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From the parrot's beak: New Year edition

Updated on December 26, 2015
"Ugglys Pet Shop" featuring Cracker Parrot and his "gross sounds"- a lovely holiday gift.  At least it beats surprising some unprepared and uninformed person with a REAL parrot. - Photo by George Sommers
"Ugglys Pet Shop" featuring Cracker Parrot and his "gross sounds"- a lovely holiday gift. At least it beats surprising some unprepared and uninformed person with a REAL parrot. - Photo by George Sommers

- From a budgie's egg hatches a --- quail???: Quail eggs are a staple in Japanese supermarkets, kept unrefrigerated, at room temperature until sold. Fertilized eggs are rarely among the product, but somehow one showed up in the shopping bag of a person id'ed as Luna Angel, which she unknowingly picked out of her pack and for some reason gave it to Pi-chan, her budgie. Like any good mama bird, she adopted the egg and nested with it until to everyone's surprise, a quail was born.

- Ebony and ivory: A sulphur crested cockatoo has taken up with - and provides a striking contrast to - a large flock of cockatoos in Carlsbad, CA. “I thought my eyes were getting worse than they already had,” said Craig Correll, who said he saw the strange traveling companions last week. “There was this white bird in the middle of a bunch of crows.” Crows and cockatoos are of similar size, and both are sociable flock creatures so the grouping is not all that strange. “The crows themselves are very social,” San Diego Natural History Museum bird expert Phil Unitt explains. “Whether they recognize it [the cockatoo] in any way, that I can’t say. The hypothesis would be that the crows are paying no attention to it whatsoever. It would be interesting to see if they have any social interaction with the cockatoo.” Although cockatoos "in the wild" are a rare sight in California, many other parrot species have adapted quite well as ferals to the state's generally balmy climate, including red crowned Amazons, which have become so plentiful that they are considered an established species. This correspondent observed a parakeet feeding in the grass with a flock of sparrows many years ago in Massachusetts, though sadly it's unlikely the budgie survived the winter. VIDEO: a cockatoo foraging among crows

- A happy new year for Spix's macaws: Sixteen Spix's macaws bred in the 2015 breeding season at the Al Wabra wildlife preservation facility in Qatar, more than doubling the previous record, The species is considered extinct in the wild, but hangs on in captivity. The Spix's were the basis for the "Rio" movies.

- Psittacine cinema: TALKING PARROT WISHES MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! -- "Elvira" African Gray Parrot Rings Bell for Happy New Year!!!

- Parrot year in review: Parrots shared headlines in 2015 with JFK, the world soccer scandal, "Jurassic World", mental telepathy and more. See.examiner George Sommers' duxburypetgazette feature article this month. Go to Page 10 and click on article to enlarge.

- Hopeless new year: Right on the tail feathers of two cases involving disputed macaw ownership, a petition has popped up on social media in support of a man whose adoption of Hope, an African grey parrot, was rescinded. At issue is a check sent to the Aloha Hawaiian Parrot Association as an adoption fee. The petition maintains the would be adopter "made a mistake in the check" and offered to make good with a replacement. Nevertheless, the police were brought in and the parrot was returned to the AHPA. An hour plus phone conversation and several emails between AHPA's Lucinda "Cinde" Fisher and this correspondent revealed a different spin, contradicting many of the statements made in the petition. Ms. Fisher did not want to go on record at the time, as attorneys are getting involved; but did state this on the club's Facebook page,"There's an ongoing military investigation into [apparent service member] 'Josh,' the former 'rehomer' of CAG '. To create a BOGUS PETITION for the purpose of forcing your own agenda is about as low as you can go. This 'petition' was intentionally and falsely worded to inflame and to gain sympathy for its stated 'victim.'"

- Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rum.... and a macaw: Is that a parrot in your holiday egg nog? Probably not, but if you spiked it with Doorly's fine Barbados rum, there may be a depiction of a blue & gold, scarlet or hyacinth macaw on the bottle's label. What's more, the very rare Doorly's 12 year old rum sports a picture of the even rarer Spix's macaw.

- Parrot joke: There was once a cruise ship magician. He was a good magician, but his routines were regularly ruined by the onboard parrot who would squawk out his secrets like: "IT'S UP HIS SLEEVE!" or "IT'S IN HIS POCKET!" or "IT'S IN HIS MOUTH!" The magician was getting sick of this and threatened to kill the parrot if it ruined his act one more time. That evening right at the climax of his act, just as he was about to disappear in a puff of smoke, the ship hit an iceberg and sank in seconds. Amazingly, the magician and the parrot were the only survivors. The magician was lying on a piece of driftwood in a daze. As he opened his eyes he could see the parrot staring at him out of its beady little eye and eventually said, "OK, I give up, what did you do with the ship?"

- Hot dates: Bird events are largely on hiatus during the holiday weeks, but the staff of "From the parrot's beak" wishes our readers and their companion birds a safe and enjoyable New Year's Eve and a happy and prosperous New Year!\

- Lost: or stolen - macaw; Pahrump, Nevada. Reply by email: wpcmm-5374700727@comm.craigslist.or CL 122515


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    • George Sommers profile imageAUTHOR

      George Sommers 

      2 years ago from Weymouth, MA

      Mike, you might want to try re-reading the story. I presented the petitioner's side and followed it up with the fact that the petitioner's account was disputed by another party - without going into detail as to WHY the petition was disputed, although I do have some information on that as well. Thank you for your interest in my article. - G.S.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Before you write and untrue story get all your damn information first as a reporter you shouldnt go off of one side of the story you need both to make and decent articld cause now you look like the idiot...if you want the full story ask the people who has the full evidence not just one part dont be knkw half ass reporter George be a full one

    • George Sommers profile imageAUTHOR

      George Sommers 

      2 years ago from Weymouth, MA

      I understand there are very strong emotions on both sides of this issue. I do not "have a dog in this hunt" as they say and stand by my story as impartial and with each side given fair and equal time. If anything, Ms. Fisher was reluctant to give more of he side of the story because of impending legal actions. Thank you for your interest in my article. - G.S.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      You really should research the people you quote on your page.

      MANY MANY MANY PEOPLE OFFERED TO PAY CINDE FISHER in Josh's place. The reason Hope was taken back was because Cinde got angry that Josh refused to join her club! If the adoption fee was the reason she would've gotten the money! She did this to be vindictive and now is trying to work her way out of it by getting anyone on her side..... As an author and someone in the public eye you SHOULD seek truth! Unfortunately in this instance you did not! Character witnesses of Josh say that he is a wonderful man, good and honest. Character witnesses of Mrs Fisher say, well..... I'll let you ask around for fear that she will email me a badly written and non official Cease and Desist letter from an estate lawyer.

    • profile image

      Melissa Bayles 

      2 years ago

      As an author in the public eye Mr. Sommers, I would expect more from you in the pursuit of justice for our animals. Your article on Hope the African Grey is told from the perspective of the accused only. Why not get both sides of the story in an effort to tell the whole truth? I truly believe you should be speaking with the foster and with the true Owner To get all of the facts from both sides included before publishing an article like the one you have. It is at best an inflammatory puff piece.


    • profile image

      Michelle Marquette 

      2 years ago

      I cared for Hope . Aloha Parrot did NOT care for this bird a single day , till Hope was ripped away from his loving home. I have emails to prove that Hope belongs to said man. This man loves Hope very much. Cinde was offered cash more than once. Myself and my husband was at said man house when Cinde demanded Hope.

      Please , if there are any question , just email me at

      Thank you


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