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From the parrot's beak: March 19 edition

Updated on March 18, 2017
Pardon me, do you have any grey poop on? - Photo by George Sommers
Pardon me, do you have any grey poop on? - Photo by George Sommers

- Trump Policy on Smuggled Parrots, Wildlife: President Trump is determined to thwart illegal human immigrants from Mexico with his giant wall, but will that wall stop black market parrots from coming in? Twenty five parrots were floated on inner tubes across the Rio Grande; just one example of thousands of illegal wildlife shipments with more than a quarter originating in Latin America, according to a 2016 Defenders of Wildlife fact sheet. Latin America's animal populations have fallen by 83 percent since the 1970s—the most drastic decline of wildlife in any global region—according to the2014 Living Planet Report by the World Wildlife Fund. “The fact that President Trump’s executive order on transnational organized crime included wildlife crime shows the issue is on the administration’s radar, but it’s up to Congress to hold the administration accountable and make sure the American people recognize that wildlife trafficking and other forms of natural resource exploitation are serious threats to international stability and security,” says Sen. Chris Coons (D-Delaware) co-sponsor of the END Wildlife Trafficking Act in the Senate. Bob Dreher, Defenders of Wildlife’s senior vice president for conservation programs, is cautiously optimistic that the issue will carry weight with the administration in its fight to tighten border security. Nevertheless, Dreher says proposed budget cuts across federal agencies such as the Department of Justice and the Department of the Interior—the umbrella agency of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service—could have “crippling effects on our ability to fight wildlife crime. One of the things we have to say we’re worried about is that they’ll be starved for funding.” - From a "National Geographic" report.

- The Eagle has Landed: A pair of daring Quaker parrots perched just inches above an eagle in an image captured by a photographer in New Haven , CT. Quaker parrots, comparatively small birds; are famous for their huge, enclosed nests; which keep them warm and enable them to survive as feral residents in northern US cities far from their native South American habitat. Eagles apparently spotted this pair's nest and decided it was a good foundation to build their own nest on. Fortunately for the Quakers, the raptor didn't notice or wasn't too hungry! - Thanks to Amy of Connecticut's The Parrot Club

- Film at 11: Vibrantly colored parrots sweep through the clear blue sky in "The Sky Riders", a 10-minute documentary film. “It was spectacular watching [parrots] fly in person, says filmmaker Betsy Weiner. She didn't have to travel far to observe the spectacle. Ray Vallera runs the West Wing Free Flight Club in Vallejo, CA. Weiner, a 62-year-old Army veteran who sports a patch of purple hair, acquired her first parrot, a scarlet macaw, in Hawaii. After settling in California, she got involved in local parrot clubs and now lives with eight birds, four dogs and a husband. “I love parrots,” she adds. “They’re like potato chips. You just can’t have one. Parrots are extremely intelligent and even smarter than dogs." Upcoming, she plans to produce an in-depth documentary on Endangered Species Act parrot restrictions which she, like the American Federation for Aviculture; opposes because of perceived contradictory roadblocks to domestic breeding. "The Sky Riders" opened at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival on March 15. - From

- Just.... Why?: A man in a parrot costume appears in a house for sale ad in England. Real estate agents took photos of the "parrot" posing in each room; stepping out of a shower stall, tending a bbq grill on the outside deck, lying in a bed, etc.. Steve Laycock, who runs the real estate company, said the owner of the house was “up for a laugh” so they decided to get creative with the photography. He told the "Bolton News", “The kitchen is black and white and we wanted to give it a bit of colour.”- From

- It Happens: The randomly pooping parrots item in last week's "beak" generated this response. "It is all about training the bird just as you might train a child. Many years ago, I saw a man with a large bird on his shoulder and his tee shirt was loaded with detritous. I resolved that that was not for me and embarked on teaching my parrots manners," says parrot trainer and author Mike Dalton. "All told, over many years, she has learned with gentle training to 'eliminate', if she has to, on either grass or newspapers. Newspapers make sense, since they line her cage and also her play gym where she stays outside days," he says of his own macaw, Arielle. "If one thinks this is merely, luck, it is not. I also have a grey who does not have accidents. When I bring him to his gym in the morning he will eliminate a large volume of material that he has held during the night." Dalton works extensively with Arielle the macaw on the theory that parrots can actually comprehend much human speech, much like the work of Dr. Irene Pepperberg. For more information, go to his website. And mention this column for a discount if you are interested in purchasing the book. - Email from Mike Dalton,

- A Leg Up: Bandit the parrot chewed his leg off after it was caught in his cage. Thankfully, he received a 3D printed leg, a procedure that the vets have never done before! - Fox 10 Phoenix

- Not a Statue Nor a Pigeon: A personal fitness trainer in Australia struck a pose standing on one leg and holding the other leg above her head with one arm when a cockatoo came along and landed atop the arm. the video became an Internet sensation. - From 7News Mackay in Australia.

- Didja Know: Down Under parrots and songbirds evolved in East Gondwana (now Australia), which was spared from that dinosaur-obliterating asteroid 66 million years ago.

- Fids Will Be Kids: What's the most "human" thing your bird or birds do? I've a little yellow budgie who plays up like a small child when it's time for his medicine. Runs or flies away, goes behind my desks or under the table, grabs the curtains, grizzles and whines like a tot in the supermarket. He can also lie in his back and enjoys having his feet tickled and pedaled back and forth like I did as a baby. - From a Facebook post

- Parrotrivia: A yellow head Amazon with a note tied to its leg causes "Disorder in the Court". Moe, Larry and Curly attempt to capture the bird with an out of control firehose and the judge's gavel (unsuccessfully, fortunately) in the Three Stooges short.

- Quote o' the Week: You owned birds for this long and you honestly believe yelling stop it and pointing is going to work?

- Hot Dates: Ongoing- 3/31: Foster Parrots' Annual March Matching Fund Drive. --3/18: Smoky Mt. Cage Bird Society Show 9-5 Door prize Under 12; over 65 FREE. Collett St. Rec. Ctr. 300 Collett St. Morganton, NC. Door prize Under 12; over 65 FREE.-- 3/19: Treasure Coast Exotic Bird Club Exotic Bird -20th annual Exotic Bird Expo: Wing & nail trimming, visual exam by Dr. Susan Club, avian vet talks, Charlene Brennan's Show Birdz perform. 9-4. $5.00/Under 10 FREE. Martin County Fairgrounds 2612 SE Dixie Hwy. Stuart, FL.-- 3/25-4/9: Wild Parrots Up Close 2017. Travel guide Steve Brookes leads trips to Bahia in Brazil and the Patanal. contact World Parrot Trust for info. -- 3/25: SoCal Parrot Sanctuary volunteer orientation 1:00-3:30, Hidden Ridge Rd Jamul, CA -- Featherfest 2017 Debbie Goodrich, parrot behavior consultant and Mary Beth Kaeser, owner Horizon Wings raptor rehabilitator center will be bringing a golden eagle and more and speaking at 10:30. Door prizes, Ask the Vet.. $5 under/12 free. 10-5 Elks Club44 Maynard St. Middleton, CT -- Western MA Bird Expo. FREE. 9-3 Ludlow Elks Club. 69 Chapin St. Ludlow, MA -- Fixing Fear Responses and Building Trust with your Parrot; Barbara Heidenreich webinar. Incldes access to a recorded version of the webinar; optional 30 minute Q & A. Limited space, fee required. 12-1:30 CST.-- Want your parrot show/event/speaker featured here? Email info to

- Lost: Jardine's Parrot 'Blossom' Rohnert Parkt, CA Reward offered. (707) 585-7524 -- Found: Amazon parrot. Bedford Hills, NY. (914) m864-1414

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- Have an issue missing issues? Past issues of “From the parrot's beak” and current “Pet Gazette” feature articles by George Sommers can be found on the Facebook Pet Bird Owners page.


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