots rescue. -- Parrot 101 Basics of living with a parrot, from health, nutrition and safety to enhancing the bird's environment. I Required for Parrot University adoption and many volunteer positions. 11 a.m. Pineville Towne Market at 321 So. Polk Street. Pineville NC -- Ky's Tri State Parrot Parrot Lovers Club Bird Expo, Elks Club, 900 Carter Ave. Ashland, KY 10-4 -- 8/23: "Squawk! The Live Bird Show!" Port Jefferson, NY 3 pm. One performance only. Tickets $15 -- Foothill Bird Fanciers 24th Annual Exotic Bird Mart. Exotic Birds, Cages, Toys, Raffle, Well Bird Clinic with Dr. Scott McDonald. Placer County Fairgrounds, 800 All American City Blvd, Rsvl.95678,, Jones Hall, Roseville, CA -- Positive Reinforcement Training. Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis. Learn the basic concepts and how to train your bird. Demonstration included. 2 p.m. Pineville Towne Market at 321 So. Polk Street. Pineville NC -- 8/28-9/2: ExoticsCon Veterinary Conference - Marriott Rivercenter, 101 Bowie St., San Antonio, TX -- 8/29/30: Exotic Bird Fair and Sale 323 Camp Jordan Pkwy East Ridge, TN Sat. 9-5, Sun.10-4 -- 8/29: Things I wish I'd Known: Comprehensive parrot care class. Topics include health, safety, nutrition, enrichment, behavior, and companionship. An essential class for our foster and adoption applicants, or those wishing to volunteer. A perfect class for anyone wishing to learn about many aspects of parrot care, or meet other parrot providers. [also satisfies Phoenix Landing adoption process requirement] 10-12. Cary Towne Center Mall, 1105 Walnut St., Cary NC

-Lost: Male Pacific parrotlet, 'Pico' Grovetown, GA Very tiny (smaller than a budgie) and likely very frightened. (850) 218-1653. Please share this post to help bring Pico home. -- Lost: African grey 'Pepper' White Plains, NY (914) 946-4844. -- Lost: Rose breasted cockatoo 'Honey'. Reward offered. Cooper City, FL (954) 383-9021/812-0915. -- Lost: Australian king parrot, Chicora PA Reward offered (724) 285-2644 -- Lost: Amazon parrot 'Mally' Winchester, NH (413) 519-0602. -- Lost: Pacific parrotlet 'Pico'. Groveton, GA. (850) 218-1653. -- Lost: Timneh African grey. Surfside Beach, SC. Reward offered. (843) 238-1414/655-1216/655-1217. -- Lost: African grey parrot 'Hiawatha' Middleboro, MA near Raynham/Taunton/Lakeville/Bridgewater. Barks like a small dog, beeps like a truck backing up and speaks in male/female/children voices and whistles all different things. (774) 222-0518.


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