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From the parrot's beak: 8/9 edition

Updated on August 7, 2015

- They're baaaaaack...They've reappeared after a century and and presumed extinction. The mysterious night parrot, as its name implies; is mostly nocturnal. It's also a ground dweller that doesn't fly a lot. The location of a recently discovered flock is being kept secret. For more on these elusive parrots: protecting the night parrot - Australian Geographic

- Oh, Canada...- The Montreal SPCA seized over 550 birds, including parrots and cockatoos, from a pet store/breeding facility after an investigation found they were lacking adequate access to water and food. Some of the birds were dead. SPCA seizes 550 exotic birds in Montreal - Montreal - CBC News

- Aphabird challenge: Can you name a parrot type for every letter of the alphabet? "Pet Gazette" correspondent George Sommers got one for 24 out of 26 letters. Can you beat his score? Click on the Pet Gazette cover for the current issue, scroll to Page 10 and click on the article to enlarge.Bonus parrot story by Dr. Greg Mertz appears on Page 11.

- 'Tiels are 'toos, too: Cockatiels are members of the cockatoo family. This was not considered the case until recent updated research biologically reclassified them as the smallest cockatoos.

- Conventional wisdom: Next year's American Federation for Aviculture Convention will be held in Connecticut, as announced in this year's just concluded convention in Chicago. The northeast seems to be often bypassed with Sunbelt locations often preferred. Connecticut is home to two thriving parrot clubs.

- Book 'im: Many parrot fans are familiar with the documentary feature film "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill"; the true story of a man who tends to a flock of wild conures in San Francisco. But did you know that film was based on a book by that man, Mark Bittner? Moreover, as the book goes into its 13th printing and is available as an e-book, Bittner explains, "They have the same title, but were done as entirely separate projects. The movie covers my last year with the flock, whereas the book documents the entire six-year experience,"

- Psittacine cinema: Parrothead Parrot sings Margaritaville - YouTube -- Hyacinth Macaw destroys cage - YouTube -- Parrot sliding down railing - YouTube - Watch Parrot Behavior and Training: An Introduction to ... - Vimeo

- Hot Dates: 8/8: The Parrot Club -- (Connecticut) Annual picnic at Wickham Park. -- Fear Free Veterinary Care for Companion Parrots Train your parrot to accept oral medications, be comfortable wrapped in a towel, participate in preventative care, etc. without creating fear responses.1 hour plus 30 minutes Q & A with Barbara at the end.Participants will also get access to recorded version of the live event. Central PM Central -- 8/15-16: Tri-State Budgerigar Society Show - Middlesex County 4-H Youth Center Log Cabin, 645 Cranbury Road, East Brunswick, NJ - 10-5 - 732-583-1591 - -- 8/15: Parrot Care info class covers health, enrichment, intelligence, nutrition, housing and safety. [Satisfies Phoenix Landing adoption process requirement]. 31 Landing Pl. Alexander, NC 10-13 -- CHOP 2.0: Patricia Sund talks on "nutritional layering" - taking a healthy food and making it even better. 10-12, 6915 York Rd., First and St Stephens United Church, Baltimore, MD. -- A Parrot's Point of View Do you consider your parrot’s perspective in your daily routines and interactions? Perhaps sometimes you just don’t understand each other because you see things differently? [satisfies Phioenix Landing adoption process requirement].1-3. Pender Exotics Veterinary Centre, 4001 Legato Road, Fairfax, VA.

- Lost: African grey,Lagrangeville, NY (845) 022-3302 -- Lost; Severe macaw, Nashville TN. (615) 582-7698 -- Found: African grey wings clipped, has leg band. Rocky Point, NY (631) 905-5853


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    • thumbi7 profile image

      JR Krishna 2 years ago from India

      Informative hub on parrots

      I like parrots. Our neighbour used to have one which used to call everyone 'naughty'