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From the parrot's beak: Jan. 1/3 edition

Updated on January 3, 2016
Macaw jigsaw puzzle is decoration in veterinarian office. - Photo by George Sommers
Macaw jigsaw puzzle is decoration in veterinarian office. - Photo by George Sommers

- Hookbill hero: "While I was in the bathroom, Willie started screaming like I never heard him scream before and started flapping his wings," says Megan the babysitter. She then reports that the quaker parrot began to say "mama baby" over and over.Sensing something was amiss, Megan rushed to two year old Hannah's side as the child's face was turning blue - just in time to save her from a possible fatal choking.

- Mayhem in Maui: It's a war between the state's bird clubs as a nasty feud rages between two Hawaiian clubs with charges flying around of slander, bird napping, fraudulent check writing and even improperly adopting out a cockatoo to a house where it was killed by dogs - proving once again that bird owners are not just one big happy family. This correspondent was caught in the crossfire, triggered by an item in last week's "Parrot's beak" - see Letter to The Editor below.

- California dreamin': More than 20 rehabilitated wild lilac crowned and green cheeked Amazon parrots were recently released into the wilderness of ,,,, California. Both species are native to South America but these and many others have adapted quite well to the California lifestyle. SoCal Parrot, a nonprofit association of volunteers who care for orphaned and injured parrots, conducted the release.

- Possums vs. parrots: It's a 'G'day" for the wild glossy cockatoos of Kangaroo Island. After years of declining in numbers, the 'toos are making a comeback. .Predation of eggs and young birds was a problem, especially as these 'toos have a low reproduction rate. Scientists foiled the marsupial marauders by wrapping corrugated metal sheets around the bases of trees, preventing the varmints from climbing to nests.

- Psittacine cinema: Polite macaws: El Manantial (Macaw Sanctuary) - YouTube,

- Didja know: In some literature, the caique is referred to as "the little tapir parrot". You might surmise that the nickname comes from the beak, which resembles the elephant trunk-like snout of a tapir. The real reason is that caiques and tapirs make a similar whistling noise.

- Smugglers busted: Two hundred thrity-five parrots were among 535 wild birds confiscated from a house in the Mexican city Iztapalapa by the Federal Agency for Environmental Protection (Profepa).

- Parrotrivia: In one of his dry intros to "The Twilight Zone", Rod Serling poses with an Amazon parrot behind him; probably for the episode in which the parrot calls out his crank owner for being a "nut".

- Letter to the Editor: "Before you write and untrue story get all your damn information first as a reporter you shouldnt go off of one side of the story you need both to make and decent articld cause now you look like the idiot...if you want the full story ask the people who has the full evidence not just one part dont be knkw half ass reporter George be a full one"- Mike.

Idiot's, errrr, Editor's reply: Mike and a couple of others objected to an item in last week's column they saw as biased. A petition circulating on social media deplores the allegedly unfair removal of Hope the African grey parrot from a would be owner.The petitioner's side was presented and followed up with the notation that this account was disputed by another party. In fact, due to impending legal actions; the opposing spokesperson's counterarguments had to remain largely off the record. The public rebuttal she did make reflects a viewpoint which is not necessarily that of this publication. We understand there are strong emotions on both sides, and stand by the story as impartial and with each side given fair and equal time.

- Hot dates: 12/31-1/1: New Years Eve; New Years Day. Slim pickings for bird events until we get past the holidays and generally as winter sets in. To our readers and their companion birds; have a fun, safe and prosperous holiday weekend and year ahead.

1/2: Exotic Bird 101 - Selecting & Keeping a Healthy Bird class. As part of Bird Awareness Month, the Massachusetts Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals facility in Methuen is spotlighting a series of companion bird events throughout the month. Reservations not required, but space limited to first 30. Free, but donations accepted. 1-3. Noble Family Adoption Center, Nevins Farm, 400 Broadway, Methuen, MA.

1/5: National Bird Day

1/9: Avian Health & Medicine class, Parrot University, Pineville Towne Market at 321 So. Polk Street. Pineville NC

1/10: All Exotic Bird Event, Central Florida Fairgrounds 4603 W Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL Adult admission $5, free under age 10. Admission fee includes one free door prize ticket per admission. 9-4. Central Florida Fairgrounds 4603 W Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL

- Lost: Baby green cheek conure 'Buddy', Bronx, NY. Very friendly and does not bite.(347) 260-0299. -- Lost: Congo African grey 'buddy' Albany, NY (518) 331-2445. -- Lost: African grey, Medford NY. (631) 954-8653 -- Lost: African grey, Mineola, NY.(516) 298-8534..


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