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From the parrot's beak: Easter '17 edition

Updated on April 15, 2017
You just never know where parrots are going to pop up - Photo by George Sommers
You just never know where parrots are going to pop up - Photo by George Sommers

- Beers 'n' Birds: Heineken, Corona, Corona Light, Medalla, Coors Light, even a Peruvian beer, Cusqueña are the names given to a flock of endangered Puerto Rican parrots by scientists trying to replenish their population. "We didn't have a way to tag the birds we were studying and encouraging to breed. One of the scientists suggested we use polished beer caps," explains aviary biologist Jafet Vélez-Valentín. There was, at one time; only 13 of the species left.The successful breeding program has seen the release of 130 captive bred parrots into the wild this year alone. The parrots are among the critters featured in "Nature"'s "Viva Puerto Rico" episode which aired last Wednesday and is sure to be rerun. - From

- Easter Connection: A sun conure is almost perfectly camouflaged in a box of orange Peeps; and a blue budgie does the same for blue Peeps in two photos currently circulating on social media. -- Not sure if the Easter Bunny ever hangs with parrots, but Bugs Bunny faces off with a pesky parrot - and Yosemite Sam - in "Buccaneer Bunny". And in fact, 'toondom's wascally wabbit did substitute for the Easter Bunny in another adventure, so at there's two degrees of separation at the most.--Despite the wild array of parrot colors, the eggs they lay are generally white; unlike the robin's blue eggs. And not that anyone would, but parrot's eggs are probably too small to decorate for Easter. -- There used to be two species of parrots endemic to Easter Island; likely victims of that area's ecological collapse and/or the natives' stew pots.

- Hookbill Visits Hospital: An unusual visitor, a ringneck parrot; dropped by Mackay Base Hospital in Queensland, Australia last Friday for a visit. Good guess that's it's not a wild one that flew in from South America as it's a creamy white rather than the original natural green color. Contact the hospital for more info.- From

- Oldies But Goodies: Cocky the sulfur crested cockatoo at 120, Charlie the macaw at 115 and Old Baldy the double yellow head Amazon at 102 are the oldest companion birds on record according to Bird Care w Nurse Cody.

- Didja Know: There are fewer than 160 kakapos on earth- compared to over 7 billion humans.

- Little Girl is Big Friend to Parrots: Abigail Court, a six year old girl, became concerned about the plight of the endangered orange bellied parrots when she visited the Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park in Australia. She deiced to run a fundraiser with her girl guide group as well as speaking to her local Salvation Army team, and gave a speech at her school, Bayswater West Primary School. Result: she raised an amazing $1002.70. - From

- Parrotrivia: Judge Harry Stone describes his unrequited romantic feelings for public defender Christine in a story about a parakeet and a canary meeting in secret for a kiss and then returning to their perches.

- Henry the cockatoo was dumped by his original owners outside a local zoo on a cold and rainy night. Fortunately, he was rescued and adopted out by the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. He has a new family, and even his own web page - as well as being a spokesbird for the Fast and Furrious 5K run/walk to benefit MSPCA and Angell Memorial Veterinary Hospital. - From

- Quote o' the Week: You owned birds for this long and you honestly believe yelling "stop it" and pointing is going to work?

- Marlow says the Darndest Things: I was going to give Marlow the African grey his night time food and when I got to his cage, and pulled out his dish, he said ever so proudly "Perfect!" Now that is one thankful birdie...- From a Facebook post

- How Do You Spell Relief?: Karen Stamm of Foothill Bird Fanciers presented American Federation for Aviculture's Northern California and Hawaii Regional Director Tiffany Latino with a $500 donation towards the Disaster Relief Fund again this year. - From AFA

- Hot Dates: Pick o' the Week- 4/21: Ever want to paint your parrot - that is; a picture of your parrot? Paint Your Pet Night has a few openings left where you, with tips from the pros, can become an artiste and sketch your pet on an 11X14 canvas. Benefits Odies Place Animal Rescue. 7-9 pm. 144 Cross Rd., N. Dartmouth , MA.-- 4/22: Greater Kansas City Avicultural Society Spring Bird Fair. 10-4. Raffles. $5/Under 10 FREE. Coronation of Our Lady Church, 13000 Bennington Ave. Grandview, MO -- 4/23: Georgia Companion Bird Society Meet Up 1:30. Dr. Alicia Moon: Bird Clinic/50-50 Raffle/Bird Talk – St Augustine Exotic Bird Show .$5/Children under 10 FREE. 9–4. Mark Lance National Guard Armory, 190 San Marco Ave. -- 4/26-30: Santa Barbara Bird & Reptiles Fair 26-28 4-9; 29-30 11-7, $7/5-10yrs.: $5, 3400 Calle Real Santa Barbara, CA Building: Earl's Place ---- Want your parrot show/event/speaker featured here? Email info to

- Lost: Male Eclectus Independence MO (816) 356-4700/(660) 441-7189

- Have an issue missing issues? Past issues of “From the parrot's beak” and current “Pet Gazette” feature articles by George Sommers can be found on the Facebook Pet Bird Owners page.

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