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From the parrot's beak: 9/20 edition

Updated on September 19, 2015
Girl and her buddy budgie at last week's Birds Of A Feather show in Manchester, NH. - Photo by George Sommers
Girl and her buddy budgie at last week's Birds Of A Feather show in Manchester, NH. - Photo by George Sommers

- Parrots prevent prostitute's pot pinch: Heidi Fleiss went from running a house of prostitution to running a sanctuary for parrots, with her latter business even featured on an Animal Planet special. Turns out parrots weren't the only exotics she was tending to, as the Nye County Sheriff’s Department in Nevada seized 392 marijuana plants and growing equipment from her rural home in Pahrump in August of 2013. Although potentially a host of charges could have been filed against Fleiss, she was not arrested. Her parrots are valued at $200,000 and as Nye County Sheriff Anthony De Meo says, “We don’t have facilities for exotic birds, and they are pretty rare and very expensive.” She wasn't quite as lucky the following October when she was busted for driving while stoned and possession of four ounces of the weed.

- Polly-tics '16: Now your parrot (or any other type of pet) can "vote" for president in primaries, caucuses and the general election., based in Austin Texas, was launched on Feb. 16. We suspect that pet preferences will reflect those of their owners, but perhaps you could put pictures of all the candidates down and whichever one your bird chews up or poops on first might be their choice. On the other hand, that might not necessarily indicate a mark of approval. Pets can also participate in polls and share their opinions. Up next; 'Toos for Trump? (Gotta love that 'do!) Budgies for Bernie? Jendays for Jeb? Perhaps Hookbills for Hillary will buy into the premise that "If Clinton were to be a pet, I think she'd likely be a beautifully plumed parrot," as a writer for Bustle, a news website geared toward women, surmises. "Parrots are regal and have the gift of gab, as does Clinton, and people love to go on about parrot's feathers much in the same way some media loves to squawk about Clinton's fashion choices." Stay tuned!

- Hold the nectar, pass the burger: Keas are well known for their unparrotlike habit of eating meat. Turns out rainbow lorikeets, who usually like eating nectar out of flowers, are reportedly becoming meat eaters - munching on mince left in bird feeders in suburban Australia. Griffith University Professor Darryl Jones observes , "In two weeks I had about 500 emails from across the country all saying lorikeets were eating meat... it was a discovery that nobody expected, I thought it was just one crazy bird."

- The Bird Man of New Jersey is neither superhero nor bizarre hybrid monster. The showman and his traveling troupe of performing parrots are profiled by HupPages' George Sommers in the September issue of Pet Gazette. Click on the cover issue then clcik on Page 10.

- Talk like a pirate day is Sep't. 19. Might be a good day to walk around with your parrot on your shoulder!

- Hazardous to hookbill health: Second hand smoke is bad for birds. Vaping, which contains PG (propylene glycol), is safe for humans but toxic for birds and the nicotine and flavorings don't help.

- Psittacine cinema: VINTAGE 1960s CHARMIN COMMERCIAL - PARROT TELLING ... -- Parrot training --Many colorful parrot species A-Z

- Magna cum loudy: Potential parrot purchasers are not always made aware of how persistently and annoyingly loud parrots can be. the five loudest (in no partiucalr order) are macaws, Amazons, cockatoos, conures and Africn greys.

- Parrotrivia: Just one more thing - in a classic "Columbo" episode, the disheveled detective has his doubts about an alleged suicide that killed a girl and her beloved parrot.

- Quote of the week: (from a sign) Beware of Dog. Cat can't be trusted either. But you REALLY need to watch out for the parrots.

- Hot dates: 9/19-20: Long Island Pet Expo in the Park - Tanner Park, 123 Kerrigan Rd, Copiague, NY - 11-6 -- Atlanta’s Exotic Bird Fair - North Atlanta Trade Center, 1700 Jeurgens Court, Norcross, GA - Sat 9-5 pm, Sun 10 -4 - 9/19:Peninsula Caged Bird Society Fall Festival and Bird Mart Lew “Buddy” Waskey showing video on free flight. April Blasich speaks on herbs for birds. Sorry, please don't bring your pet birds due to avian flu concerns. FREE 9-4 Columbian Ctr. 100 Columbus Way (fmrly. 12742 Nettles Dr.) Newport News, VA --"The power of pellets" presentation by Andrew Hagner DVM. 2:00 Saratoga County Animal Shelter, 6010 County Farm Rd. Ballston Spa, NY. -- Fort Worth Bird Club 6th annual bird show. 9-4 Cleburne Conference Ctr. 1501 W. Henderson, Cleburne, TX -- Garage Sale benefit for Avalon Parrots 960 Mahtomedi Ave., Mahtomedi, MN 9-3 pm. All donations are entitled to a fair market value tax deductible receipt. -- New England Pet Expo - Aleppo Shriners Auditorium, 99 Fordham Road, Wilmington, MA - 10-6 -- Virginia Beach Pet Expo - Virginia Beach Convention Center, 1000 19th St., Virginia Beach, VA - 10-6 -- Astoria Bird Club Annual Show- St. Jude’s School, 1696 Canarsie Road, Brooklyn, NY - 8-5 --Foster Parrots Fall Fundraiser Extravaganza - New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary, Hope Valley, RI 02832 - 12-7 -- Birdie Glossary: terms you should know Topics include such interesting things as hypersensitivity syndrome, the uropygial gland, cloanas and regurgitation 10-12. 31 Landing Pl., Chesapeake, VA -- Toy making class 11:00 Parrot University.Pineville Towne Market at 321 So. Polk Street. Pineville NC -- Positive Reinforcement 2:00 Parrot University. Pineville Towne Market at 321 So. Polk Street. Pineville NC -- 9/20: Featherific Bird Expo, 10-4, 700 Pike St. Marietta, GA. -- 9/26: NY Finch & Type Canary Club Annual Show - St. Jude’s Church, 1696 Canarsie Road, Brooklyn, NY - 10-5 -- 4th Annual Sonora Exotic Animal & Bird Expo. Gold Country Avicultural Society. Mother Lode Fairgrounds. Sonora CA 9-4 -- No Place Like Home From parakeets to macaws, we are offering them a place to call home. This class will address what each of these means to a bird, and give you some ideas about how to continue providing the good life for your bird. [also satisfies Phoenix Landing adoption process requirement]. 10-12. Stahl Exotic Animal veterinary Services. 4105 Rust Rd. Fairfax, VA. -- Nutrition for Parrots: Mashes and Casseroles: healthy diets for parrots. 11-1. Pender County Library 75 Library Dr. Hampstead NC.-- Bird Mart 9-5 Amin Shrine Pavilion 2001 Suntide Rd. Corpus Christi TX

- Found: Gray and white cockatiel Chicago, IL . Send a good photo of your lost cockatiel for identification. Reply by email: -- Lost: Umbrella cockatoo 'Akuna', Davisburg, MI Reward offered. Call or text: (248) 688-5323 -- Lost: Macaw, Cumberland. City. TN (931) 627-3209 -- And, close to this writer's home digs; a bird described as white and wearing a green bracelet around its leg has been spotted wandering around in Webb Park in Weymouth, MA.


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      I dunno, I think of Hilary more as a soaring falcon, strong and capable of dealing with the snakes of the world...