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From the parrot's beak: back to biz edition

Updated on September 6, 2015
We're not quite done with warm weather and birds going outside still sometimes fly away.  - Photo by George Sommers
We're not quite done with warm weather and birds going outside still sometimes fly away. - Photo by George Sommers

- Cockatiels rake in the dough: Margie, Nicki, Zara and Zack 12 are among 32 lucky cockatiels that Leslie Ann Mandel set up a $100,000 trust fund for. The flock lives in an aviary in the late East Hampton millionairess' 4 million dollar home. All 32 birds' names are mentioned in the will.

- Heads up: Basel the parrotlet was gone, probably for good, or so thought Aimee Kudlak of Portland, Maine. Basel flew out the door two weeks previously. Kudlak tried playing a video of chattering parrotlets, leaving Basel's cage outside on a table and placing a Craigslist ad but to no avail. Two miles and some time later in the town of Riverton, Julie Sawtelle spotted a bird far different than any of her usual feeder visitors. She took a video just as the bird flew over and landed on her head. Sawtelle started texting her neighbors and yelling, “Come see this, there’s a bird on my head.” A neighbor helped Sawtelle coax the bird inside with a bowl of sunflowers, and they placed their own ad on Craigslist. Karen Wakefield, a member of Lost and Found Birds Worldwide, made the connection with Sawtelle’s ad and the ad about a lost parrotlet. She responded to both. Sawtelle replied she had some inquiries, but none seemed to quite fit. Kudlak in her reply mentioned her bird doesn’t land on fingers, but on people’s heads - and Sawtelle knew then she had a match.

-How's tricks: The Bird Man of New Jersey and his traveling troupe of performing parrots profiled in this month's Pet Gazette by George Sommers. Click on Page 10 and article to enlarge.

- Pablo's parrots: You may have heard of the hippos that are roaming loose in Colombia from what was the late drug kingpin Pablo Escobar's private zoo. His menagerie also included a parrot tree house for macaws.

- Psittacine cinema: happy bird day: Bird's bday gift -- African Grey telling Cockatoo to Shut UP! - YouTube -- "Dragnet" parroty: -- Rare video two Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo eating Swamp ... --

- Ruapuke, the miracle kakapo who hatched last year from a crushed shell, made his second public appearance, at a swanky $195-a-head charity ball held at Queenstown's Walter Peak. The "Birds of a Feather" event was organized by southern New Zealand tourism company Real Journeys and aimed to raise $20,000 for the Department of Conservation's kakapo recovery program. There are just 125 of the large, flightless parrot remaining in the world. The species has been brought back from the brink of extinction with an intensive conservation effort centered on New Zealand's off-shore islands.

- Gotta pay your dues if you want to save the blues: 46 Blue-throated macaw chicks were produced in Nido Adoptivo™ nest boxes from 2007-08 breeding season through 2013-14 and an additional 10 this year bringing the grand total to 56 for the program for the past eight breeding seasons.. Avitech's 2nd Bird Endowment fundraiser starts now. When their Facebook Page reaches 18,000 likes they will donate $1,000 for the addition of 4 more next boxes in Bolivia.

- Hoard house: Seems like a week can't go by without at least case of animal hoarding. This time, 6 parrots were among 50 animals found living or dead in a house in Springfield, MA. "We did hear dogs and birds. You could hear it in the spring and the summer or the fall when the windows are open,” neighbor Eugene Marceau said -- As if that's not enough, a cockatoo was among 78 animals surrendered to the Animal Cruelty Task Force in Wright City Missouri from "deplorable conditions".

- That's a gag, son: A young mother and her precocious 5 year old son go into a pet shop. "Mommy," says the lad, "Look! That parakeet is giving another parakeet a piggyback ride!" Flustered, the mother replies, "Well, technically, son, they're actually ..... budgerigars."

- What's new at American Federation for Aviculture? Biosecurity Practices to protect against HPAI; AFA's new outreach, Interactive Display & Exhibit Animals I.D.E.A. Program; and the Avian Biology Classroom (ABC) to name a few things. Visit to learn more!

- Environmental bird keeping: Every little bit helps the environment, and he Leather Elves bird supply company of Weymouth, MA offers the following tips: A lot of that paper and cardboard that gets tossed can be used to create foraging devices. Pieces from those bird toys that cost so much but get taken apart so easily can be recycled into "new" toys. Disinfect any wood and restring it. Robin Shewokis also suggests creating a parts box and placing it in our bird's cage so s/he can pick out the favorites!

- Hot dates: All's pretty quiet on the organized parrot event front for the Labor Day weekend- but things heat up again next weekend. 9/12-20: Parrots of the Pantanal - The Pantanal of Brazil, fly into Sao Paulo, Brazil - -- 9/12-13:Tim Vogle's Southeastern Exotic Bird Fair - Atlanta State Farmers Market, 16 Forest Pkwy, Forest Park, GA - 9-4 both days -- Alamo Exhibition Bird Club Show Patricia Sund demos making Chop. Tom Kinsey will give a Nature talk. Jan Graham & Nancy Marbach will hold a toymaking class & Jennifer Crider will talk about perches and toys, placement and texture. 9-5 Seguin Guadalupe Coliseum 950 S. Austin St Seguin, Texas -- Heart of Tennessee Exotic Bird Show and Sale MTSU Livestock Center 1720 Greenland Dr. Murfreesboro TN -- 9/12:Birds of a Feather 28th Annual Bird Show & Mart- All Dogs Gym, 505 Sheffield Road, Manchester, NH - 9-4 pm - 603-362-6106 - -- Clicker training workshop sponsored by Phoenix Landing 10-12 Midway Veterinary Hospital Midway Veterinary Hospital Chesapeake, VA --Avian health & medicine workshop Parrot University. 11 a.m. . Pineville Towne Market at 321 So. Polk Street. Pineville NC -- 9/13: Erie Cage Bird Club Annual Bird Auction - New Perry Highway Hose Company, 8281 Oliver Road, Erie, PA - 9-4 - (814) 490-9339 - -- Parrot Society of Palm Beach Toy Workshop. RSVP a must. 3319 E Rd, Loxahatchee, Florida 10:30. -- Avian anatomy workshop. Parrot University 2 p.m. Pineville Towne Market at 321 So. Polk Street. Pineville NC

- Lost: Budgie 'Camilla' Clintonville, Ohio (614) 268 2658. -- Lost: Congo African grey parrot 'Mikey' Islip, NY. Microchpped. Reward offered. (631)383-5888.


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    • George Sommers profile image

      George Sommers 2 years ago from Weymouth, MA

      Thank you. Two fun bird events coming up next month you may wish to attend- the :Long Island Parrot Society Expo and in New Jersey, Parrot Palooza. I will likely be going to Palooza on Saturday Columbus Day weekend - still on the fence on the LIPS show.

    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 2 years ago from Cicero, New York

      Hi Georges I am happy to follow you and hope that you will do the same. Just love your hubs about the birds so much incredible helpful informative information, I am a bird owner as well. Excellent writing, I will definitely read of your hubs. Linda