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From the parrot's beak: Feb. 21 edition

Updated on February 21, 2016
Baby conures with a case of the munchies.- By George Sommers
Baby conures with a case of the munchies.- By George Sommers

- Reefer Madness: One of the most common and nutritious seeds in commercial pet bird seed mix is hemp; aka marijuana. No worries about your bird "catching a buzz" as the hemp seeds are sterilized and the outlaw chemical THC is removed. As Sally Blanchard points out in Hemp seeds "are packed with the amino acids that make quality proteins, essential fatty acids, and natural Vitamin E, calcium and a wide range of other important minerals." Smoking of any type is harmful to birds' respiratory systems and should be avoided anywhere in their proximity. Marijuana leaves can be toxic to parrots.

- Splash Mountain no amusement park for macaw: Sweetie, a blue and gold macaw, was whisked away from Splash Mountain, an indoor waterpark in Erie, PA following a visitor's widely circulated photos of a filthy cage and water supply. Parent company Scott Enterprises says in a statement Sweetie has regular vet checkups and they "also have a relationship with a local pet shop." The macaw is reportedly in foster care and a new owner being sought.

- New Weapon Against Old Scourge: A treatment of potassium arsenite proved highly effective when used on falcons with Newcastle disease, which may also potentially benefit parrots. On a historical note, American Federation of Aviculture was formed in 1974 as a response to a USDA mandate to euthanize all parrots including several allegedly healthy ones due to an outbreak of Newcastle disease.

- Draft Dodgers: One of the oddest yet most persistent myths about pet birds is that drafts can be harmful or even fatal. Of course, this begs the question, why aren't there mass bird die offs every windy day? A cold draft might be detrimental to a sick bird, and you certainly want to situate your bird away from the frigid blasts of winter air, but these are extreme cases For more common bird myths:

- Psittacine cinema: Meet Groucho, the singing parrot at Disney's Animal Kingdom-- Harley cockatoo So funny! Really nice bird! - We Heart Parrots -- Pet Parrot Commercial

- Blue and gold macaw featured on "60 Minutes" in a photo with owner Chuck Blazer, a figure embroiled in the international FIFA soccer scandal. And as if having an investigative news crew showing up unexpectedly isn't bad enough, the parrot coached was by his ex-wife to say “You're a dope.”

- The Good Guys Win a Few Rounds: In some rare good conservation news: The first kakapo chick of 2016 reported by Scirroco kakapo. As of 2/21, fifteen females on Anchor Island and six on Codfish Island have mated so far. Sounds like a swinging place. -- Over 70 Vinaceous Amazons have been released back into the wild by Instituto Espaco Silvestre . -- The Cincinnninati Zoo conservation Commission has donated $1500 toward the building of alternative nest boxes for the blue throated macaw

- The leap year in parrots: "Imagine the Monty Python ‘Dead Parrot’ sketch. This film is dead. This film is no more. It has ceased to be," writes critic Michael Galvin, apparently unimpressed with a new movie called "Leap Year".

- Quote o' the week: (From Facebook) "I'm a birdaholic on the road to recovery. Just kidding I'm on the road to buy bird toys."

- La Cage Aux Folles: "Traditional Home"'s Feb/March '16 edition for featured a "La Chanterelle" birdcage "in the style of Louis XV" by the company Taillardat, which many bird owning readers objected to as being much too small for any pet bird.

- Parrotrivia: Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler owns a Senegal parrot.

- Hot Dates: All dates EST unless otherwise noted.

2/19-21: World of Pets Expo - Hampton Roads Convention Center, 1610 Coliseum Drive, Hampton, VA - Fri 2-8, Sat 10-7, Sun 10- 6 -

Greater Philadelphia Pet Expo - Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, 100 Station Avenue, Oaks, PA - Fri 4-9, Sat 10-7, Sun 10-5 -

2/20-21: The Art and Science of Animal Training Conference. Denton, TX, USA.Featuring Barbara Heidenreich.

2/20: The ABCs of Behavior class. 10 a.m.-12. The Landing. 31 Landing Place. Alexander, NC. Phoenix Landing.

So you want a Talking Bird? class. 11 a.m. Parrot University, Pineville Towne Market at 321 So. Polk Street. Pineville NC

2/21: Fun with Food class. 2 p.m Parrot University,Pineville Towne Market at 321 So. Polk Street. Pineville NC

2/22-24: Zoo Veterinary Medicine Conference. Leon, Mexico. Featuring Barbara Heidenreich

2/22: Extended deadline to comment on removing the scarlet chested parakeet and the turquoise parakeet from the Endangered Species Act. Comments should be submitted to US Fish & Wildlife Services…/…/FR-2016-01-21/html/2016-01142.htm

2/27-28: 2 Day Parrot Training Workshop; Puebla, Mexico Hosted by Cuetzpalin. Coaching from Barbara Heidenreich. Visit for more information.

2/27: Bingo for Birds, Alibi Cafe; 18 Bassett St., Providence RI. All proceeds to benefit Lazicki's Bird House and Rescue!! You can pre order tickets and each ticket gives you a chance to win a Cape Cod Getaway. 3-7.

2/27: Toy Making class. 11 a.m Parrot University. Pineville Towne Market at 321 So. Polk Street. Pineville NC

2/28: 3rd Annual Rainforest Parrot Party. Educational Sessions Featuring: Dr. Susan Clubb, DVM: The Well Bird Checkup 101, Madeleine Franco: The Family Album - Documenting the Flock, Charlene Brennan: Showbirdz Parrot Show, Mark McCarthy of McCarthy's Wildlife: Live Exotic Animal Presentation. Admission: $5. 12 and under FREE 9:30 am - 4 pm. Rainforest Clinic for Birds and Exotics 3319 E Road, Loxahatchee, Florida.

Positive Reinforcement Training Class. 2 p.m. Parrot University. Pineville Towne Market at 321 So. Polk Street. Pineville NC

- Found: Yellow head Amazon - sitting in a tree near Cheyenne and Jones, Las Vegas, Call (702) 809-5844. -- Lost: Quaker parrot 'Kiwi'; East Northport, Long Island, NY (516) 317-2192


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    • peachpurple profile image


      2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      oh those parrots are so cute! I had budgies in the past


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