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From the parrot's beak: Dec. 4 edition

Updated on December 3, 2016
It's a basic bird training command, but in this case; instructions to watch that first step when entering a restaurant.  - Photo by George Sommers
It's a basic bird training command, but in this case; instructions to watch that first step when entering a restaurant. - Photo by George Sommers

- Prince Harry Royally Dissed by Parrot: Prince Harry's visit to an aviary featuring 26 St. Vincent's parrots started out all right. Polly, part of a breeding program on their namesake Caribbean Island; greeted the royal visitor with several "Hello"s, but when the Prince returned the greeting; Polly ignored him - then tried to nip his outstretched finger.Another parrot did reply to the Prince's greeting; but neither one offered a "Goodbye" as they had to other visitors when they left.

- Macaw Mugshot: When Oregonian Craig Buckner appeared in court for violating a release order, he brought his pet macaw along with him. He did leave the bird outside in a tree, but became increasingly worried about his feathered friend as he was taken into custody Washington County Court Security Deputy, Shoana McKelvey went out to check and sure enough; the parrot was being harassed by a gang of crows. The parrot was brought inside, where it posed with the perp in a mugshot. While Buckner spends time in a cage of his own, a friend will look after the parrot.

- Drive through Parrot Diner: New Zealand officials originally suspected human pranksters when orange traffic cones kept shifting out of place, but a secret camera caught kea parrots moving them around like chess pieces. The cones were on a road popular with tourists who would stop along the way to take photos. "We think the keas listen for the cars in the tunnel and move the road cones between the streams of traffic," says Milford Alliance Manager Kevin Thompson. The theory is that the birds are trying to slow down traffic so people will stop and feed them. However, "People are encouraged not to feed these endangered birds or encourage their activity near traffic for their own good," drivers were warned.

- Say Good Night, Parrot: Researchers have confirmed three active nests with eggs of the very rare night parrot in Australia's Diamantina National Park. But the news gets even better for the beleagured bird. Scientists recently made the first sighting in 100 years of a fledgling night parrot

- Parrot Headlines of '16: Election '16, Endangered Species, Bill Cosby's trial, Mideast War, movie, mobsters and methadone. Parrots figured into these headlines of the year and more. See George Sommers' Page 8 feature story in December's The Pet Gazette

- Parrotrivia: "The Bionic Woman" 's Jamie Sommers (no relation) meets up with a scarlet macaw along with lions and other critters when she takes some time off from the OSI to look after a friend's wild animal ranch. The friend is played by Tippi Hedren, who was menaced by flocks of delinquent crows and seagulls in "The Birds", though left alone by the benign lovebirds. - and in real life, started a sanctuary for lions and tigers.

- Strictly Commercial: The History of Banking, explained by GIFs is a Facebook meme- featuring a parrot taking a bill from an ATM. (Hmmm, to spend or to shred?) -- TV commercial promoting Key West tourism features a little girl holding a caique.

- Psittacine Cinema: Parrot Training: making new friends - YouTube

- Quote o' the Week: Mess with me and II fight back. Mess with my bird and they'll never find your body. - from a Tshirt

- Picky, Picky, Picky: Feather picking is a heartbreaking condition we hate to see in our beautiful birds.Possible physical causes, for one expert's post include:inflammatory skin disease (seldom seen in cockatoos) ,improper diet, psittacosis, liver/respiratory/heart or kidney disease, cancer (especially sexual organs), metal toxicity,impacted preen gland, uncomfortable leg band (the bird may not appear overly concerned, but is seen messing with the leg band), arthritis, PDD/AVB, feather follicle infection, seasonal allergies hormones, poor water quality and lack of humidity But wsait; there's more. Picking may also occur as a result of several behaivoral problmes; which will be covered in next week's "beak".

- More Reruns: Have you missed a previous edition of "From the Parrot's beak"? Past issues can be seen on the Facebook page, Pet Bird Owners.

- Hot Dates: 12/2-3: TASC Midwest Bird Expo/2016 National Cage Bird Show - Speakers include animal trainer Barbara Heidenreich, avian veterinarian Susan Orosz DVM, avian conservationist Caroline Efstathion PhD, Jason Crean MS EdD, Jamie Whitaker, Pete Sakas DVM, Patricia Sund, and Elise Franchi. Huge vendor room. Pheasant Run Resort, 4051 East Main St., St. Charles, IL - Fri 1-7, Sat 10-3

12/3-4: Tim Vogle's Southeastern Exotic Bird Fair - Gwinnett County Fairgrounds, 2405 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville, GA - 9-4 pm both days

12/10: 20th Annual 2016 Florida Canary Fanciers Show - Ramada Gateway Hotel, 7470 Highway 192 W., Kissimmee, FL 34747 - 8-5 -- Gregory Costanzo, DVM: Guest speaker for Phoenix Landing; Springfield, VA

12/11: No Place Like Home class, Phoenix Landing - Fairfax, VA

12/16: Bonka Bird Toys Road Trip with Parrot society of the Palm Beaches.Receive huge savings on HUGE selection of toys for all sizes of birds. Leave the Wellington area at 12:30 pm. 4 spots available in carpool. Holiday lunch at the nearby Greek Islands Taverna, Fort Lauderdale. T

- Lost: Hahn's macaw 'Max' Deer Park, NY Reward offered (631) 357-4483/


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