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From the parrot's beak: July 12 edition

Updated on July 10, 2015

The week in parrot news

- Permit me (not): Kapolei, Hawaii Counclimember Carol Fukanaga introduced a bill that would require permits for homeowners with 10 or more birds. Under Bill 51, bird owners would be required to keep their animals in a secure facility 25 feet from the nearest neighbor, while maintaining sanitary conditions. It also requires a bird owner to have liability insurance. Meanwhile, a bird owner would need to get the approval of two-thirds of all neighbors living within 200 feet of his or her property to even apply. "It's not really a numbers thing, it should be the loud thing,” says Bruce "Bird Guy" McGonigal, who earns a living by offering photographs with his parrots. “You know, that's what people are complaining about, the noise." During last week’s council hearing at Kapolei Hale, pet bird owners urged the council to rely on existing noise nuisance laws to tackle complaints from neighbors.

- One flu over the parrot's nest: "More and more cases of flu are now being found in US poultry collections and farms. This means there will be some very tough rules for selling and transporting birds this fall. Although parrots are not proving to be transmitters of this virus, they will be included in the bans by airlines and others. So prepare yourself for many new State restrictions on poultry and birds," warns American federation for Aviculture's Rick Jordan.

- Reunited and it feels so good: A wayward African grey parrot which unexpectedly flew into Rand Farm Park, a wildlife park in England. has been reunited with its owners. Staff bird when it landed in a horse pen yesterday, and managed to catch it in a special parrot box. Park personnel put out notices about he recovered parrot, and hours later, a family came forward to claim their missing pet.

- Call in Hawaii Five-O: A Solomon Island eclectus parrot is one of three exotic birds that escaped from the Honolulu Zoo when vandals cut holes in the birds' enclosures. Zoo staff placed another caged parrot at the base of a banyan tree where the eclectus perched to call out to it, hoping it would coax the bird down.

- Psittacine cinema: More Disco! One Phrase Leads to Another - YouTube

- Parrotrivia: "Grease 'em," a parrot urges trigger happy Uncle Duke when the over-the-top Hunter. S. Thompson inspired "Doonesbury" character encounters what he thinks are hostile savages, but are ironically a pair of hapless birdwatchers.

- Fine feathered friends: Feathers for Native Americans is a non-profit project with a dual mission: to offer molted macaw and parrot feathers to tribes such as the Hopi, Navajo, Santa Clara, Santo Domingo and Zuni Pueblo Indians for their traditional religious ceremonies, to adorn their ceremonial dance garb and to use along with their spiritual artifacts and to help save wild macaws and their habitats in South and Central America. You can help by donating your molted feathers, to: Feathers for Native Americans, 3415 Butterfly Arch, Virginia Beach, VA. 23456.

- Rescue me: Lazicki’s Bird House and Rescue in Warwick RI is looking for dedicated volunteers. “Our volunteers gain experience in a variety of areas, from proper parrot care, to positive training and first aid. They get to know each bird personally and most find it to be a very rewarding experience, ” says Corrie Butler, Lazicki’s Facility Manager. Volunteers would be expected to dedicate at least one, four-hour shift a week. Exotic bird experience is preferred but not required. “It’s summer and we normally see a drop off in our volunteer numbers,” said Butler. “This summer in particular our numbers have really dwindled. We are an all-volunteer run rescue and we desperately need help to keep this place going.” Volunteer application online at If Rhode Island isn't exotic enough for you, Echo Conservation on the Island of Bonaire is looking for help in their efforts at saving the yellow shouldered Amazon. Learn more at

- Contest: Win a one of a kind, handcrafted jewelry set donated by Bird Jewelry by Dawn and Parrot Safari, llc. Proceeds from the conservation raffle will be a 50/50 split between the The Bird Endowment and the American Federation for Aviculture Conservation Committee. For your $5.00 Conservation Raffle tickets:…

- Don't teach your bird to %#*&ing swear: Pat Sund explains why this is not a good idea.…/adoptin…/fl/Watch-Your-Language.htm

- FREE parrot care book: Kris Porter's “The Parrot Enrichment Activity Book” is an absolutely fabulous book stuffed with ideas on how to keep your parrots engaged in activities and play as well as enriching their lives. Here is the 1.0 version of the book: Parrot Enrichment Activity Book

- Hot dates: 7/9-13: Positive Parrot Training Retreat - Cockatoo Downs, 15365 May Road, Dallas, OR - (503) 831-1314 - -- 7/11: Richmond Pet Expo - Richmond Raceway Complex, 600 East Laburnum Avenue, Richmond, VA - 10-6 - 800-977-3609 x111 - -- Things I wish I'd known - Comprehensive parrot care class for the new and experienced alike. [satisfies Phoenix Landing adoption process requirement]. 10-12:00, Midway Veterinary Hospital, 1646 S. Military Hwy., Chesapeake, VA -- 7/12: Ohio Bird Fair - Circleville Volunteer Fire Department, 129 Robbins Station Road, Irwin, PA - 10-4 - 724-814-4702 - -- 7/14: Movie Night, The Parrot Club 7:00, 100 Sunset Ridge Road, East Hartford, CT -- 7/17,18,19: Weekend of special events at The Bird Shop, 5553 Auburn Blvd.,Sacramento, CA. (916) 338-0505. FEaturing special guest Concetta Ferragamo and the Ultimate Cage Challenge. -- 7/18. 19: Atlanta’s Exotic Bird Fair - North Atlanta Trade Center, 1700 Jeurgens Court, Norcross, GA Sat 9 -5, Sun 10-4 - (770) 279-9899 - -- Triangle Bird Clubs 22nd annual Exotic Bird Expo Bowers Civic Ctr. Port Arthur, TX 9-5; $3; under 12 FREE.-- 7/18: Toys with Attitude- What does your bird do all day to stay busy? It's up to you to provide fun activities such as chewing, shredding and foraging. 10-12, 31 Landing Place, Alexander, NC -- No Place Like Home What does home mean? For a parrot it might mean a place to be safe, be healthy, have a sense of family, and be provided positive opportunities to live and thrive. [also satisfies Phoenix Landing adoption process requirement]. 10-12. Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 1415 West 7th St., Frederick, MD -- Smoky Mountain Cage Bird Society Fair & Sale $3 Admission at the door Under 12 and over 65 FREE. $100 Door Prize. 9-5. Hickory Metro Convention Center, 1960-A 13th Ave. Drive SE, Hickory, NC

- SIGHTED: Cockatiel, North Babylon Ohio. (513) 2956469. -- LOST: Baby macaw, Mesa AZ. (805) 766-2240 -- FOUND: African grey, San Diego CA.. For more information call:
San Diego County Department of Animal Services - Carlsbad at (619) 767-2675 Ask for information about animal ID number A1663485 -- STOLEN:Blue and gold macaw, Dunkirk NY. Very loud and likes to meow like a cat and yell 'Bubba!" Call 224-2828. -- FOUND: Green/yellow budgie, Salem, NH. For more info:


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