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From the parrot's beak: Good intentions gone bad edition

Updated on August 28, 2015
So what's wring with looking at the world through rose colored glasses, anyway?
So what's wring with looking at the world through rose colored glasses, anyway?

- Killer 'keets: Antipodes parakeets eat leaves, buds, grass, and tussock stalks, as well as seeds and flowers, and will scavenge dead seabirds but they will also prey on grey backed storm petrels, entering burrows to kill incubating adults, even digging at the entrance if it is too small. Antipodes Island is part of a group of sub Antarctic islands belonging to New Zealand. The kea, also a New Zealand native, shares a taste for meat and tolerance for cold weather.

- PETA vs. Loro Parque: "Loro Parque has worked hard to save some of the most endangered species in the world and thanks to this effort it has been possible to downlist two critically endangered species in particular: the yellow-eared parrot of Colombia and Lear’s Macaw in Brazil, going from critically endangered to endangered in the IUCN red list," part of a statement from Loro Parque rebutting charges from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Loro Parque (Spanish for Parrot Park) and located in the Canary Islands off Spain, has grown from a park for parrots into an internationally renowned zoo facility. PETA has been particularly critical of the park's keeping of captive orcas.

- Sweet Pea the budgie is a character in the upcoming film "the Secret Lives of Pets"; the latest in the parade of animated pixar pix.

- Overkill: Keas and other native New Zealand critters could be the unwitting victims of a plan ironically intended to save them. Introduced mammals including brush tail possums, stoats, rats and feral cats are outcompeting, not to mention eating many of the island's native creatures into oblivion. The government's solution is to drop 1080 poison pellets over the country. Pro and con poison debaters have made for some unusual allies. Opposed to the poison are hunters and animal rights advocates. Hunters don't like that it's also lethal to (nonnative) deer, and animal rights activists say it causes a painful death - and could kill family pets. Livestock dealers are for the use to kill agricultural "pests" and conservationists are into keeping the native species going; although some may now be swayed by the argument that some of the native birds are taking the bait as well..

- Sirocco the kakapo, an ambassador for his endangered species, met last week with US ambassador to New Zealand Mark Gilbert to honor the 99 year anniversary of the establsihment of the United States; National Park Service by Pres. Woodrow Wilson,

- Hoard house: As many as 300 caged birds, a 200-pound snapping turtle and hundreds of other animals have been living in a Bellmore, NY home that one animal advocate called "abominable" as he and wildlife officials took away a 4-foot alligator Wednesday night The owner apparently started running a shelter for unwanted animals but became overwhelmed.

- Get smart: Griffin the African grey will hold out for a while and pass over an okay treat in anticipation of receiving an even better treat, as part of another groundbreaking study by Dr. Irene Pepperberg. In a related development, those curious Goffin's cockatoos can learn to associate certain images with positive reinforcement (treat rewards) and to ignore other pictures. Or to put it into not-quite--layman terms, "More than half of our cockatoos choose their pictures in a way that clearly indicates the ability of infer by exclusion about rewarded stimuli. However alternative strategies also play an important role in guided their choices," says Mark O'Hara who developed this task together with his colleagues.

- Survey says: Should captive parrots be counted when parrots are considered for inclusion in the Endangered Species Act? American Federation of Aviculture thinks so, and asks [et owners, zoo keepers and anyone else in possession of exotic birds to take he following survey.

- Psittacine cinema: Caique parrots playing

- Polly-tics '16: No Trumps, Sanderses, Clintons or Bushes to choose from, but you can vote for your favorite parrot to grace the cover of the Great Companions annual 2016 bird calendar.

- Hot dates: 8/28-9/2: ExoticsCon Veterinary Conference - Marriott Rivercenter, 101 Bowie St., San Antonio, TX -- 8/29/30: Exotic Bird Fair and Sale 323 Camp Jordan Pkwy East Ridge, TN Sat. 9-5, Sun.10-4 -- 8/29: Things I wish I'd Known: Comprehensive parrot care class. Topics include health, safety, nutrition, enrichment, behavior, and companionship. An essential class for foster and adoption applicants, or those wishing to volunteer. A perfect class for anyone wishing to learn about many aspects of parrot care, or meet other parrot providers. [also satisfies Phoenix Landing adoption process requirement] 10-12. Cary Towne Center Mall, 1105 Walnut St., Cary NC

- Stolen: Several cockatiels from a large flight cage; Austin TX. The majority of the birds are male and all but one are banded. Band codes will be one of the following four codes - 52M, 40A, 80P, and 81C. Reward offered. Contact Austin PD -- Lost: Blue and gold macaw 'Mikey' Lafayette, VA. (850) 501-5157. -- Found: Parakeet N. Massapequa,Long Island, NY (516) 606-7921, Must have picture to identify. -- Lost: Conure 'Sami Bird' Madisonville, PA (570) 852-3322.


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