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From the parrot's beak: late due to tech probs edition

Updated on June 13, 2017
Visitors to this year's AFA convention may get too see some feral lovebirds in the Arizona desert, but not everyone loves a lovebird. - Photo by George Sommers
Visitors to this year's AFA convention may get too see some feral lovebirds in the Arizona desert, but not everyone loves a lovebird. - Photo by George Sommers

- It Don't Come ESA: You might think that parrot people are animal lovers and hence would support the listing of animals on the Endangered Species Act list. But as they say on Facebook, "it's complicated". In fact, many in the parrot owning community are supportive of HR Bill 2603 wjhich aims to remove the duplicate listings of nonnative species on the ESA and allowing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to focus on saving America’s endangered species.The argument goes that the ESA, enacted in 1973, doesn't work as FWS has no authority to regulate the wildlife in foreign countries. Furthermore, as the bill's supporters claim; ESA places severe restrictions on interstate movement and effectively creates detrimental genetic islands limited to populations within states. Interested parties shoud contact their elected representatives. - From

- Speaking of Controversy a new Facebook page is dedicated to hybrid macaws. While =everyone lovbes their own pet, hybrids are controversial because some rfeel that macaw species should be kept "pure" due to dwindling numbers in the wild.

- Didja Know: The rosy-faced lovebird population in Phoenix, AZ is the only known feral population in the United States of this species. Originally native to Africa, the small parrots often live in holes in cacti. Not everyone is charmed by the lovebirds, as they are thought to compete with native species like cactus wrens for housing and food. - From m

- Everybody Fly Like a Dinosaur: The remains of a baby bird from the time of the dinosaurs have been discovered in a specimen of 99-million-year-old amber, according to scientists writing in the journal "Gondwana Research". The hatchling belonged to a major group of birds known as enantiornithes, which went extinct along with dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous period, about 65 million years ago. Preserved in amber (shades of "Jurassic Park") it belonged to an ancient group of toothed birds. - From an online "National Geographic" report

- Oasis Sanctuary is not Deserted: Connecticut's The Parrot Club recently made a generous donation to the Oasis Sanctuary of Arizona, which is located many miles from the nearest populated area. Obviously, water is critical to the many rescue birds living there and the well used for that purpose is badly in need of repair.

- Fids Say the Darndest Things: Today [human] baby Luke was screaming while I was making his African grey parrot Ellie was on her tree stand in the living room where she could see the baby on the couch. She started making kissing sounds, alarm sounds, and calling for the dog and said "hello" once or twice. As soon as I came back into the living room and picked up the baby she stopped making the sounds and was silent much like she usually is when she's on her tree. I am certain she was trying to tell me Luke needed me and was doing everything in her power to get my attention. On a side note if we bring the baby up to Ellie she makes the sound of kisses and it's too cute. She also makes the alarm sound when she wants attention cuz she knows it drives me nuts and at the very least I'll give her negative attention by telling her to shut up or stop it (both phrases she is proficient at saying btw lol). - From a Facebook post

- From the Gotta Have One But Do We Really Need it Dep't.: Now you can get an adorable Limited Edition Hard Rock Cafe Key West Teddy bear in a green-winged macaw costume. (Something tells me this was inspired by Jimmy Buffett.) The bear is.about 11" tall. The macaw costume comes off revealing a very cute plush Teddy Bear.

- All Aboard for Parrot Palooza: Bird Paradise, the world's largest bird store, in Burlington, NJ is having their 14th annual Parrot Palooza the weekend of 10/7/17. Festivities include a storewide sale (20% off!), raffles & contests and FREE talks by prominent bird specialists, bird shows, food & drink, door prizes, bird food samples and toy parts. New Englanders are invited to ride the Parrot Party Bus (also FREE)! Early morning pick ups on 10/7 are in Connecticut for the all day event and return will be approximately 7-8 pm to New Haven and 8-9 pm to East Hartford. Contact The Parrot Club of Connecticut for more info.

- Hot Dates: 6/13: Sheila Blanchette, Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant/Traineris featured speaker at Connecticut's The Parrot Club, -- The Durham Avicultural Society of Ontario, Canada celebrates their 40th anniversary.-- Catskill Exotic Bird Club of Monticello, NY 30th anniversary dinner --6/17: Mass. Cage Bird Association Bird Mart. 9-3. Norfolk County Agricultural school, 400 Main St., Walpole, MA -- 6/18: Early bird rate for the 2017 August 3 - 5 AFA Convention in Tucson, AZ expires -- 6/20: Laurie Hess, DVM, Diplomate ABVP (Avian Practice) talks about reproduction, bornavirus, feather picking, and cholesterol/heart disease (presumably specific to birds) at the Veterinary Center for Birds & Exotics in Bedford Hills, NY. Refreshaments will be swerved. -- Want your parrot oriented show/speaker/event featured here? Email

- Have an Issue Missing Issues?: Past editions of "From the parrot's beak", along with current "Pet Gazette" feature articles by this writer can be found on the Pet Bird Owners Facebook page. Please join the group!

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