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From the parrot's beak: Feb 12 edtion

Updated on February 11, 2017
Let's see a robot parrot do this! - Photo by George Sommers
Let's see a robot parrot do this! - Photo by George Sommers

- Robot Parrot is no Bubbleheaded Booby: Pete the robotic parrot can blink, yawn and even respond directly to voice control. And moreover, he's proving to be a big help in the care of older dementia patients. Dementia patients often find it difficult to communicate and express themselves. Pete is designed to look like a blue & gold macaw. Pete; along with two robot cats, was brought in by occupational therapist Liz Lester to the Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust's Manthorpe Centre. She believes the animitronic animals go a long way to helping patients regain a strong sense of identity. She said: "I was reading about a man, who was struggling to communicate with his mother after she had been diagnosed with dementia. He designed Pete the Parrot – a robotic bird that looked as good as the real thing - and then reported how it had an amazing effect on how his mother responded to the care she was receiving." From

- Cockatiel Sounds Fire Alarm: An Avilla, Indiana man returned from his third shift factory job and promptly fell asleep, only to be awakened by his pet cockatlel's squawking. The house was on fire and destroyed, but , "Without Dylan waking me up, I probably wouldn't be here right now," he told a local TV station . - From URPARROT

- I Think Therefore I am Grey: Alex the celebrated African grey parrot, once looked in a mirror and asked, "What color?"; presumably referring to himself.He was told "grey", and learned it himself after being told 6 times. While some skeptics dismissed it as random, many point to this as further evidence that Alex actually not only comprehended human language but was also arguably the first animal to ever ask an existential question,. - From Vintage News.

- Carnaby Tragedy: Bob the carnaby cockatoo was found entangled in barbed wire but was rehabilitated and cared for by Doreen Jones. Australia's Department of Parks and Wildlife. wanted to confiscate the black cockatoo ostensibly for breeding or release in the wild, neither of which the bird was apparently any longer suited for.. - From and Facebook [According to one unconfirmed report, the Department eventually won the battle, but Bob died shortly after being turned over to them.]

- No Banner in Indiana: HB 1550 in Indiana would allow that state's citizens to keep as pets species listed under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. A Facebook poster points out, "Species listed under ESA are no longer collected in the wild and imported into the U.S. Only animals born in captivity are available for sale. Other states are leading the way in this movement."

- Parrotrivia: Potty the parrot comes to Patchy the pirate's rescue, bringing the suffering pirate a sandwich as he crawls around lost in a desert. But Patchy turns it down because it has mayo which he doesn't like and besides, mayo gets “grody” in the heat. “Atlantis Squarepantis” is a feature movie length cartoon featuring SpongeBob SquarePants and friends interspersed with live action scenes of Patchy the pirate and Potty, the marionette parrot.

- To the Rescue: Not all birds in rescues are "problem" birds, contrary to popular belief. Parrots are long lived and may simply have outlived their owners, or their owners' ability to care for them. Other birds are surrendered because they were bought on impulse and the novelty wears off as owners become aware of their complex care requirements and the drawbacks associated with parrot ownership - noise, mess, etc. Rescue birds don't receive the publicity that dogs and cats do and yet, for example; some very nice budgies are available for adoption at the Barnstable, MA SPCA facility.

- Superbowl Tie-in: The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is the target of a satirical ad run by a group called Humane Watch during the Super Bowl. The ad implied that monetary donations were mostly going to lawyers and lobbyists rather than needy animals. Some factions of the parrot owning community believe the HSUS has a secret agenda of ending all pet ownership. From AGWEB

- Quote o' the Week: Par.rot: noun A small homicidal being with feathers Affects human sensibilities to the point of endowing the most wanton and ruthless acts of destruction with near mythical overtones of cuteness. Not recommended for beginners. Get at least two.

- Your Bird Can be a Star: The Second Annual Pennys, the bird world's most prestigious video contest, are calling all feathered friends to embrace their inner actor for the silver screen. Record a short video of your bird’s best vocal, dance, comedy or other performance, go to Great Companions Facebook page or set your search engine for and and upload to The Pennys Great Companion Contest Submission. Grand prize is a mini shopping spree and a basket of bird goodies valued at over $100. Entries close 2/20/17, and voting takes place from 2/22 to 3/2.

- Hot Dates: 2/10-12: Super Pet Expo-NJ Convention & Exposition Center, 97 Sunfield Avenue, Edison, NJ -Fri 3-8, Sat 10-7, Sun 10-5 -- 2/11: Build A Better Birdie Body class, Phoenix Landing, Springfield, VA -- 2/12: Wild parrot photography of Marcia Abrahams to be featured at Parrot Society of the Palm Beaches meeting at 10:30 am; Rainforest Clinic, 3319 E Rd, Loxahatchee, FL. Please bring a $5 donation for the club and a chair but please leave your feathered friends at home.-- The ABC's of Behavior class with Ann Brooks. Phoenix Landing Rockville,MD -- 2/14: Happy Valentine's Day, lovebirds! -- Long Island Parrot Society will hold no February meeting - next meeting will be March 15.-- Want your parrot show/event/speaker featured here? Email info to

- Lost: Budgerigar (parakeet) 'Boomy'. Shirley, NY (631) 374-9384/

- Have an issue missing issues? Past issues of “From the parrot's beak” and current “Pet Gazette” feature articles by George Sommers can be found on the Facebook Pet Bird Owners page.

- A-tha-tha, a-tha, a-tha That's All, Folks!: "See Also" links appearing on this page are the provided by Hubpages; not the editor of FTPB, and may not have any direct connections with the editorial content. Thanks to reader and friend o'the column Kathy.


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