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From the parrot's beak: June 18 edition

Updated on June 17, 2017
Airplane used for flights between Key West, FL and Hyannis, MA  features a logo of a pirate with his parrot. - Photo by George Sommers
Airplane used for flights between Key West, FL and Hyannis, MA features a logo of a pirate with his parrot. - Photo by George Sommers

- Pollytics '17: The special election in Georgia’s 6th District is surprisingly tight, with Republican Karen Handel pulling out all the stops in her battle with Democrat Jon Ossoff; including help from a motorcyclist group and Vice President Mike Pence. But Handel's secret weapon may be the parrot vote. At one house, Handel canvassers were greeted by Scott McDaniel; barefoot, in palm tree covered pajama bottoms, an African grey parrot staring placidly from her perch on his fingers. “This is Reagan,” he said, introducing the bird. “Named after Ronald Reagan.”-- From

- What, No Duct Tape?: However, super glue and matchsticks were used by veterinarians at the Perth Zoo to repair a parrot's severely burned wings. "Effecdtively it's along the lines of hair extensions," commented one of the veterinarians. The bird is expected to be able to fly again. - From a Facebook video

- It's a Jungle out There or so say neighbors of the sounds coming from the backyard of Castro Valley, CA. Sherriff's deputies were summoned to the property, where they found 500 parrots and other exotic birds The birds were not confiscated as there are no facilities sufficiently equipped top take them all. Owner of the property reportedly sells the birds on Craigslist for up to $2000 each but has been having trouble finding buyers. Other than the noise factor, authorities question, "Are these parrots healthy? Do they have any diseases? Are those diseases a threat to our indigenous species?" - From

- Breed All About It: Loro Parque, located in Tenerife, Spain, is a Mecca for parrot fans. The facility has had success this year and late last year in breeding northern rosellas (a tough species to breed in captivity) as well as Pyhrrura parakeets, iris loris and purple bellied parrots. – From

- Movie Night with the Birds: Just watched "Logan". As a side note and live entertainment, Frankie (Congo African grey) kept trying to persuade Gigi (timneh African grey) to "Go night night," as they ate popcorn and watched the movie with us. Gigi just laughed at Frankie, which of course made all of us laugh too.- reports a highly placed American Federation for Aviculture official

- Snowball in Summer: Snowball the cockatoo; renowned for his smooth dancing moves on Youtube and scientific studies, and handler Irena Schulz have starring roles in a documentary which has aired in the UK and a miniseries in Canada. "I am picky about the interviews and projects that I do with Snowball the last few years. I only do meaningful, scientific, or educational projects/interviews...I've done away with all the "fluff" interviews and projects," says Irena.- From Facebook

- Didja Know: Parrots typically lay 8-12 eggs at a time.The eggs incubate from 18 to 30 days while the parents take turns sitting on them. Parrot chicks are born with just a thin layer of fine feathers called down. The chicks are blind for the first 2 weeks of their lives. At 3 weeks, their adult feathers begin to come in. Chicks don’t reach full maturity until they are 1 to 4 years old, depending on the species.

- Parrotrivia: SpongeBob and sidekick Patrick Star are apparently headed for demise in "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie". The scene switches to a live action shot of a movie theater full of pirates; all weeping over the animated pair's plight. An Amazon parrot lands on one of the buccaneers' and admonishes him to "Shut up and look at the screen."

- Bedtime for Birdzo: All of these silly birds have decided they need to trot down the hall for hugs before they go to sleep. First Sinbad's at my feet and crawling up my leg... then Mongo... had to put them both back when Fremont started into the living room. Herding parrots is like herding cats! - From a Facebook post.

- Quote o' the Week: We ran out of pistachios? Don't you mean you will run out and get pistachios? Our verbs are making me tense.

- Hot Dates: 6/18: Early bird rate for the 2017 August 3 - 5 AFA Convention in Tucson, AZ expires -- 6/20: Laurie Hess, DVM, Diplomate ABVP (Avian Practice) talks about reproduction, bornavirus, feather picking, and cholesterol/heart disease (presumably specific to birds) at the Veterinary Center for Birds & Exotics in Bedford Hills, NY. Refreshaments will be swerved. -- Want your parrot oriented show/speaker/event featured here? Email

- Have an Issue Missing Issues?: Past editions of "From the parrot's beak", along with current "Pet Gazette" feature articles by this writer can be found on the Pet Bird Owners Facebook page. Please join the group!

- A-tha-tha-that's All, Folks!: "See also" links on this page are provided by Hubpages and may not be directly related to editorial content.


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