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From the parrot's beak: April 23 edition

Updated on April 22, 2017
Vibrant colors make parrots a popular art subject. - Photo by George Sommers
Vibrant colors make parrots a popular art subject. - Photo by George Sommers

- Sounding the Alarm about a proposed California law banning pet shop sales of dogs, cats and rabbits (except if obtained from rescues) is the American Federation for Aviculture. Their fear is that birds will be next on the hit list. An AFA email stating their opposition says, "These animals can come with unknown histories, with potentially unknown pathogens, protozoans, and potential aggression and long-term health issues. Not to mention this bill would cause a detrimental effect toward those breeders and wholesalers who are already actively participating in licensing and inspections conducted by the USDA under the Animal Welfare Act. No such inspections or licensing exists for most rescues and shelters." Many AFA members are breeders of parrots.

- Bird Owning Backlash: "How are smugglers getting large birds, like parrots, into the [USA] undetected? In the most cruel way possible, of course. Parrots have been found in tooth paste tubes, stockings, toilet paper tubes, glove compartments, tire wells, and hubcaps. They are drugged or given alcohol to keep them as quiet. In some cases, have their beaks taped shut," is a claim made by The Animal Law Coalition. American Federation for Aviculture's Jason Crean disputes this, saying, "As a biologist who has maintained communication over many years with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, it is extremely rare for parrots to be smuggled into the US.Yes, before the WBCA [1992 Wild Bird Population Act] smuggling was high but it simply doesn't happen like it did in the past. There is a great deal of smuggling in South and Central America but to say there is a high probably of finding a smuggled bird here today is factually incorrect."- Compiled from Facebook and

- BJ and the Bear they're not: But "Me and Muggsy" they are; as the sign on the truck reads. Muggsy is a 36 year old macaw born on St. Patrick's Day and his human trucker companion is .Larry Lecrone. “They may forget who I am, but they don’t forget Muggsy, and they don’t forget my truck,” says Lecron; referring to his hi-mileage 1962 Kenworth C523. Muggsy has accompanied Lecrone in the truck for much of the past 20 years. "He’s been up to Alaska, all of the provinces and all of the states down here with me. If he hears anything outside, he is over the top of me and wakes me up,” says Lecrone. “I had a kid break into my truck, and he really regretted it,” Leckrone said. “ He took one of the kid’s fingers clean off.," Muggsy even answers Leckrone’s cellphone and talks to the caller. “My wife named him Muggsy,” says the former drill sergeant. “We had five babies born all around the same time. He would eat all of the food and then he started to 'mug' the food from all of the bowls. When he’s back home, Emily, our other macaw, has to eat fast or she doesn’t get to eat." Muggsy wakes up every morning saying, “Daddy, I love you.” Then Muggsy “big potty” to let him know that he needs to use the restroom. Muggsy’s favorite foods are fried chicken and four-cheese pizza with pepperoni and every night, he eats a four-egg omelette. But no worries. He also gets fruits and veggies. "I wouldn’t leave the house without him,” the trucker says. “Muggsy’s my buddy.” - From

- Parrotrivia: A yellow head Amazon parrot provides running commentary as a loose chimpanzee causes havoc and Lassie gets framed for it. The beloved collie is staying at an eccentric pet lover's house (also including parakeets and a mynah bird) while Timmy and family go away on a road trip.

- Didja Know: The two species of New Zealand kakas are placed in the same genus as the kea; a third is now extinct.

- Quote o' the Week::Of course talk to my parrot. Who else can I trust?

- Hot Dates: 4/22: Greater Kansas City Avicultural Society Spring Bird Fair. 10-4. Raffles. $5/Under 1o FREE. Coronation of Our Lady Church, 13000 Bennington Ave. Grandview, MO -- 4/23: Georgia Companion Bird Society Meet Up 1:30 Dr. Alicia Moon: Bird Clinic/50-50 Raffle/Bird Talk -- St Augustine Exotic Bird Show,l $5/under 10 FREE. 9-4. Mark Lance National Guard Armory – 190 San Marco Ave.

- Lost: Lovebird. Astoria, NY. (note: this is not the lovebird found in Elmhurst on 4/10) (347) 669-0519


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